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Welcome to my blog! If you’re looking for an inspiring and informative read on the Robin Roberts MasterClass course, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing my experience with this amazing program and detailing how it has helped me become a more confident and empowered communicator. So grab some popcorn, get cozy and let’s dive into this review!


Welcome to Robin Roberts’ MasterClass on storytelling and reporting for the digital age! In this comprehensive course, Robin breaks down everything you need to know about how to captivate an audience through powerful storytelling. She delves deep into how to develop stories, access sources, and leverage technology while maintaining the journalistic integrity expected in the field. She also sheds light on how to make meaningful connections with audiences online and share compelling stories on television and radio.

Finally, Robin teaches valuable tips for becoming a successful journalist in a crowded digital landscape. With her expertise, she gives students the confidence and insight they need to spin memorable stories even in seemingly dull settings. Sign up today and learn from one of the industry’s most influential journalists—Robin Roberts!

Overview of MasterClass

MasterClass is an online learning platform that offers classes taught by some of the world’s most accomplished experts. Celebrity-taught courses are available in a variety of different content areas, such as writing, music, cooking, and sportscasting. Millions of people worldwide have enrolled in classes on MasterClass to gain access to some of the best instruction and guidance from renowned professionals like renowned television journalist Robin Roberts.

Created by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen in 2015, MasterClass allows students to learn directly from iconic leaders and industry experts, gaining access to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The platform hosts insightful lectures, interactive assignments and other resources designed to inspire students’ creativity and motivate them toward success.

Robin Roberts’ class is a perfect example of the masterclasses available on the platform. In her class, Robin takes you through her journey as a news anchor turned sports broadcaster revealing valuable tips for becoming a successful broadcast journalist. She shares candid stories about interviewing athletes at big events or getting around tight security at Staples Center during Los Angeles Lakers games & more.

Additionally she teaches advanced techniques for storytelling such as utilizing compelling details that tie into interviews & transcribed write-ups amidst behind-the scenes videos capturing interviews & press conferences with celebrities & more! In Robin’s MasterClass you get an inside look into how she approaches her craft from strategy to implementation with clear structure & helpful advice sprinkled throughout–giving viewers an edge up in their own broadcasting pursuits!

What You’ll Learn in Robin Roberts’ MasterClass

Robin Roberts’ MasterClass is an exceptional online class that offers aspiring journalists and media personalities the chance to learn from one of the most respected voices in broadcasting. Roberts shares her knowledge, experience, and insights from more than 30 years in television and radio broadcasting in her MasterClass. As she draws from her decades of success, she guides viewers through every aspect of entering the field and becoming successful.

Topics covered by Roberts include:

  • Communication techniques
  • Storytelling methods
  • Learning how to write for broadcast
  • Building a portfolio
  • Developing presentation skills for interviews
  • Networking appropriately to stand out amongst the competition
  • and more.

The masterclass is designed to provide an opportunity for those eager to enter media fields to gain key skills from professional journalists such as Roberts. Whether students are looking to begin their career or move up in their current role, Robertson’s masterclass equips them with hands-on advice they can apply immediately while teaching them long-term strategies they can work on over time.

Through a series of 18 video lessons (ranging between 5-10 minutes in length), along with supplemental materials including helpful downloads and exclusive worksheets created by Robin herself – this insightful course covers all aspects of broadcasting success for anyone looking for career advice or guidance on launching a broadcasting career; such as confidence building strategies, practice preparation tips as well as examples from Robin’s illustrious broadcasting experience that can help guide students towards success. As one of the pioneers of broadcast news reporting, this carefully curated course provides rare insight into building a successful career in media featuring personal stories which serve as important lessons while providing invaluable advice throughout each class.

Course Structure & Content

The Robin Roberts MasterClass on interviewing and storytelling is a comprehensive class geared towards professionals who want to hone their communication skills. The course comprises of 23 lessons that cover key topics such as formulating questions, developing your interview strategy, getting the most out of an interview, how to probe with empathy and compassion, storytelling tips, bringing stories to life through writing and imagery, crafting an effective narrative in shorter pieces, staying unbiased during an interview or reportage and making ethical journalistic decisions.

Throughout the course, Roberts provides valuable expert advice while drawing on her own experiences to give students a realistic understanding of what it takes to be a successful interviewer or storyteller. She draws from her extensive media background including anchoring ‘Good Morning America’, hosting ’20/20′ for ABC News and producing ‘SportsCenter’ for ESPN among many other accomplishments.

