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If you’re a storyteller, filmmaker, or content creator looking to take your craft to the next level, look no further than the Werner Herzog MasterClass. From his unique filmmaking style to his decades of experience within the industry, these lectures will unlock endless potential for your creative journey.

Follow my review of this iconic course and see why it’s an absolute must for aspiring creatives!


Werner Herzog is one of the most inspiring filmmakers in history. With more than 70 films to his name, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of storytelling and cinematography to produce unique, daring works that transcend traditional genre conventions.

Now, some of his wisdom and experience can be yours through online courses with MasterClass. In this Werner Herzog MasterClass review, we’ll take a look at what makes this course so special and how it can help you create beautiful films that capture your vision. We’ll discuss the course content, our experience with the instructor-led lectures, and how this class compares to other filmmaking courses. By the end of this review, you’ll have a better understanding of why this course was crafted by one of cinema’s legendary filmmakers and what it can do for your own filmmaking journey.

Overview of Werner Herzog MasterClass

For decades, Werner Herzog has made some of the most critically acclaimed films in the world. He’s accumulated awards and praise from many sources, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Known for his unique style and eye for storytelling, Herzog has won over audiences worldwide.

Now, members of the public can learn about filmmaking directly from Herzog himself through his world-famous MasterClass. This online course boasts 23 video lessons covering topics such as writing techniques, directing actors and creating a cinematic atmosphere. Each lesson is accompanied by example clips from timeless films like Fitzcarraldo or Grizzly Man, allowing viewers to get a real-time learning experience. The MasterClass also includes exclusive video interviews with guests such as Roland Emmerich or Errol Morris. There is also an active community board where students can start up conversations with each other.

The Werner Herzog MasterClass offers an unprecedented look into his mastery of both cinematic technique and storytelling wisdom, appealing to filmmakers and fans alike. Whether you’re an aspiring director or simply want to get insights into one of cinema’s great minds, this unique opportunity is not to be missed!

Benefits of Werner Herzog MasterClass

Werner Herzog’s MasterClass is a comprehensive course designed to help aspiring filmmakers and storytellers hone their craft, developed by the acclaimed director himself. The class takes participants through a wide range of topics – from developing ideas and stories, to shooting and editing a project, to mastering the art of filmmaking. Throughout the program, Herzog provides his vast knowledge and experience as one of the world’s leading filmmakers.

As with any MasterClass, Werner Herzog’s is highly comprehensive – spanning over 30 video lessons totaling close to 10 hours of learning material. Additionally, students are provided with supplemental resources, such as scripts and other learning materials from Herzog’s filmography.

The primary benefit of Werner Herzog’s MasterClass for its students is getting an in-depth look at how an acclaimed director approaches filmmaking from concept to final cut. As Herzog makes clear in his course videos: “It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what equipment you have… it starts with your vision!” With this insight in mind, his course takes its students through not just practical filmmaking techniques but also a mental understanding of what it takes to make great movies – the power of emotion driven storytelling; focus on visuals; efficient editing; sound design; usage of music; and much more.

The class also seeks to help expand its student’s artistic boundaries by introducing different types of stories such as experimental films or documentaries and overcoming creative roadblocks (it even discusses how Herzog filmed Fitzcarraldo without actually having a boat). This type of know-how can hardly be found anywhere else online – providing an invaluable resource for aspiring storytellers looking to succeed in the industry today.

Course Content

Werner Herzog’s MasterClass provides an in-depth look at filmmaking, giving students the insight and knowledge to create beautiful stories for both the screen and digital platforms. The course covers topics such as working with actors and script development, shooting styles and techniques, editing, color correction, sound design, producing videos for distribution online, budgeting for a film project, mastering the language of motion pictures.

Lessons range from the basics to more advanced exploration of these topics.

Students have access to 23 individual lessons that are organized into three different curriculum levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. At each level students learn how to refine their craft while using cinema artistry to convey emotion through film composition. MasterClass also provides in-depth instruction on modern tools like drones and mobile devices complete with a set of five on-location shoots throughout Los Angeles where participants can apply the principles they have learned in class.

Throughout this class Werner Herzog shares invaluable advice based on his decades of filmmaking experience alongside his love for visual storytelling. For those who aspire to become filmmakers or editors, this course provides real world instruction to get you started!

