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Are you a budding filmmaker looking to learn from the best? Then look no further than Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass! In this blog, I will be reviewing all the insights and valuable lessons that this MasterClass has to offer. Get ready to take a deep dive into the world of filmmaking with one of the all-time masters of cinema!


Martin Scorsese is one of the most renowned and respected film directors of all time. Through his films, he has explored complex issues, topics and characters with incredible depth, such as gangsters in GoodFellas and religious sects in The Last Temptation of Christ. His films have garnered multiple Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA Awards.

Now he is bringing his expertise to the MasterClass platform to teach fans and aspiring filmmakers alike the art of directing movies.

In this MasterClass review, we’ll be breaking down everything that Scorsese covers in his film directing class – from screenplay analysis to postproduction – to help you decide if it’s right for you. We also provide a summary of what makes this online course unique compared to other filmmaking classes out there. So grab your popcorn and let’s dive into the Martin Scorsese MasterClass!

Overview of Martin Scorsese’s Career

Martin Scorsese is an acclaimed, award-winning American film director, screenwriter, and producer best known for his works in the crime-drama genre as well as The Last Temptation of Christ. He has had a long and successful career that has spanned over 50 years and many seminal films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas.

His works often focus on themes of violence and morality. Scorsese’s films have earned him critical praise and major awards such as the Academy Award for Raging Bull in 1980 and the Golden Globe for The Aviator in 2004. He holds multiple honorary degrees from prestigious universities around the world. In addition to his awards, he has been recognized with special honors by numerous award organizations including Cannes Film Festival, Directors Guild of America, National Board of Review, British Academy Film Awards and more. His work continues to break boundaries through both fiction films and documentaries alike.

The Martin Scorsese MasterClass is a comprehensive look into his illustrious career that covers film production topics such as

  • writing scripts
  • developing characters
  • shooting styles

– all broken down by Scorsese himself who touches upon each subject with passion and detail learned through decades in the industry. The class includes 68 lessons filled with invaluable practical advice taught in a conversational style along with supplemental resources which any aspiring filmmaker or director can benefit from immensely.

Overview of the MasterClass

Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass provides an in-depth look at filmmaking, from story development and production techniques to editing and post-production. The class is organized into 23 lessons, with each lesson focusing on a different aspect of filmmaking or providing further insight into particular techniques.

Scorsese takes viewers through a variety of topics, including pre-production, main production, and post-production steps. In addition, Scorsese shares anecdotes from his experiences on film sets and provides helpful advice for aspiring filmmakers. He also advises on working within budget constraints while still creating quality work.

The course also explores the processes behind how certain visual elements are crafted, such as lighting design and camera movement. The course also covers the director’s craft – how a director must exercise their vision clearly when leading a team of creatives. Viewers will gain insight into how some memorable scenes were conceptualized and executed in films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Academy Award Winner for Best Picture The Departed – winning 4 Academy Awards in 2006 including Best Picture – and Hugo. At the end of each lesson are suggested activities designed to help reinforce what has been taught in the course but also to inspire ideas for implementing what has been learned in current projects.

Course Content

Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass on filmmaking dives deep into the craft and offers some truly invaluable insight. The 20-plus sessions are divided into eight broad, overlapping categories:

  • Filmmaking Fundamentals
  • Writing Characters & Scenes
  • Directing Actors & Audiences
  • Storytelling Through Editing
  • The Power of Music
  • Cinematography & Visual Language
  • Shooting Styles & Techniques
  • Business of Filmmaking

Scorsese touches upon all of these areas with precision and clarity. He breaks down the basics for neophytes—explaining the importance of structure and ritual in the filmmaking process—and gives seasoned veterans new tricks and new angles for consideration in their own work.

Throughout his lectures Scorsese is highly animated and affable; it’s clear he loves sharing his knowledge with an audience. He draws attention to the little things (like establishing shots) that can make a big difference in our craft. And sprinkled throughout the sessions are countless discussions about his own personal experiences in directing classic films like Taxi Driver; Goodfellas; Raging Bull; Silence; The Aviator; The Departed; Hugo; and more recently – The Irishman – allowing us to draw from decades worth of wisdom from one of our greatest filmmakers alive today.

