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If you were ever wondering what it’s like to be in the shoes of a Grammy award-winning artist, now is your chance. With St Vincent’s MasterClass, you can get an insider look at her musical process and take your own musical skills to the next level. Join us as we review her MasterClass and explore how you can become a modern musician.


Learning how to play the guitar has never been easier than with a MasterClass in St Vincent. Comprising of 19 modules, this class includes interviews and tutorials from world-renowned guitarist Annie Clark. In addition to teaching you popular songs, you will also get the opportunity to discover her custom guitar techniques, pedal-board tips, essential licks and much more.

Ideal for budding musicians of all levels of experience, this comprehensive course promises an immersive learning experience that will get you playing like a pro in no time. Whether you’re looking for guidance on chords or honing your overall playing style; St Vincent’s MasterClass is the perfect opportunity for aspiring guitarists to level up their musical game.

Overview of St Vincent MasterClass

St Vincent is an 11-time Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer. She has earned a devoted fanbase for her own blend of alternative pop and rock, which translates easily into imaginative production style. With her MasterClass, she shares her extensive experience in music creation, allowing budding audio engineers and producers to learn new scene-creating strategies straight from a Grammy Award-winner.

This class is broken up into 21 different videos that cover all aspects of music production from the ground up, covering concepts such as sound design, sound theory, recording techniques, performance tricks and more. Each lesson gives clear direction on how to design your own unique sonic landscape – as well as how to mix genres like pop, electronic and hip-hop. Plus you’ll also learn in depth mixing techniques for various instruments and get feedback on your songs from St Vincent herself. Students will come away with a better understanding of the vast possibilities of modern studio production – making them more well rounded producers overall.

Benefits of St Vincent MasterClass

The St Vincent MasterClass is an online guitar lesson program created in collaboration with guitar virtuoso, St Vincent. It offers its users a comprehensive and delightful experience as she teaches some of her most popular techniques, as well as revealing some of the secrets that make her sound so special.

The program isn’t simply about learning chords and picking patterns- it goes into much more detail than that, providing valuable insights into how the greats create their magic within their music. Through this program, users can experience how built-up music ideas are held together by basic elements like timing, dynamics and texture which are integral in creating a truly unique sound.

St Vincent’s MasterClass also provides excellent practice tips that help enhance one’s skillset and add greater depth to the music being played. The lessons dive deeply into concepts such as improvisation and experimentation so users will have lots of creative freedom in their playing from start to finish.

Moreover, each lesson is crafted with painstaking attention to detail, allowing students to learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Furthermore all lessons come with Performance Assignments where users can practice and build upon all of the skills learned during each course. St Vincent also provides on-demand feedback for all assignments if needed which adds an extra layer of personal mentorship for those who want more in-depth support from someone who truly knows what they’re doing!

Course Content

The St Vincent MasterClass by Annie Clark is an eight-week long course designed to introduce participants to the music, production, and performance skills of Annie Clark. Participants are taken step-by-step through all aspects of producing a song or producing music in general.

The class begins with songwriting and composition techniques, progressing through understanding melody and harmony, basic engineering tools and plug-ins, arranging and producing the track, mastering techniques to provide a professional-sounding result, creative uses of effects such as reverb and delay, vocal production techniques for both male and female voices in different genres of music, advanced track programming for adding additional textures or accents to performances on stage as well as in the studio setting; plus live show preparation strategies for creating memorable performances every time.

Participants also have access to discussion forums where they can share questions, resources reviews and gain support from fellow students. The course includes a private Facebook group where students can share ideas with one another or get more creative feedback from experienced professionals. Additionally there is an email list which can be subscribed to keep up with announcements directly from Annie Clark herself. Students who complete the course will receive a Certified St Vincent MasterClass Completion Certificate which can be added to their portfolios or social media profiles.

Course Structure

The MasterClass course is divided into ten lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of music production. The lessons cover topics such as songwriting, composition and music theory, recording techniques, mixing and mastering instruments and vocals, production tools and workflows as well as ways to bring your productions up to a professional standard.