Instructor Analysis

Werner Herzog, an accomplished filmmaker and storyteller, specializes in documentary film, with several well-known films such as Grizzly Man and Encounters at the End of the World.

In this MasterClass course, he teaches everything from the basics of writing and narrative structure to creating a fully-realized work of art. He uncovers unique ways to express your vision on film, produces story-driven documentaries for television and cinema, and reveals how his personal approach guides every step of his process.

As a teacher, Herzog brings incredible energy to his classes through engaging stories from his career that help fully explain concepts he covers. He frequently gives students fun assignments that force them to think out of the box while also guiding them through practical methods they can use on their own projects. As a filmmaker, he provides valuable insight on how to carry out research as an integral part of managing story arcs and production process. In addition, Herzog’s approach teaches how to observe without imposing ideas or directions before understanding a subject deeply.

Also included in the course is feedback which helps students hone their skills by thinking independently while remaining creative with an open mind – something which is essential for any filmmaker or writer looking to make their mark on any media project!

Pros and Cons

Werner Herzog is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and influential filmmakers in history. His films have won numerous awards and attracted critical acclaim both domestically and internationally. His latest venture, a MasterClass, offers his wisdom on storytelling, direction and self-fulfillment. Many aspiring filmmakers may benefit from enrolling in this online course and understanding the disciplines it requires. Before taking the plunge, consider the following pros and cons associated with the Werner Herzog Masterclass.

  • Pros:
  • Access to an esteemed director’s expertise in filmmaking
  • Insight into Werner Herzog’s unique methods for achieving success and inspiration
  • A structured learning experience with interactive exercises within each lesson
  • An easy to follow curriculum that covers topics from screenplay basics to performance techniques
  • Comprehensive video lectures with visuals of Werner Herzog’s projects
  • Exclusive interviews with acclaimed filmmakers
  • Cons:
  • A limited selection of background material related to filmmaking theory or genres
  • Insufficient emphasis on post production such as sound design or editing techniques
  • Possibility of feeling overwhelmed due to the wealth of information presented during each lesson

Final Verdict

Overall, Werner Herzog’s MasterClass is highly recommended. Not only does it provide an opportunity to dive into the world of filmmaking from the perspective of an important director, but it also arms viewers with a wealth of valuable knowledge that can help guide their own efforts as filmmakers. Through Werner’s personal anecdotes and industry experiences, he not only demonstrates his commitment to craftsmanship but also serves as an inspiration for creators of all levels.

It features superb teaching quality that is almost unparalleled. Additionally, students are provided with access to a wide array of course-specific materials, such as workbooks and assignments in addition to 18 unique video lessons. The combination of experienced instruction and straightforward yet creative approaches make this course truly invaluable to aspiring filmmakers.


In conclusion, Werner Herzog’s MasterClass on filmmaking is an excellent investment for any aspiring filmmaker. Herzog brings a unique perspective to the subject, which is especially refreshing for those who are used to Hollywood films. He’s able to discuss films from all eras and across a range of genres, bringing the audience into his methods of critiquing films and building up their own knowledge of film language. Many of the lessons come from his personal experiences that he shares in an inspiring, often humorous way. He includes activities with each lesson as well as helpful resources for filmmakers looking for additional guidance.

With his MasterClass subscription, students have access to class archived videos, notes, resources and feedback from Werner Herzog himself. This comprehensive online filmmaking course is the perfect way to learn all the essential principles related to moviemaking and develop a solid foundation of skills that can be applied in any capacity throughout a career in film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Werner Herzog MasterClass worth the money?

A1: Yes, the Werner Herzog MasterClass is worth the money. It includes over 20 hours of content taught by Herzog himself, as well as a variety of other lessons from top filmmakers. You can learn from Herzog’s experience and advice, as well as gain access to exclusive video lectures, interviews and more.

Q2: What topics does the Werner Herzog MasterClass cover?

A2: The Werner Herzog MasterClass covers a variety of topics related to filmmaking, including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, editing, sound design, and more. It also provides advice on how to create compelling stories, working with actors, and developing a vision for a project.

Q3: Does the Werner Herzog MasterClass provide access to special resources?

A3: Yes, the Werner Herzog MasterClass provides access to special resources, such as interviews and video lectures from Herzog and other filmmakers, as well as exclusive discounts on filmmaking equipment.

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