Chegg vs Course Hero: Which is Best?

The availability of resources makes it convenient to engage in online learning today. These two educational tools are an example of that, Chegg and Course Hero.

This article will be discussing which of the two online learning platform is more effective when it comes to providing student assistance such as features, discounts, and more.

Now, let us dwell deep into Chegg vs Course Hero: Which is the best?

Chegg Vs Course Hero


Chegg was started by three students of Iowa State University in 2000 and later established in 2005. The term Chegg means chicken and egg and a catch-22 logic. They primarily offer affordable online learning and actual textbook rentals, course tutoring, and additional student services.

As of 2020, Chegg has around 2.9 million users.

  • Pros

1. Almost 20 years in the field, Chegg has an advantage when it comes to users. They already established their name that started from providing affordable textbooks and grew furthermore in providing homework answers, study resources, textbook solutions and more.

2. They frequently offer discounts to be able to help those who can’t afford it.

3. They also provide a full refund of the digital or physical books that you bought. You can visit their page to view the policies.

4. They also have a free 4-week trial and addition of online tutoring for 30 minutes. Also, you can cancel Chegg after your free trial expired.

  • Cons

1. You will have to pay separately for the online tutoring service.

2. The subscription may be expensive for students, even if they offer discounts.

Course Hero

Andrew Grauer initiated Course Hero in 2006 at Cornell University. The main goal was to share class notes, exams, seatwork, and lectures to be used and valued appropriately. Course Hero offers 20 million user generated detailed study materials from students, teachers, and tutors.

As of 2020, Course Hero has around one million-plus users.

• Pros

1. It is not as long as Chegg, but they are almost 14 years in crowdsourcing educational materials such as homework answers, textbook solutions, questions and more.

2. They also present a fair refund policy in the scenario that if you are actively using your learning platform and your GPA still didn’t’ grew compared to the last semester, you will be entitled to a full refund.

3. You have a choice of uploading your original materials to gain access to the learning platform.

4. Once you’ve uploaded or availed their service, aside from having access to several materials uploaded there, you will also have a 24/7 tutor to assist you.

• Cons

1. They do not offer free trials.

2. They do not give coupons or discounts.

Chegg vs Course Hero: Feature Comparison

  • Cost

Chegg – The cost of a Basic Chegg is $14.95 a month; you can also buy the study pack, including a step-by-step study guide, math problem solver, and a polished and plagiarized-free paper checker. The study pack costs $19.95 per month.

For further assistance, there is a tutor who can help that costs $15 a week for 30 minutes.

Course Hero – They offer three types of plans to choose from: The annual membership costs $9.95 a month. The three-month membership will cost $19.95 a month. Finally, the monthly membership will cost $39.95 a month.

Once you’ve uploaded content or acquired their service, it comes with a 24/7 tutor.

You will see that Course Hero is more affordable. However, it may not offer as many benefits that you can get from Chegg.

  • Accessibility of Study Materials

Chegg – Aside from providing 9,000 educational materials, they also present millions of study material answers.

Course Hero – They provide almost 20 million user-generated educational resources delivered by its users.

Course Hero won this round due to the 20 million-plus study documents.

  • Quality of Study Materials

Chegg – Chegg presents a system that helps reduce unrelated answers. It’s easier for the users to avoid studying a poor-quality shared material.

Course Hero – you must upload 40 original study documents to acquire the free service for a month in Course Hero. This is the reason why it has 20 million user-generated study documents available.

They don’t have a type of procedure to eliminate low-quality study documents.

Even though Course Hero has a lot to offer, Chegg, on the other hand, can provide reliable study documents.

  • Tutoring Services

Chegg – Chegg has a separate plan for tutoring. It costs $15 a week for 30 minutes. You may expect extensive learning, either live or written, help support.

Course Hero – As also stated, Course Hero has a free 24/7 online tutor. You must upload an original study document or avail the service to acquire it.

The tutoring services they offer is live chat support that you can send a message anytime they do not have a one on one service.

If you want an in-depth learning Chegg will be able to provide you that.

  • Practice Problems

Chegg – as of the moment, there is no practice problems the learning platform provides.

Course Hero – Course Hero offers various practice problems you might learn from.

Course Hero is the one leading because having such practice problems becomes a solid support to enhance an individual’s learning process.

Chegg vs Course Hero: Specific Feature

As mentioned, Chegg has a specific feature that lets the user leave a comment or correction to the answers. It is a way to avoid studying or focusing on a wrong or incomplete answer. Sadly, Course Hero doesn’t offer this feature, so that you might be accessing an incomplete study documents.

As also mentioned, Course Hero provides a practice problem tool that enables the users to exercise and learn through the assessment related to the courses they are studying. It’s like having field experience.


You’ve seen the comparisons of Chegg and Course Hero; this can help you assess what the best educational tool for you is!

Just a piece of advice and you still lost on what to choose:

Avail Chegg if:

• if you seek more the help of an expert for, they offer thorough course online learning

• if you are in need of budget textbooks

Chegg proposes several materials that might have separate fees making it a bit expensive, especially for students. You can try the one-month free trial to see if this is for you, and if you received favorable results, it wouldn’t hurt your pocket if it is for your growth.

Avail Course Hero if:

• if you are more of a self-learner

• if you are in need of a tool that provides practice problems

Course Hero is more affordable but can be limited in seeking help from an expert, but as mentioned, it is an advantage if you prefer a self-paced studying method.

These platforms face an issue stating that it promotes cheating however, in my opinion this will only be considered cheating if it is used unethically and not as a guide or a material to learn from.

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