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Are you a fan of Dan Brown’s thrillers and have always wanted to write one yourself? If yes, then don’t miss this opportunity to get an exclusive insight into the mind of bestselling author Dan Brown. Read our review of his very own MasterClass to find out how it can help boost your creativity and kick-start your journey into the world of writing!


Welcome to the Dan Brown MasterClass review! In this article, we’ll explore the fundamentals of this popular online course designed for people interested in learning about the art of writing from one of today’s bestselling authors. Whether you’re a novice writer or an experienced one, you will benefit from Dan Brown’s step-by-step approach to becoming a successful author.

The Dan Brown MasterClass covers all aspects of writing, from building compelling characters to crafting effective plots and developing compelling themes. It also includes tips on marketing your work and publishing it successfully. With this online course, you will soon be on your way to becoming a published author or writer.

If you’ve been exploring how to become an expert in the field of writing and have searching for help from successful authors like Dan Brown then look no further; the MasterClass can provide that guidance.

Overview of Dan Brown’s Writing Career

Dan Brown is the author of international bestsellers The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point. His debut novel, Digital Fortress, was published in 1998 and became an immediate success. Since then he has consistently released a new book every few years.

Brown’s writing style relies heavily on suspense and mystery as well as religious and historical themes. He combines science and logic with a vivid imagination that has the reader questioning everything they think they know. With his entertaining approach to story-telling, Brown’s stories have been embraced by readers around the world and have been translated into more than fifty languages.

The commercial success of Dan Brown’s novels has inspired many aspiring authors to pursue their writing dreams, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. In his Dan Brown MasterClass review we will explore what makes Brown’s books so successful as well as how you can use his techniques to create your own captivating stories.

What is Included in the MasterClass

The Dan Brown MasterClass is specifically tailored to those interested in writing and researching thrillers like Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. It includes 12 video lessons spanning over two hours of exclusive footage from Dan’s home and archives, taking you through the entire creative process. He dives into topics such as creating complex characters, drafting a compelling outline, finding sources of inspiration, leveraging research to craft close-ended plots with answerable questions, writing from multiple points of view, crafting tension and suspense while balancing realism with the fantastic and more.

Additionally, it also features an incredible library of templates and resources built by Dan himself over decades of study in addition to personal writings spanning his career. You will find tools like the worksheets he uses to plan his novels plus charts outlining story structures used throughout history by some of our best-loved authors:

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The Dan Brown MasterClass is an online video course that explores the creative process of one of the world’s most successful authors. Through 30 video lectures and interactive activities, Dan Brown takes you through his specific writing process and teaches you how to create genre-breaking stories. This MasterClass offers several unique benefits that make it worth checking out.

  • First, the MasterClass provides invaluable insight into the mind of a bestselling author. By walking through each step of his process, from developing original ideas to revising until perfection, you can learn key elements about dynamic storytelling. Additionally, Dan Brown shares his personal experiences as an author which is extremely helpful for aspiring writers and novelists who are looking for guidance from a successful professional.
  • Second, in this highly interactive course, participants have access to live Q&A sessions with Dan Brown himself as well as other students taking the class. This allows for tailored feedback on individual pieces of work as well as in-depth discussion about important elements of writing and publishing a book.
  • Thirdly, once you complete the course you earn an official certificate issued by MasterClass eligible for sharing on LinkedIn or other professional networks – providing proof of your commitment to developing your skillset and achieving success in how great storytelling works.
  • Lastly, this course includes exclusive access to additional materials such as downloadable PDFs and bonus videos that can help reinforce what was taught throughout the lectures—and provide extra insight into creating meaningful stories that captivate an audience’s attention.

Overall, taking The Dan Brown MasterClass is an incredible experience—one that encourages creativity while also providing practical advice on how to create stories that become bestsellers for years to come!

Course Structure and Content

The Dan Brown MasterClass on storytelling is an online class with 21 lessons that focus on writing techniques. The lessons are broken into four main modules – building a foundation, mastering tools, crafting your story, and polishing your work. Each lesson includes a video lecture taught by Dan Brown and various supplementary materials such as assignments and bonus materials.