Each lesson consists of video lectures from St Vincent herself, giving detailed explanations and advice on the topic being discussed. Throughout the course there are exercises that aim to help with skills building and put newly acquired knowledge into practice. In addition to the video tutorials there are downloadable accompanying files – including templates for Ableton Live 10 Suite – enabling students to learn by following St Vincent’s workflows directly. Keyboards, drum machines and microphones used in the class appear sporadically in video segments to simulate a real-life studio situation.

The course concludes with an assignment that forces students to combine all of their newfound skills in order to create a finished track – St Vincent will review each submission herself so it’s a great opportunity for students to gain some valuable feedback from one of today’s leading producers. All course content is available over mobile application systems or via mobile browsers making it ideal for learning on-the-go or when away from home.

Student Testimonials

Student testimonials are a great way to learn more about the quality and effectiveness of an online MasterClass program. It is important to read reviews from actual students who have benefited from the course to get an accurate understanding of how the classes work and what previous students think about the program.

At St. Vincent Online, we highly value the feedback of our students and so carefully review all their comments on our courses. Given below are some testimonials from former students who have pursued their MasterClass at St. Vincent Online:

  • “I am thankful for finding a comprehensive and structured course like this one at St. Vincent Online! The modules were designed in such a way that each topic was explained in detail yet there was no overlap or repetition of material which kept me engaged throughout the course.” – Anisa, USA
  • “I have completed my MasterClass at St Vincent and I’m super happy with my results! My tutor was always available when I had questions or needed guidance on particular topics, which made it easy to keep up with all my assignments.” – John, UK
  • “The MasterClass at St Vincent was designed with both real world applications as well as theoretical knowledge-building in mind which made it one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve had in terms of upskilling myself!” – Shashank, India

These student testimonials prove that not only does St Vincent provide an effective online learning environment for its students but also encourages them to gain a thorough understanding of their chosen subject matter by offering timely feedback from certified tutors who are experts in their field.

Pricing and Availability

The St Vincent MasterClass is available as an online course, which means it can be taken from almost any device with an internet connection. The currently advertised cost of the class is $90 dollars, with any upgrades or additional materials being billed separately. Payment can be made using major debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal or ApplePay.

The course is listed on the official St. Vincent website and runs at a length of five hours total content, plus additional necessary material such as song templates and guitar tablatures.

The St Vincent MasterClass is also available on the popular music app offering, Bandlab, for $79 for a single individual package or up to $219 for a team that includes three people working together on one course. This package includes full access to the lessons videos as well as interactive exercises and quizzes designed to help reinforce what has been taught in the lesson videos via immediate feedback from an AI-driven instructor feedback system within the app.


St Vincent MasterClass online course is an ideal way to learn how to create music, understand the craftsmanship and techniques St Vincent herself employs in her songwriting and production. The course has straightforward lessons that can be easily tailored to suit any skill level. The content is organized within six different music “masterclasses” with video demos, interactive challenges, video feedback from St Vincent and interesting articles for further reading.

Throughout the program, St Vincent emphasizes the importance of creating ones own musical style, presenting examples of songs she’s worked on and conveying the concept that even though you may be influenced by other artists, you’re able to refine it into something unique and powerful. Her insights are candid and inspiring, making this program a great learning experience for fans of all ages.

Overall the St Vincent MasterClass is well worth your time if you’re looking to learn more about Emma Grace Stott’s craft of songwriting or exploring your own music style. With fascinating lessons, engaging activities and original content tailored to every level of musician- this program has set itself as one of the best online courses available in today’s market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What topics are covered in the St Vincent MasterClass?

A: The St Vincent MasterClass covers a variety of topics related to the production and performance of music. These topics include songwriting, guitar techniques, improvisation, studio production, live performance, and more.

Q: What is the cost of the St Vincent MasterClass?

A: The cost of the St Vincent MasterClass is $90 USD.

Q: What will I learn in the St Vincent MasterClass?

A: In the St Vincent MasterClass, you will learn a variety of topics related to the production and performance of music. These topics include songwriting, guitar techniques, improvisation, studio production, live performance, and more.

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