Course Structure

Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass comprises 24 total video lessons, as well as short accompanying essays on various topics related to moviemaking. The lessons are divided into four Units: Introduction, Script to Film, Characters, and Directing Techniques.

  • Unit 1: Introduction – In this module, the viewer is introduced to the basics of directing. Martin Scorsese shares his trajectory in the film industry and gives curated advice on how to build a successful film career.
  • Unit 2: Script To Film – This unit dives deep into the pre-production process of filmmaking. Martin talks about script analysis and offers practical tips for casting actors and working with crew members. He also covers production design and budgeting for a low-budget indy film project.
  • Unit 3: Characters – In this unit, Martin shares his approach to developing characters from screenplay to screen. He takes viewers through his meticulous casting process as well as introducing techniques he has implemented through the years such as rewrites up until production or post-production work such as dubbing dialogue by actors off-screen after they wrapped filming their scenes.
  • Unit 4: Directing Techniques – This last unit focuses on technical aspects that take any movie project closer to completion such as sound design and visual effects or editing techniques tailored towards any director’s vision of their final outcome product.

Pros and Cons

Martin Scorsese is one of the most respected directors in Hollywood, so taking a MasterClass from him is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers of any skill level. In his MasterClass, he discusses filmmaking theory and technique as well as his own career for an in-depth insight into the creative process of making movies. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this class:


  • Highly rated by those who have taken it;
  • Learn filmmaking principles directly from one of the industry’s leading pros;
  • Gain insights into Martin Scorsese’s personal journey as a filmmaker and access to bonus video content, like interviews with Leonardo DiCaprio; and
  • Interactive exercises help you apply what you learned.


  • The videos are over four hours in length, making them difficult to watch in one sitting;
  • Some viewers find it too technically focused rather than about creativity; and
  • It may not meet the expectations of advanced filmmakers looking for more creative advice or inspiration.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass is a wonderful way to learn filmmaking from one of the greats. It is filled with insight and practical directions that anyone can understand and utilize. The lessons seem tailored to both amateur and professional filmmakers seeking to expand their skillset. Scorsese offers personal anecdotes and useful guidelines that cannot be found in textbooks or movies released years ago – this is a true glimpse into the mind of a master director.

Scorsese’s class stands out from others by avoiding the generic ‘how-to’ approach. Instead, he works on establishing an idea for further exploration through experiential interaction, in-depth sessions covering topics ranging from camera angles to narrative structure, and honest discussions about his experiences within the world of film. It’s clear that the caliber of training you will receive from this course surpasses many industry standard certifications with its comprehensive study of both traditional methods along with modern techniques developed by Scorsese himself over the years. All in all, this is an exceptional educational experience designed to help you create above-average films with confidence.


In conclusion, the Martin Scorsese MasterClass offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain unique perspectives on filmmaking and deeply explore the choices that make up great cinema. With interviews, lessons featuring behind-the-scenes footage, and personal insights into everything from editing to directing to dealing with producers, Scorsese provides a comprehensive look inside his world.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an avid fan of cinema, the MasterClass will provide a wealth of knowledge about film craftsmanship that you are unlikely to find in any other course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass?

A: Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass includes 18 video lessons that explore his creative process and approach to filmmaking. The course also includes an in-depth workbook with a detailed breakdown of the topics covered, plus exercises to help you develop your own techniques.

Q: What topics does Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass cover?

A: Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass covers topics such as story structure, cinematography, editing, sound design, and more. It also covers his approach to working with actors and developing a unique visual style.

Q: What is the overall consensus on Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass?

A: The overall consensus on Martin Scorsese’s MasterClass is that it is an invaluable resource for aspiring filmmakers. It provides a comprehensive overview of his filmmaking process and offers an incredible amount of insight into the craft. Many reviews also praise the course for its engaging delivery and clear instruction.

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