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Looking to perfect your comedic writing? Let’s discover how David Sedaris’s MasterClass can help you become the next great humorist! We’ll explore the insights and lessons learned in his course, taking a lighthearted look at what’s in store for those ready to commit their wit and wisdom to the page. Grab your funny bone and let’s get started!


MasterClass is an online class platform that allows users to gain knowledge and skills from experienced professionals. With more than 60 classes and counting, MasterClass covers a wide range of topics, including arts and entertainment, business, health and fitness, music, writing and more.

One of the most acclaimed authors of our time, David Sedaris, has his own offering – the David Sedaris MasterClass on Comedy Writing & Humor. It provides learners with deep insight into comedic authoring from one of the most respected names in modern humor writing.

In this class you will receive instruction on honing your voice as an author through a number of exercises and trick-of-the-trade tips. You will also learn what it takes to write a winning screenplay from scratch in a very concise manner that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, you’ll be able to understand what goes into creating captivating characters by working off not just preconceived archetypes but creating something original yourself while also having fun while doing it.

Ultimately this course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to write brilliant stand up material as well as mastering effective storytelling methods for both long form fiction as well as short articles or sketches–all accompanied by experienced guidance along the way. All in all with MasterClass’ help under the leadership of David Sedaris get ready for transforming your comedic skill set!

Overview of the MasterClass

David Sedaris’ MasterClass is an online course designed to teach you the art of storytelling from one of the best comedic minds in the business. Sedaris’ unique brand of humor has been winning over audiences for decades, and now he is sharing his expertise and insights with his students.

In this comprehensive course, Sedaris takes students through the entire process of telling a story – from discovering a great concept and choosing vivid details to shaping your narrative, finding your voice and delivering an audience-captivating performance. Whether you are just starting out in comedy or have been writing routines for years, David’s MasterClass is bound to make you laugh while teaching you new techniques that can help you hone your craft.

The class features 22 video lessons that are followed by corresponding work assignments, providing students with plenty of opportunities to practice their craft. Not only does David give plenty of practical advice on how to polish your pieces for live performance or selling them for publication, but he also offers some valuable insight into his own journey as a storyteller. Also included with enrolling in the MasterClass are two student-only panels held during which David personally discusses topics such as audience engagement and how to turn personal stories into bestsellers with other top comedic experts from around the world.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The David Sedaris MasterClass is an online course taught by the best-selling author and humorist. Focusing on essay writing, storytelling, publishing success and marketing, this is a great chance to learn from somebody who has experienced huge success in the writing and publishing sphere.

The MasterClass course teaches you everything from David’s writing process to how he markets his work. You can benefit from the expertise of a master storyteller with more than 25 million books sold around the globe in 33 languages. Learn how to use personal experiences as moments of relevance to capture an audience’s attention and find humor in seemingly ordinary situations. Break down your plot points and add dramatic peaks for maximum comedic impact. Get advice on handling constructive criticism and see examples of how to edited or fix problems in your own stories and essays.

You will gain insight into useful book publishing strategies, audience building tips as well as valuable advice applicable to both online and print journalism platforms. The course also provides comprehensive analysis of famous stories written by other authors such as Jonathan Swift, Flannery O’Connor, William S Burroughs, etc., providing a valuable overview of literature across multiple genres. This gives students a first-hand look at storytelling approaches for both fiction and non-fiction writing.

Furthermore, this course also highlights dynamic ways of getting published or pitching your work to agents as well as leveraging data for marketing purposes – all taught by one of the most successful writers in history! Students walk away with tangible skills that are pertinent for journalists seeking creative new angles when it comes to pitching their work or book ideas – along with everything else you need to publish successfully.

Course Content and Structure

David Sedaris’ MasterClass is a comprehensive course that covers topics such as writing basics, the publishing process, storytelling, humor writing and more. The course is divided into 25 exclusive lessons, each with accompanying video lectures and interactive assignments. Sedaris uses engaging stories to bring concepts to life while also offering personal examples throughout his lectures.

The course content has been carefully crafted and tailored to help you craft engaging stories and improve upon your creative writing abilities. Throughout his lessons, Sedaris emphasizes the importance of revision, staying honest and critical in your work and listening to criticism from others. He also provides tips for successful storytelling techniques such as metaphors, Dialogue usage and structuring scenes for maximum impact. Additionally, the course covers topics like self-empowerment and developing a daily writing practice that will appeal not only to authors but aspiring creators across all mediums.

