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Are you looking to take your violin playing to the next level? Look no further than Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass! Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Perlman is a celebrated maestro who has performed with legendary orchestras around the world. In this blog post, we’ll review his comprehensive yet digestible MasterClass and explore why it’s an invaluable asset in reaching musical maturity.

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Itzhak Perlman is a celebrated and renowned violin virtuoso whose musical career has spanned more than sixty years. Throughout his performative and educational journey, Perlman has developed a unique approach to learning the violin. His long-awaited masterclass on the platform MasterClass recently made its debut, bringing with it an invaluable opportunity for aspiring violinists to receive personalized instruction from one of the greats.

The 14-lesson course offers an in-depth look into Perlman’s philosophy of technique, performance, practice, and improvisation. This review seeks to provide an overview of what viewers can expect from Itzhak Perlman’s latest masterclass on MasterClass.

Overview of the Itzhak Perlman MasterClass

The Itzhak Perlman MasterClass is an online music class that offers detailed instruction from the internationally acclaimed violinist, conductor, and composer. The masterclass will give students a comprehensive overview of Perlman’s career, his creative approach to interpretive music-making, and his techniques for achieving technical mastery of the violin.

The course features over 20 in-depth video lessons taught by Perlman himself as well as 12+ play-along practice pieces, access to interactive Exercises, a profile page where students can track their progress and interact with other classmates and permutations Library of downloadable resources. Additionally, the course includes:

  • Interviews with Perlman on topics such as vibrato technique, practicing strategies and performance advice.
  • Performances of beloved pieces like Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise.
  • A performance dictionary of expressions & articulations used by leading instrumentalists.
  • Additional practice melodies written by Perlman himself.
  • Tips on building an audience.
  • Plus exclusive student Q&A sessions with each new lesson.

With this level of instruction for both intermediate and advanced players alike, you will be ready to make beautiful music in no time!

Benefits of Taking the Itzhak Perlman MasterClass

The Itzhak Perlman MasterClass is a unique, world-class opportunity to gain insights from the legendary violinist. Itzhak Perlman shares his path to mastery and provides step-by-step lessons in playing the violin, bow techniques, performing, and more. Throughout the MasterClass, students have access to exclusive materials including 25+ video lessons, an interactive Q&A session with Mr. Perlman himself and access to additional supporting materials that can help supplement learning.

By taking this class students will be able to gain first hand knowledge on how a master of his instrument crafts his own sound as well as learn invaluable tips on playing technique, tone production, interpretation and performance. Through close up footage and descriptions of intricate fingerings and bowings students will be able to watch and replicate actual performances done by Perlman himself.

Furthermore this class offers invaluable information on aspects involving preparing for auditions such as etiquette onstage, maintaining proper posture while playing as well how Mr. Perlman looks for hard working promising players in an audition setting which allows one the resources for further refining their practice habits along with sharpening one’s musicality further leading towards a successful musical career in a very competitive field.

Course Content and Structure

Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass is an excellent course that is provided in an engaging and accessible format. The course consists of 21 videos, divided into five chapters: Technique, Interpreting Music, Artistry, Expression and Performance. Each video contains clear and specific instructional content presented by Itzhak Perlman, accompanied by live performance examples from the Maestro himself!

The Technique chapter focuses on building a solid foundation for all levels of players as well as exploring advanced topics such as vibrato and portamento. The other chapters look at higher-level music elements such as articulation, phrasing, dynamic control, intonation and shaping tone. This course also features advice on preparing to perform on different types of stages/environments along with additional bonus content featuring stories from Itzhak’s personal experience in the professional world of violin playing.

Detailed explanations are supplemented with visual aids so that concepts are easily understood. Additionally the exercises provided are very effective in helping to build technique. Throughout the duration of this online class students have access to interactive workbooks covering all topics discussed which can be either printed or digitally stored for future use and reference. In addition to this there are extra activities throughout including multiple-choice quizzes which enable participants to test their knowledge as they progress throughout the program.