The course begins with lectures on the fundamentals of writing, such as creating characters, representing them in dialogue and action, setting up major plot points and inciting incidents. It then moves on to more sophisticated topics such as creating arcs in stories and developing suspense. This course is comprehensive in its scope – it touches on every aspect of the craft of storytelling.

In each lesson, Dan Brown provides inspiring words of wisdom that help writers tap into their own creativity to create stories that will captivate readers. In addition, he offers hands-on demonstrations of his techniques which can be useful for those who learn best by direct example. Finally, he discusses his own storywriting experiences to provide a perspective that comes from an acclaimed author with over 25 years’ worth of writing experience.

Pros and Cons of the MasterClass

Dan Brown is an incredibly successful and renowned author. His suspenseful works have captivated an audience across the globe, and now people have the chance to learn from him directly through Dan Brown’s MasterClass. While the class reviews are overwhelmingly positive, it is important to examine what it offers as well as its drawbacks in order to determine if it would be a worthwhile investment for you.


  • The topics discussed by Dan Brown include outlining novels, creating suspense, dream weaving, storytelling techniques, and writing advice tailored specifically for thriller writers.
  • The 26 videos all range from 15 minutes to 35 minutes in length which allows users to consume the course content at their own pace.
  • The supplemental resources provided – including exercises and PDF downloads – enhance learning opportunities by engaging users further with the material beyond just watching videos.
  • A discount code is available when buying multiple MasterClass courses.


  • At $90 the cost is slightly on the high side compared to other online courses of similar length or content type.
  • It does not contain interviews or guest appearances from any other authors who could provide unique advice on certain topics which may be more suitable for experienced writers as opposed to aspiring ones who are more interested in following Dan Brown’s practices specifically.
  • The course is predominantly video based so there isn’t much text material available which can be beneficial for those who prefer that style of learning.

Final Thoughts

The Dan Brown Masterclass is a great opportunity for aspiring thriller authors to learn from one of the masters. Dan Brown’s teaching style is easy to follow and engaging, and he offers valuable advice on all aspects of writing, from coming up with compelling characters to honing your plotting and refining your language. He emphasizes how important it is to really immerse yourself in the craft so you can create something memorable and unique. Once you’ve taken the class, it will stay with you for years as part of an ongoing education process.

In addition to Brown’s lessons, the Masterclass provides excellent support materials that cover all areas discussed in the course. In-depth examples are given so it’s easy to grasp concepts like:

  • Outlining your story
  • Developing intense suspense

Overall, it was a wonderful experience taking Dan Brown’s Thriller Writing Masterclass. It provides detailed guidance on how suspenseful thrillers should be structured, but also allows some creative license while giving you tools to shape your story by understanding what works best for reader expectations. I highly recommend this class if you’re looking to dip your toes into thrilling storytelling or already consider yourself a fan of this genre!


In conclusion, Dan Brown’s Creative Writing Masterclass provides useful and practical advice to writers of all levels. From honing characters and dialogue to finding an authentic writing voice and overcoming writer’s block, this course will help any writer become the best storyteller they can be.

Dan Brown’s process is well-rounded, making sure the core elements of a good story – plot, characters, setting – all get attention. His years of experience as both a traditionally published and independent novelist give him a unique perspective on the business of writing which will benefit novice writers navigating their way through the literary marketplace. Beyond that, Dan Brown is an entertaining coach with passion for what he does which makes every lesson interesting and fun.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for decades, there are plenty of tips and tricks available in this Creative Writing Masterclass that can improve your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Dan Brown’s MasterClass worth it?

A1: Yes, Dan Brown’s MasterClass provides a comprehensive tutorial on the craft of writing and storytelling. It covers a variety of topics such as plotting, character development, and world building. It also provides insight into Dan Brown’s creative process and gives viewers the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful authors of all time.

Q2: How much does Dan Brown’s MasterClass cost?

A2: Dan Brown’s MasterClass costs $90 for a single class, or $180 for the all-access pass which includes access to all of his classes.

Q3: How long is Dan Brown’s MasterClass?

A3: Dan Brown’s MasterClass is approximately 10 hours long, with each lesson broken down into smaller segments.

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