Treehouse vs Udemy: Which Platform Is Better For You?

Today, technology became a significant part of everyone’s lives. The demand for an expert in technical increases; this prompts several people to take an interest in coding but they do not know where to start and what to choose.

Fortunately, you can learn how to code in the comfort of your home through an online learning platform like Treehouse and Udemy. These two online platforms offer a quality tech programs that you can check out!

We’ll be comparing which of the two learning platforms offer the best online courses for you.

Now, let’s see who will win this time in Treehouse vs Udemy: Which Platform is Better For You?

Treehouse Vs. Udemy


Treehouse, also known as Team Treehouse, was initiated in 2011. The name came from the curiosity of learning as a kid and just open for all the possibilities. They provide many courses, such as web development, web design, mobile development, and game development. The goal of Treehouse is to target the beginners, eager to learn coding to have a tech field profession.

As of 2022, Treehouse has around 50,000 plus users.

• Pros

1. Treehouse is almost nine years in the field. Their primary users are almost beginners that don’t have prior knowledge in coding.

2. They offer a seven-day free trial. You can grab this chance to check out what they can provide for you.

3. They have an active community where you can discuss, learn and seek some help with your tasks or courses.

4. They also provide your learning improvement so you will be able to track your progress because programming or coding is surely not easy at first.

• Cons

1. Treehouse pricing doesn’t offer any discount coupons unless you are a student. You can only reduce your subscription cost through referrals.

2. Since this is advisable for beginners, you will still need to make an effort to further study outside the Treehouse learning platform if you are seeking for more.


Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar founded Udemy in 2007. The term Udemy is a combination of you and academy. They offer various online courses to choose from, aside from coding. They primarily target students and professional individuals. Also, there are 65 languages offered for the courses; they made sure that learning will be easier.

As of 2020, Udemy has over 35 million users.

• Pros

1. Just a year older than Treehouse, Udemy has been around for ten years. They’ve already secured millions of users.

2. Udemy offers a lot of discount coupons and sales you can try.

3. They also offer a lot of advanced courses because they cater to professionals.

4. Udemy also provides extensive learning courses in coding.


1. Even if they provide discounts and sales, learning with Udemy can still get pricey when availing several courses.

2. Unlike Treehouse, they don’t have a community forum that can help every student motivate their selves in learning.

Treehouse Vs. Udemy: Feature Comparison

  • Cost

Treehouse – TeamTreehouse prices three types of plans: The first one is the basic Treehouse $25 a month/$250 per year, allowing you to access 1,000 videos with progress tracks. Second is the pro plan, $49 a month/$490 per year. Last is the Techdegree plan, $199 per month with real-time support and comments on your code.

Udemy – unlike, Treehouse, Udemy provides different prices for courses offered. They do not have a definite plan subscription. The courses will vary, but it usually starts from $60 to $120. This is already an extensive course.

They do not have a free trial, but some of their courses are free. They also offer good discounts so you can get a lot of courses for $10 to $20.

For me, Treehouse is still the winner for this round even if they don’t offer discounts because they have a free trial. You will not spend a penny in courses and got to try some of their features. However, take note that you will only acquire a free trial once you connected your card.

  • Accessibility of Materials and Courses

Treehouse – Learning with Treehouse lets you access almost 300 plus technology-related courses. As mentioned, they are more focused on delivering high-quality tech relevant courses.

Udemy – Udemy courses, on the other hand, have around 100,000 plus; that many courses cover most of the subject you might need. You can also choose one course at a time depending on what you want to learn.

For further studying about coding, the courses on Udemy has an advantage in this feature.

  • Course Instructors

Treehouse – all of the instructors in Treehouse are screened and assessed by Treehouse, themselves. Not anyone can just be an instructor in their platform.

Udemy – while in Udemy, nearly anyone can be an instructor, as long as you follow the requirements and guidelines needed, you are good to go.

In this term, I think Treehouse is the one leading because it guarantees that you are learning from instructors that have gone meticulous screening and formal training.

Udemy vs Treehouse: Specific Feature

As mentioned, Treehouse offers a feature of tracks. It serves as a guide to let you know what you must do or learn next in your courses. This is a very helpful track, especially if you are a beginner because learning programming and coding will not be easy if you start from scratch.

Not only that, but Treehouse also has a community where you can interact with your co-students and some of the Treehouse staff. This might enable to let you learn efficiently.

As also mentioned, Udemy caters mostly professionals aside from students. They offer more advanced courses than Treehouse, and they provide an option for choosing a specific course skill.

Also, most of their Udemy courses are available in about 80 languages.


Comparing Udemy vs Treehouse is a bit tricky, especially when they target different users and offer other course plans. So, you will see that they have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you really need. However, seeing the comparisons might help you clear your confusion.

Just a few more notes before ending:

Avail Treehouse if:

1. If you are searching for an online course to study the basics of technology.

2. If you are from a different field and want to venture into the technology profession, Treehouse will be able to support you in your courses step by step.

Treehouse is for the people who want a course-friendly platform to not be overwhelmed by programming. You can check out the seven-day free trial to see if it will fit your list. They are also affordable because they offer a subscription plan.

Avail Udemy if:

1. If you are looking for intermediate to advanced courses in programming.

2. If you are looking for other wide range technology-related course or other course.

Udemy is for the people expert in coding to be able to handle the advanced courses available. Even if there is no free trial, you can wait for the discount and drop-down sale. It happens frequently, and you will be able to get an affordable deal you can try.

There are still various comparisons of online platforms out there such as udemy vs pluralsight, skillshare vs udemy and more; such comparisons will greatly affect how you will choose a platform.

As always, do not just choose an online platform without a proper prior research. Be keen to know what you need and be sure to have a run through of it when you are comparing.

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