Technical Aspects of the Itzhak Perlman MasterClass

The Itzhak Perlman MasterClass is an excellent online course for any aspiring violinist. In this MasterClass, Itzhak Perlman shares his expertise and years of experience to help you achieve the greatest possible level of mastery with the violin. The course emphasizes both the technical and artistic aspects of playing the instrument, giving students an in-depth look at all aspects of violin performance.

The technical side of the class is comprehensive, covering topics such as posture, grip, bow hold and stroke formation. Itzhak takes time to explain each aspect in layman’s terms so that everyone can understand his instruction easily. He also goes over many common mistakes that aspiring violinists make so they can be avoided.

Students are also introduced to musical terminology like legato, staccato and vibrato while learning how to apply them on their instrument. Proper posture is discussed in detail as well as basic concepts such as soloing styles and playing difficult passages with confidence.

Finally, Itzhak introduces many practical exercises for both warm up purposes and mastering complex pieces with ease or practice difficult sections without making unnecessary mistakes. He provides clear examples on sheet music which allows students to follow along at home even if they never had a formal lesson before taking the class.

Student Experiences and Reviews

Itzhak Perlman’s Violin Masterclass has been a popular choice for students who wish to further their knowledge of the violin and develop new techniques and skills. In this online course, students will have access to over-30 hours of close instruction from renowned concert virtuoso Itzhak Perlman.

Students will discuss all elements of the violin, including how to hold it properly, bow-arm technique, vibrato, shifting, features of various repertories, embellishments and more. As they work through these topics, Perlman shares his philosophies on playing music as an instrument and performing live in any situation.

Student reviews praise Itzhak Perlman’s approachable teaching style and his meaningful feedback on practice habits. Those who are looking to enhance their violin playing abilities appreciate the detailed content that is shared by MastersClass’s most experienced teacher. Numerous lessons involve Perlman offering hands-on demonstrations at different levels.

The course includes discussion boards for each lesson where students can share experiences in a supportive community with peers from around the world as well as connect with Perlman directly to ask questions or discuss topics within the course. Whether you are an aspiring concertmaster or just seeking for private enjoyment of music-making, Itzhak Perlman has proven himself time and again as one of the best teachers in MasterClass’s program.

Cost and Availability

Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass is available from the MasterClass website and is priced at $90. Additional charges may apply for taxes and shipping, depending on the country. The course is also available for purchase in the Apple App Store for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, where it will cost more than $90 depending on the currency and region.

Regardless of whether you purchase from MasterClass or from the App Store, you get Lifetime Access to Itzhak Perlman’s course, which includes access to all future updates for free. You will also have access to:

  • over 15 exclusive lesson lessons with Itzhak Perlman himself
  • practice sessions with professional musicians
  • a practice companion book prepared by Itzhak’s accompanist Rohan De Silva
  • downloadable high-quality sheet music
  • an active community of fellow students who are learning how to play violin with Itzhak Perlman’s help.


Overall, taking a virtual class with Itzhak Perlman can be incredibly rewarding. With enjoyable courses and hands-on learning opportunities, you can become a master violinist in no time. Not to mention that, if you purchase the Annual Plan, all of your classes will be free of charge for the year.

If you’re serious about improving or mastering your craft, consider joining a MasterClass today and experiencing what true musical excellence is like first hand from one of the greatest classical musicians in history. Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass is highly recommended for anyone looking to gain insightful lessons and tips from one of the most inspirational classical musicians of our time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of lessons does Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass offer?
A: Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass offers lessons on violin technique and performance, music theory, improvisation, and more.

Q: Is Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass worth it?
A: Yes, Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass is worth it for anyone who is serious about learning violin or improving their skills. The course is comprehensive, and Perlman’s expertise and teaching style are unparalleled.

Q: How long is Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass?
A: Itzhak Perlman’s MasterClass is approximately 8 hours long and includes 12 lessons, each focused on a different topic related to violin technique and performance.

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