How to Make Your Coworking Space More Engaged Offering Courses


In recent years, coworking spaces have become more than just shared offices. They are communities brimming with potential, where collaboration, knowledge sharing, and personal development are the order of the day. One effective way to foster this environment is by offering courses. This not only adds value to your members but also distinguishes your coworking space from others. Here’s how you can make your coworking space more engaged by integrating courses.

1. Understand the Needs of Your Community

a. Conduct Surveys

Start by understanding what your members want to learn. Regular surveys can provide insights into their interests, professional needs, and skill gaps. This will ensure the courses you offer are relevant and in demand.

b. Host Community Discussions

Organize monthly or quarterly community roundtables. These provide a platform for members to voice their opinions, share ideas, and even offer to teach a course in their field of expertise.

2. Collaborate with Local Experts

a. Partner with Institutions

Local universities, training institutions, and online platforms might be interested in extending their reach by offering courses in a coworking setup. These partnerships can benefit both parties, providing institutions with a new audience and coworking spaces with quality content.

b. Tap into Your Member Base

According to expert in the industry and founder of Coworkingradar Angelo Sorbello, “your coworking space is likely filled with experts in various fields. Encourage members to share their expertise by teaching courses. This creates a sense of ownership and pride in the community.

3. Design a Flexible Curriculum

a. Offer Different Formats

Courses can vary in format: from short workshops, lunch-and-learns, to intensive bootcamps. By providing diverse course formats, you cater to different learning preferences and availability schedules.

b. Incorporate Online and Offline Learning

While face-to-face interactions are invaluable, the rise of remote work has shown the benefits of digital platforms. Consider offering hybrid courses that mix in-person and online sessions for added flexibility.

4. Create Engaging Learning Spaces

a. Redesign Spaces with Learning in Mind

Allocate specific areas in your coworking space for classes. Ensure these spaces are equipped with proper audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating, and breakout areas for group discussions.

b. Foster an Environment of Learning

Use design elements like inspirational quotes, bookshelves filled with resourceful books, and a dedicated bulletin board for course schedules and updates.

5. Promote Courses Effectively

a. Utilize Social Media and Newsletters

Keep your community informed about upcoming courses through regular posts on social media, newsletters, and in-app notifications (if you have a coworking space app).

b. Offer Early Bird Discounts

Encourage sign-ups by offering early bird discounts or exclusive offers for members. This not only creates buzz but also gives you an idea of the demand for the course.

6. Collect Feedback and Iterate

After every course, gather feedback. Understand what went well and where there’s room for improvement. This iterative process ensures that the courses remain relevant, engaging, and valuable to your members.


Offering courses in your coworking space is a fantastic way to boost engagement, foster a sense of community, and provide value to your members. By understanding the needs of your community, partnering with experts, designing a flexible curriculum, creating an engaging learning environment, promoting courses effectively, and continually seeking feedback, you can set your coworking space apart and create a hub of continuous learning and growth.

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