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Are you looking to become the next master of barbecue? Then look no further than Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass, the ultimate online course for those who want to up their BBQ game! In this blog post, I’ll give a full review of this epic class, from flavor combinations to expert grilling advice. So if you’re ready to get sizzling, keep reading!


Are you looking to get the most out of your favorite smoked meats? It’s time to look no further than Aaron Franklin’s BBQ MasterClass. With an in-depth, 5-hour course, Aaron takes viewers through the entire process of making world-class barbecue. Whether you’re a veteran pitmaster or just getting started in the culinary world, this class is packed with invaluable advice, tips and techniques from one of the world’s most celebrated chefs.

In this review, we’ll explore all that Aaron Franklin BBQ MasterClass has to offer aspiring cooks!


Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass provides an in-depth look at the craft of smoking barbecue. Through 11 lessons and over 130 minutes of instruction, he shows you how to cook a variety of meats to perfection with exacting detail. Franklin covers topics such as selecting the best wood for each type of meat, using the right temperature for cooking, and troubleshooting common mistakes.

The course also includes a comprehensive explanation of essential equipment like smokers, grills and thermometers, as well as detailed examples of how Franklin cooks his signature dishes. Additionally, students gain valuable insights into running a successful restaurant business and learning to manage staff effectively.

Franklin’s MasterClass is an excellent tutorial for aspiring or experienced Pitmasters alike that offers clear techniques along with valued industry-insider perspectives on the process of smoking food perfectly.


Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most celebrated Barbecue Pitmasters. From choosing the right wood and grills, to understanding the perfect timing for each type of meat, Aaron dives into everything you need to know about home barbecuing like an award-winning pitmaster.

Here are some of the key benefits that you will gain from enrolling in this course:

  • Detailed tutorial videos that provide step-by-step instructions on all aspects of barbecuing
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get feedback directly from Aaron Franklin
  • Learn how to craft authentic Texas barbecue sauces, rubs, and sides
  • Access to recipes, tips & tricks and troubleshooting advice
  • Learn advanced techniques on temperature control and smoke production
  • Overview of vital safety information when using BBQ equipment
  • Get a comprehensive introduction into the artistry behind barbecuing

Pros & Cons

Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass is an in-depth course on the art of perfecting barbeque. The course includes many lessons on techniques and tips from the world-renowned chef, including an amazing breakdown of making espresso. While the course is focused mainly on barbeque, it also touches upon other aspects of cooking such as baking and other food preparation styles.


  • Detailed instruction on all aspects of barbecue.
  • Step by step demonstrations with guided narration to help visualize concepts.
  • In depth discussion about various techniques for a variety of meats and side dishes often found in barbecue cookouts.
  • Access to behind–the–scenes tours into the restaurant and industry led by Aaron himself.
  • Additional Bonus lessons from partner professionals that touch upon knife skills, smoking techniques, butchering, and fire building adding greater depth to your practice.


  • The price may be too steep for some looking for less comprehensive instruction as you can expect to pay up to four hundred dollars for full access pass to this MasterClass as well as any accompanying materials or supplies needed not included in purchase cost.
  • It may not be suitable for those who grew up with different practices or expectations in their BBQ customs as some cultures may have very different methods and ingredients than what is taught in the Course itself which could be a turn off depending on preference or background style you are accustomed with preparing Barbecue cuisine specifically.
  • There is also no real direct interaction with Aaron which can limit how far you can go during any follow up questions or requests you may have after finishing his lessons however his open forum Q & A page answers most inquiries adequately within reasonable turnaround time so overall this should not pose too much deterrence when considering enrollment in this program overall.

Course Content

The Aaron Franklin MasterClass consists of 14 lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of BBQ. The first lesson covers what types of wood to use and how each variety contributes to the flavor. You’ll also learn the basics of smoke management – from knowing what temperature ranges work best for your cooking environment to proper air flow control – and how to achieve the perfect combination for consistent results.

The subsequent lessons tackle:

  • Construction (both permanent and pop up pits)
  • Trimming
  • Cooking (meat selection and cook times)
  • Barking
  • Slicing and finishing
  • Deep dives into brining and marinating for poultry, pork ribs, brisket, sausage and many other proteins.
  • Franklin also touches on some regional specialties such as Texas-style “hot guts” sausage-making.
  • Additionally, there are lessons that cover common side dishes like potato salad or coleslaw recipes.

In addition to the video lessons mentioned above, Franklin provides an accompanying workbook with visuals graphically illustrating several key BBQ techniques – such as properly slicing brisket – plus Recipes which include steps that coincide with the appropriate video lesson’s content (e.g., Recipe #1 Chicken Marinade).


Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass course on barbequeue costs $90. This is in line with other MasterClass courses and is slightly more expensive than some similar courses. However, the course does provide a variety of content not found in other courses such as detailed instruction on building a smoker, and for serious barbeque fans this may be worth the extra cost. Compared to the cost of actually taking a course from Aaron Franklin in person, the MasterClass course is an affordable option that provides access to many of his skills and techniques.

The lessons are organized into five sections – smoking, grilling, brisket, pork and sides – covering a wide range of topics with comprehensive videos. Each section includes written articles as well as bonus videos that provide even more information on barbeque basics. Additionally, students get access to Franklin’s personal email address so they can ask him questions directly while they work through each lesson.

User Reviews

User reviews are an important factor to consider when evaluating Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass. Reviews can provide you with valuable insight into the course content, quality of instruction, design of the program, and overall satisfaction members have with their experience.

By browsing through the reviews of existing members, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass is right for you.

You should make sure to read both positive and negative reviews before making a decision. Positive reviews can give you an idea of what other learners enjoyed about the course and what they found beneficial for their barbeque skills. Conversely, negative reviews will help to alert you to potential issues people have had with the course so that you can evaluate if it is suitable for your needs.


Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass focuses on the fundamentals of smoking and barbecue. It is broken down into five chapters of overview lessons and eight chapters of detailed instruction. Franklin covers topics such as selecting meats and cuts, seasoning techniques, smoking techniques, menu building, and entertaining tips.

The course begins with an overview of the basics – from selecting meats to understanding the different types of smokers available on the market today. The second chapter explains different seasoning techniques that can be used to bring out unique flavors in your barbecued dishes. In Chapters 3-7, he dives into detailed instruction on how to use a variety of methods for smoking your food – from offset smokers to direct heat grills. He then provides guidance for setting up your grill and maintaining optimal temperatures throughout the cooking process.

In Chapter 8, Franklin discusses menu building as a way to create a well-rounded barbecue experience for your guests. He covers side dishes such as slaw, potato salad, baked beans and other accompaniments that can make a barbecue meal complete. Finally, in Chapter 9 he talks about tips for entertaining featuring some delightful stories about his personal experiences with throwing down some amazing Texas barbecue spread!

Overall this MasterClass offers both novice cooks looking to start out in barbecue and experienced barbecuers who want to take their skills up a notch excellent advice from one of the titans of Texas barbecue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Aaron Franklin MasterClass?

A: The Aaron Franklin MasterClass is a collection of video lessons from the acclaimed chef and pitmaster, Aaron Franklin. The lessons cover topics such as smoking techniques, recipe creation, and other aspects of barbecue.

Q: How much does the Aaron Franklin MasterClass cost?

A: The Aaron Franklin MasterClass costs $90 for a one-time purchase.

Q: Is the Aaron Franklin MasterClass worth the money?

A: Yes, the Aaron Franklin MasterClass is worth the money. It provides comprehensive lessons from a renowned chef and pitmaster, and it can help you improve your barbecue skills.

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