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Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman’s work? Have you ever dreamed of learning from the master himself? Well, your dreams may have just come true. In this blog post, I will review Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass on creativity, storytelling, and Fantasy Fiction Writing – giving you a deeper insight into his creative process and helping you to become an even better writer! So buckle up and get ready for an adventure!


Neil Gaiman is an internationally award-winning writer of popular books and comic books, as well as a screenwriter and storyteller. In his MasterClass on the art of storytelling, Gaiman teaches creatives how to develop characters, craft compelling plots and tap into their own imaginations to write stories that captivate readers. He goes over the classic elements of storytelling – themes, structure, voice – with practical advice for writers of all levels.

Whether you are just getting started or looking for some feedback on a current project, Gaiman’s lessons on writing can help take your work to the next level. In this review, we’ll explore what’s included in the course, discuss who this class is right for and share our opinion on what makes Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass great.

Overview of Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is an award-winning author and screenwriter who has gained widespread recognition for his works across multiple genres. He is a New York Times Bestselling author of the novel American Gods, which was the basis for a successful television series on Starz. In addition to this work, he has also published numerous other books and written scripts for several films. Furthermore, Neil Gaiman is known for his inspirational TED talks that speak to both novice and experienced writers alike.

Neil Gaiman grew up in England and began writing stories as a teenager. After attending school in London and Grasmere, he began to pursue writing professionally. His career progressed rapidly; his first published book, Neverwhere, was released in 1996 to critical acclaim. He became an international star with his Sandman series of graphic novels that were adapted into the popular comic books of the same name in 1989. Since then, Neil Gaiman has won numerous awards including the World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story and six Eisner Awards for his work on Sandman alone.

His work spans multiple genres from fantasy to horror to dark fantasy often combining elements from all three genres in creative ways that have garnered him mainstream success around the world. Fans of Neil Gaiman can explore his unique voice through films such as Mirrormask or Stardust or through books like Anansi Boys or Coraline as well as countless short stories, comic books series’, children’s literature works and TV shows.

Course Content

Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass covers a range of topics related to writing, storytelling, and creativity. He begins by discussing his own process and approach to writing and storytelling. He then dives into specific techniques such as dialogue, setting, suspense and more.

In addition to the instruction around specific elements of writing, Neil also touches on the business of being an author. He shares some of his insights into how he has built a successful career as an author and some tips for aspiring authors who would like to follow in his footsteps.

Neil’s MasterClass also provides amazing value for its students as it includes:

  • Interactive assignments for every lesson
  • Bonus resources such as novels that provide hands-on examples of the different writing techniques being discussed.
  • Video animations that help provide additional context around the topics being covered in any given class.

Course Format

Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass provides an in-depth look at creative writing, storytelling, and creating worlds. Detailed information is presented in an engaging and inspiring way, making the topics tangible and inspiring.

The course format is split up into 20 lessons that each span approximately 20 or so minutes of video content. After completing each lesson, there are related articles and discussion prompts, as well as activities that are designed to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned directly to your current work-in-progress.

The lessons begin with a more general overview of the topic before diving into some specific techniques. Neil then goes step-by-step through his creative process, providing you with anecdotes from his own experiences doing crafty presents us with examples of how he uses them to create compelling stories and characters. He also shares insights on character development, plot structure, foreshadowing, world building and editing – all while illustrating how to turn those ideas into reality within story form. Finally, Neil summarizes each lesson by offering prompts meant to help readers find their own unique style and voice when writing stories.

Pros and Cons

Neil Gaiman is an accomplished author and has created many best-selling works. He has provided his expertise and knowledge to teach others through a MasterClass on the craft of creative writing. This review will cover the pros and cons of Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass.


  • The class offers invaluable lessons and techniques from an experienced writer to help hone creativity, storytelling skills, and general writing craft.
  • The videos are engaging and provide visual examples to better understand what is being taught.
  • The lectures are presented in an accessible way that can be followed by both beginners and more experienced writers alike.
  • Gaiman presents examples from his works, which deepens the understanding of his teachings even further for those already familiar with them.


  • There is a lot of content presented in one go, so it would be helpful if students could go back and rewatch specific sections easier than currently offered in the video library menu format.
  • Though there are plenty of exercises to work on, there is no active group community or forum students can use to discuss the class material or ask questions directly from Gaiman himself throughout the course duration.
  • Students do not have any direct feedback from Gaiman about their work, so motivation levels may wane if they do not have access to peers that offer constructive criticism outside of the MasterClass platform.

Cost Analysis

The cost of taking a MasterClass varies depending on the course you choose, but most classes range from between $90 and $180 USD. Each class includes an extensive selection of videos, lectures, downloadable assignments and supplementary material divided into up to 26 different video lessons.

In addition to the cost of a single class, MasterClass also offers an All-Access Pass which provides subscribers with access to all current and future classes for one yearly fee which breaks down to $180 per year or just $15 per month. The All-Access Pass is a great option for those who want unlimited access to MasterClass without having to keep track of individual class subscriptions.

Finally, there is also the option of ‘gifting’ a class or All-Access Pass as part of MasterClass’s Gift Cards scheme. This allows you to share the joys that Neil’s MasterClass has to offer at no additional cost.

Student Feedback

When examining student feedback on Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass, it’s clear that the vast majority of participants found his course to be an enjoyable and informative experience. Students particularly enjoyed learning from the personal anecdotes shared by Gaiman and picking up insights into his writing process.

Many commented on Gaiman’s relaxed and approachable style, with some describing the course as “insightful” and “inspiring“. Many also praised him for breaking down his creative style in easy-to-understand terms, along with providing practical advice on topics from dialogue structure to world building.

Students also appreciated Gaiman’s unique take on classic ideas such as protagonists, enemies and plot arcs, which helped them gain valuable perspective for their own work. Additionally, being able to interact with Gaiman via exclusive Q&A sessions was well received.

Overall, Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from students who participated in it. They unanimously believe that they benefited greatly from this masterclass due to its depth and concise delivery of useful information they could apply to their own writing projects.


Overall, the Neil Gaiman MasterClass is a great way to learn more about creative writing from one of the best authors of our time. For people who are starting to get into creative writing, this class is self-explanatory and provides lots of information about the process and techniques used by Gaiman in his works. Even for experienced writers, it can be a great way to hear Gaiman’s words of wisdom and gain more insight into how some of his most famous stories were created.

The course is comprehensive and comprehensive, with several videos ranging from topics such as plot structure, characters’ motivations, worldbuilding techniques and even how to market a book when you finish it. The exclusive Q&A sessions with fans also helps aspiring writers find out more about their own work better. Neil’s enthusiasm for creativity also comes through in his lectures and provides inspiration for upcoming artists who might have been feeling stuck before taking the class.

Overall, we’d definitely recommend trying out Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass if you have an interest in fiction writing or if you want to improve your storytelling skills. With help from one of the most acclaimed modern authors in literature today, you can take your craft to another level. You won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass worth the cost?

A: Yes, Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass is well worth the cost. It provides a comprehensive look at the craft of writing and provides valuable insights and advice from one of the best authors in the world.

Q: What topics does Neil Gaiman cover in his MasterClass?

A: In Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass, he covers topics such as how to create believable characters, how to develop your own unique voice and style, how to craft compelling stories, and how to make the most of your imagination.

Q: Is Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass is suitable for writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced authors. The lessons are comprehensive and the advice can be applied to any writing project.

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