The course also includes five downloadable workbooks full of supplemental material for each lesson including activities relating to content covered by Roberts such as:

  • Writing Your Profile
  • Asking Questions Empathetically

Additionally there are live video feedback forums from select students throughout the class where they can receive ideas and constructive criticism from Roberts herself. This private MasterClass community provides an invaluable avenue for networking with aspiring journalists in your field while receiving further support from Roberts which increases the overall value of this course experience.

Pros & Cons

Robin Roberts’ MasterClass is an online tutorial offering its students the opportunity to learn valuable techniques and insight into the newsroom. Students who take Roberts’ course receive expert advice, actionable tips, and lifetime access to the videos and virtual classroom. The course is designed to help beginners gain knowledge of important aspects of reporting while also helping experienced journalists practice their craft with advanced techniques.


  • Led by one of the most respected names in journalism, Robin Roberts.
  • Lifetime access to quality content from real professionals in the field.
  • Easy to follow videos that can be paused or replayed as needed.
  • Detailed instruction about fundamental topics such as prepping for interviews, researching tips, and some of Robert’s personal stories in broadcast journalism.
  • Helpful questions asked within each video that can be used as a guide while learning.


  • Cost is on the higher end compared to other online tutorials.
  • Limited scope which focuses primarily on newsroom techniques rather than deeper subjects related to broadcasting or media studies.
  • Videos are often lengthy, making it more appropriate for those who have a decent amount of time dedicate for learning.

Robin Roberts’ Teaching Style

One of the core values that Robin Roberts emphasizes throughout her MasterClass is to always think positive. She talks about how she holds herself accountable for her attitude and puts it on display so that her spirit can be as infectious as possible. Her teaching style is a mixture of storytelling, motivation, and guidance. Watching her MasterClass will take you on an emotional journey while still providing plenty of instruction in the form of helpful advice and media examples.

Throughout the class, Robin talks about several personal experiences while offering practical advice on how to use the lessons she has learned in everyday life and in business situations. She emphasizes focusing on realistic solutions rather than getting stuck in unhealthy patterns or excuses. Each lecture provides an interactive experience with personal pictures and videos that draw a parallel between Robin’s story and one’s own life.

Whether it’s learning to be more positive, overcoming adversity or setting achievable goals, Robin’s teachings are fairly universal and incredibly inspiring. Her teaching style resonates with viewers – she leads by example from sharing stories from her own career successes as well as some personal hardships – which makes every class meaningful and educational at the same time.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing Robin Roberts’ MasterClass, it is clear why the course has become so popular. Roberts provides exceptional insights into the craft of storytelling, how to create a powerful presence and deliver meaningful and persuasive stories. As well as detailed instruction on broadcast journalism ethics, techniques to create dramatic story structure and how to write compelling scripts.

For many aspiring journalists and storytellers, this course offers an exciting opportunity to learn from one of the most respected journalists in news broadcasting today. With her vast knowledge and clear explanations, it’s easy to see why Robin Roberts MasterClass is one of the most sought-after courses available.

Overall, this comprehensive course is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring journalists or anyone looking for guidance in storytelling or creating emotionally impactful pieces of media. There are few courses out there that offer such in-depth lessons from an instructor with such supreme talent and years of experience in their field.


At the conclusion of the Robin Roberts MasterClass, it is clear why this course has earned so much acclaim. Not only do students have access to incredible insight from an experienced media professional, they also gain powerful tools for communication and storytelling.

The course is effective enough that executives in top corporations have recognized its value and now use it to mentor their own teams. As such, we recommend enrolling if you are serious about perfecting your skills as a professional media communicator and storyteller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Robin Roberts’ MasterClass worth it?

A1: Yes, Robin Roberts’ MasterClass is definitely worth it. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares in her course, which can help aspiring journalists and media professionals hone their craft.

Q2: What topics does Robin Roberts cover in her MasterClass?

A2: Robin Roberts covers a range of topics in her MasterClass, from storytelling and interviewing techniques to developing a personal brand and more. She also offers advice on how to navigate the competitive media landscape.

Q3: What types of people can benefit from taking Robin Roberts’ MasterClass?

A3: Robin Roberts’ MasterClass can be beneficial for a variety of people, from aspiring journalists, content creators, and media professionals to those seeking to develop their personal brand. It can also be helpful for those looking to learn more about the news industry.

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