Students can expect access to various activities throughout the course along with downloadable worksheets that are designed to further their creative development skills. Each lecture also includes a Q&A session where students can discuss specific aspects of the lecture with Sedaris directly in order to gain deeper insight into their projects or process.

Whether you are just getting started or have been writing for years, David Sedaris’ MasterClass offers an opportunity for you to hone your craft with an experienced instructor who has written some of today’s most popular works. By learning from multiple disciplines like comedy writing, fiction writing or nonfiction journalism, students will leave empowered with new tools in their arsenal for successful story-telling outcomes in any form or genre imaginable.

Learning Outcomes

The David Sedaris MasterClass is a comprehensive online course on comedy and satire writing that provides students with valuable insight into the crafting of Satirical essays, stories, and performances. Participants will gain the necessary tools to understand the complexities of satire writing by exploring topics such as structure, comic timing, use of language, punch lines, irony and much more. The class is instructional in nature but also encourages experimentation with form and movement to break through creative boundaries. With guidance from David Sedaris himself, this course will equip participants with the techniques needed to become well versed in modern techniques for creating comedic writing that is both funny and thought-provoking.

At the conclusion of the MasterClass participants will be able to:

  • Identify elements of comedy within existing works.
  • Develop an idea into a comedic essay or story.
  • Develop a plan for a longer work or book.
  • Utilize specific language used in humor writing.
  • Understand how theatrical performance can contribute a certain tone.
  • Analyze works using different forms of irony.

Pros and Cons

David Sedaris’s Masterclass provides an opportunity to learn from one of the most influential comedians, authors and cultural voices of our time. In this class, Sedaris dives deep into specific details of his creative process and shares valuable advice on topics such as humor writing, non-fiction, comedic approaches to storytelling and more.


  • Engaging look into David Sedaris’s creative process
  • Detailed lessons on subjects such as humor writing and creating characters
  • A wealth of practical advice offered with clarity and humor
  • Comprehensive course material that covers 8 hours of video instruction
  • Accessible material designed for beginner writers


  • No downloadable resources accompany each lesson
  • Course material may be too general for experienced writers

Final Thoughts

The David Sedaris MasterClass is well worth the investment for any aspiring writer. Not only does he provide an excellent overview of modern humor writing, he also lifts the curtain on his process and the thought experiments that inform his work. The quality of his instruction is superior to many other popular writers’ courses, and he really does inspire you to write better humor pieces.

But Sedaris isn’t just giving you instruction; he’s also providing you with validation of your ideas and a peek into his world. He takes questions from students directly and offers specific feedback. He encourages individual experimentation rather than outlining a strict formula – a major benefit for those who are trying to find their own style in their writing but unsure how to go about it.

In short, the David Sedaris MasterClass is perfect for anyone wishing to learn techniques in crafting funny essays or fiction stories. Both experienced humor writers and rookies alike will find great value in learning from Sedaris as he addresses all levels of humour writing, from introductory topics such as:

  • Structure
  • Audience engagement
  • Comedic timing

To more advanced concepts like:

  • Tweaking word choices for maximum effect
  • Honing topics with more depth for sustained success


The David Sedaris MasterClass is an excellent and comprehensive introduction to writing humor. Along with practical advice, Sedaris will provide you with an inside look at the life of a professional comedic writer. He offers invaluable tips on finding your writing style, establishing your comedic voice with story structure and ideas, and crafting humorous writing pieces.

There are useful exercises that help bring across the points made throughout these lessons. The insight offered by both Sedaris and past creative writing professor Bob Benson makes this course a must for anyone looking to hone their humor writing skills or enrich their understanding of the craft. No matter what level of creativity you’re starting from, Sedaris’s MasterClass will give you what it takes to be a successful comedic writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What topics does David Sedaris cover in his MasterClass?

A: David Sedaris covers a variety of topics in his MasterClass. These topics include how to structure and develop stories, how to write and perform humorous pieces, how to create vivid characters, and how to use personal experiences to write creative pieces.

Q: What type of support does David Sedaris offer in his MasterClass?

A: David Sedaris provides a variety of support for his MasterClass students. This includes feedback on assignments, live Q&A sessions, an online community of fellow students, and access to a private online forum.

Q: What is the cost of David Sedaris’ MasterClass?

A: The cost of David Sedaris’ MasterClass is $90 for a single class or $180 for an all-access pass. The all-access pass gives you access to all of the classes in the MasterClass library.

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