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Are you looking to hone your writing craft and learn from one of the greats? Then the Salman Rushdie MasterClass is exactly what you need! Get ready for an insightful and thoughtful experience that will challenge your creative boundaries.


Salman Rushdie is an internationally acclaimed writer and celebrity who has been writing and lecturing for more than 40 years. Most noted for his novels Midnights Children and The Satanic Verses, which were both Booker prize-winners, Rushdie is a provocative novelist whose work often tackles controversial topics such as politics, history, mythology and global realities.

He was recently featured in a MasterClass, an online learning platform that hosts classes with top teachers in the world who teach their craft to aspiring learners all over the world. In this interactive class with Salman Rushdie, students explore the nuances of storytelling and gain valuable insights into writing compelling fiction.

Overview of Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is one of the most acclaimed authors of the late 20th and early 21st century. He was born in Bombay (Mumbai), India, and is known for his magical works such as Midnight’s Children, Haroun and the Sea of Stories and The Satanic Verses. Rushdie’s vast body of work has earned him accolades including the Booker Prize, a knighthood in 2007, and a spot on Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list.

Rushdie’s unique style blends realism with magical realism – a mix of fact and fantasy grounded in contemporary settings. His storytelling incorporates elements from Eastern cultures blended into his Western sensibilities for a truly unique reading experience that goes beyond mere words on paper to tie readers to themes of displacement, displacement among multiple cultures as well as within them. Rushdie also provides commentary on issues ranging from dissidence against oppressive social structures to the human search for identity and understanding. From his powerful essays to celebrated short stories, Rushdie’s ability to captivate audiences is clearly evident in all his works.

Features of the MasterClass

Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass is a comprehensive video course for aspiring authors. The class begins with the basics of writing and editing, and gradually moves into more creative topics such as plot development, dialogue, and concise descriptions. Salman provides candid advice from decades of experience. He demonstrates how to write a compelling story through character development, plot structure, decision points, and suspense techniques. He also explains how to use metaphors and elements of surprise to capture readers’ attention.

The MasterClass includes over nine hours of on-demand video lessons divided into 26 chapters with additional PDF guides on topics including:

  • Characterization
  • Setting details
  • Chapter building
  • Incorporating symbolism in fiction writing
  • Punctuation
  • Dialogue
  • Publishing tips and tricks
  • Book proposals
  • Marketing tools
  • Guidance on crafting memorable openings and endings to your works

Salman also shares several special writing exercises throughout the course that can help you jumpstart your imagination. Every lesson includes interactive assignments with deadlines so you can put what you learn into practice while staying accountable throughout the program.

Pros and Cons of the MasterClass

The Salman Rushdie MasterClass is an online course designed to teach aspiring authors the craft of writing powerful prose. It offers a unique opportunity for students to learn from one of the world’s most respected authors in a state-of-the-art online classroom. This course is perfect for any aspiring author, whether you’re just beginning or looking to refine your work. In this review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of enrolling in this MasterClass.


  • With over 20 engaging video lessons delivered by Salman Rushdie himself, his unique style and understanding of literature makes for a fascinating class experience. It’s also easy for students to review and rewatch lessons as needed along their journey.
  • The student dashboard provides an organized hub that makes taking the class simple and intuitive.
  • A wealth of exercises included throughout each video lesson promote active engagement with what you’re learning, allowing you to apply Rushdie’s advice directly to your own work.
  • The MasterClass features personalized feedback on assignments from other users and even Rushdie himself – giving you the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into your writing from one of literature’s most admired writers.


  • At $90 a piece, individual classes can be pricey compared to other classes available online; however, if you are serious about your development as a writer it may be worth it for the opportunities available with this course.
  • As with any online courses, some parts may require additional outside research or reading materials not explicitly included in the class content – making progress feel at times slow and tedious for some students if not properly managed.

Benefits of the MasterClass

One of the major benefits of signing up to Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass is getting access to his lectures, where students can learn from one of the world’s greatest novelists. Whether you are looking for tips on crafting stories, developing characters, or pushing yourself during a writing session, the lessons offered will likely be beneficial.

The course also provides two exclusive interviews with Salman that provide insight into understanding what slade Rushdie goes through when writing a book or embarking on a creative journey. Furthermore, additional video guides and resources offer an even more comprehensive approach to learning from Salman himself.

Moreover, signing up for the class also gives learners access to over 20 worksheets and activities to get you started on your own pieces plus constructive feedback from fellow students and Mr. Rushdie himself. This allows people to get helpful evaluation notes and direction from someone who has written some of the most acclaimed books in history.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of the MasterClass

The Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of storytelling and writing from one of the most celebrated authors in modern times. In addition to gaining insight into Rushdie’s creative process, the class also provides useful advice and techniques for producing unique and compelling stories.

In order to maximize your experience with this course, consider implementing a few tips:

  • Create a timeline for completing each segment of the course. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller sections helps to ensure that you are getting the most out of each lesson and increases your chances for success.
  • Be prepared to set aside sufficient time each day or week for completing assignments associated with the MasterClass.
  • Read through course material prior to participating in any video lessons or discussions; by doing so, you will be able to get the most out of your experience.
  • Keep up with assigned work as best as possible; with Rushdie’s input comes valuable mentorship—which will only be fruitful if participants keep up their end of the bargain along the way!

By following these tips, learners can ensure they are taking full advantage of what this incredible course has to offer!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass is an interesting and thoughtful course filled with resonant and often surprising stories that give insight into the creative process for writing fiction. He effectively uses a combination of theoretical and practical exercises to help the student become better at constructing stories, honing their writing style, and understanding their strengths as a writer.

The entertaining anecdotes that Rushdie imparts throughout his MasterClass make it effortless to stay focused on the material at hand while students learn invaluable lessons about literature and story construction in general. The true value of Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass will truly be seen in practitioners who take the content this course offers seriously, allowing it to shape their work over time – proof that when it comes to learning to write excellent stories, even taking a few classes can make all the difference in creating something special.


After taking Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass, it is obvious why this class has earned such high praise. Rushdie shares his expansive knowledge and experience with the students, guiding them through the complex process of writing in a way that is easy to follow and understand. He offers valuable tips and advice that are applicable to a variety of writing styles, including fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting and more.

The course is well-structured and provides plenty of resources for each step of the writing process. The feedback system is an invaluable tool for tracking your progress as Rushdie takes the time to read your work carefully and provide personalized critiques.

Overall, Salman Rushdie’s MasterClass is an excellent option for aspiring writers looking to refine their skill set under the guidance of a master storyteller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What topics does Salman Rushdie MasterClass cover?

A1: Salman Rushdie MasterClass covers a wide range of topics related to writing, including crafting characters, finding your voice, and creating compelling stories.

Q2: How long is the Salman Rushdie MasterClass?

A2: The Salman Rushdie MasterClass is composed of 18 lessons, each lasting between 10-20 minutes, making the total class time around 3-4 hours.

Q3: Is Salman Rushdie MasterClass worth it?

A3: Absolutely! Salman Rushdie is a master storyteller, and his MasterClass offers invaluable insight into writing for all levels of experience.

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