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If you’re looking for a comprehensive and insightful review of Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass Session, then you’ve come to the right place. This review will provide an overview of the entirety of Marques Brownlee’s class and share my unbiased opinion on the content. Jump in with me and let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind learning experience!

Introduction to Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee (MB) is a leading American YouTuber, reviewer, vlogger and technology enthusiast. He has over 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him one of the most influential tech communicators in the world. He’s known for his analysis and review of products of all kinds ranging from phones and gaming to cars, computers and home appliances.

Marques recently released a MasterClass for aspiring creators to help them hone their communication skills. The course provides access to 29 distinct lessons guided by Marques’s own experience in creating content as one of today’s most successful online creators.

The course focuses on topics ranging from video production basics to storytelling fundamentals and more specific lessons such as how to shoot a multi-camera setup or using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos. Throughout the course, Marques takes viewers through every step of creating engaging content on any platform – YouTube, TikTok or Instagram included. He discusses the principles of design in order to make sure viewers get an aesthetically pleasing experience when watching content by taking into account composition, lighting or color aspects when shooting videos and photos alike. In addition, he goes into details about audio quality and sound design which can make a great difference when creating films or videos.

At the end of every lesson there are some helpful exercises that let viewers put their knowledge into practice during post-production tasks like video editing or crafting trailers for their upcoming projects.

All in all, this training ground provides users with a total course headed by an expert who knows what making engaging content is about; that’s why it is definitely worth considering if you find yourself curious about getting started with creating digital content during this era dominated by online platforms as main source of entertainment and knowledge sharing.

Overview of the MasterClass Session

Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass session offers a comprehensive view of the tech world from an experienced tech guru. He discusses topics ranging from hardware to marketing, apps and more. The overview of his class serves as a great introduction for those new to the technology industry and provides strong insight for experienced tech professionals looking to hone their craft.

Brownlee covers the fundamentals of hardware designs by laying out basic components and exploring how they interact with one another to create a cohesive product. He also dives into computer language basics, explaining terms such as “function” and “class,” while introducing concepts like artificial intelligence and robotics.

In addition, he highlights best practices when it comes to product marketing. Brownlee emphasizes that successful branding requires research into customer profiles and thorough market analysis in order to build effective messaging strategies.

Overall, Brownlee’s MasterClass is jam-packed with essential information that can help professionals learn to effectively interact in the technology industry both now and in the future.

Benefits of the MasterClass Session

Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass Session provides an excellent opportunity for viewers to explore photography and videography from the perspectives of a world-renowned tech youtuber. Through this session, viewers are presented with a unique perspective regarding the creative direction, visual impact, and technical aspects behind both photography and videography.

This in-depth course focuses on both practical skills as well as theoretical insights in order to help viewers better understand their medium of choice and how to utilize it to its fullest potential. Additionally, the course covers topics such as:

  • Composition
  • Framing and angle selection
  • Lighting management
  • Post processing considerations
  • Editing tools fundamentals
  • Color correction

Overall, investing the time into Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass is an excellent way for any level photographer or videographer to build their skillset with personalized guidance from a renowned professional. Participants of this class will benefit from not only gaining new technical aptitude but also a deeper understanding of how creativity ties into each shot taken; further arming digital creators with the tools needed to make powerful visual storytelling pieces come alive within any given digital platform.

Key Takeaways from the Session

Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass session provided us with invaluable tips, tricks and advice on creating content, storytelling and building an audience. Below are some key takeaways from Marques’ session:

  1. Find your niche: Focus on a specific area of interest that you’re passionate about and create content related to it. It’s important to have a laser focus in order to build an engaged audience around your work.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment: You won’t always land on the first idea that comes to mind for a video topic or storyline – so don’t be afraid of experimenting and trying something new!
  3. Establish visual consistency: Developing a distinct visual style for yourself is important in distinguishing yourself from other content creators in the same field as you. This is also how viewers will recognize you even if they don’t recognize your name or channel yet.
  4. Utilize multiple forms of media: It’s not just videos anymore – content comes in all shapes and forms such as written blogs, podcasts, livestreams, etc., so be sure to mix it up with different kinds media!
  5. Tell stories: Connecting different elements together into a narrative arc can help make the overall message more meaningful and engaging for viewers, helping them relate more deeply to what you are saying instead of just listening!
  6. Authenticity is key: People want realness over perfection so staying true who you are is essential for creating effective & resonating content experiences for viewers (both within & outside your niche).

Tips and Strategies from Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, also known as “MKBHD,” is one of the most popular technology influencers in the world. His YouTube channel has amassed millions of followers, and he’s earned a reputation as an innovator and leader in consumer tech. In his MasterClass session, Brownlee gives viewers access to his tried-and-true strategies for creating content that resonates with an audience.

Brownlee emphasizes the power of storytelling to engage and captivate an audience. He suggests developing stories around products or ideas that will leave a lasting impression on viewers and make them want to come back for more. He also explains how to use facts, data, and research when creating content – rather than simply delivering marketing messages – in order to provide unique insights into the topics covered. In addition, Brownlee advises on how to use social media effectively, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for maximizing online visibility, and other digital marketing strategies that can take an audience from initial engagement to becoming loyal brand ambassadors.

Finally, Brownlee shares specific ways that creators can make sure their work stands out from the crowd by amplifying different aspects of whatever product or service they are promoting into something memorable through consistency, creativity and innovation. Ultimately, he encourages filmmakers to find their own tactic that sets them apart from the competition – something he calls “beefing up” the experience for viewers – in order to provide more holistic entertainment experiences through video content creation.

Summary of the Session

Marques Brownlee’s MasterClass session provides valuable insight into both the business and creative aspects of creating successful digital content. This two-hour class provides an in-depth look at how to expand one’s brand, use data to make business decisions, capture captivating footage, find success in marketing and promotion, grow one’s social media presence and more.

The session is broken down into several segments that start from the foundation of what it takes to develop a successful brand. Marques covers topics such as how to establish an authentic connection with your audience, making actionable decisions based on data analysis and research and emphasizing production value for each piece of content created.

By acknowledging the importance of understanding current trends in order to stay ahead of the competition, Marques also explains strategies for fine tuning editing techniques as well as conducting productive conversations with collaborators before filming begins. Going through the often intimidating process of setting up promotions is also broken down step by step so that users have a clear idea of how to establish relationships with brands based on higher quality interactions rather than pure “influencer marketing.”

This course ultimately aims to empower its audience by demonstrating the amount of dedication required to build a consistently supported online platform combined with a community driven approach when deciding on topics that are covered. By looking beyond viral moments and close-ended projects, Marques encourages viewers from all walks of life who want develop a content explore their passions while maintaining consistency throughout their endeavors.

Impact of the Session

The Marques Brownlee Masterclass session was incredibly impactful in terms of what future content creators and media professionals can learn. Brownlee emphasizes the importance of being truthful and honest in the work that we produce, both to ensure great quality as well as to maintain one’s own personal integrity. He goes into detail about how he has been able to remain so successful and continuously relevant within the ever-changing media industry over the years, by staying true to himself and his message, utilizing various techniques for engaging with his audience and making short films that are interesting and visually appealing.

Brownlee also covers topics such as personal branding – from setting goals for yourself to identifying an audience base – as well as creative experimentation with new ideas and techniques for staying relevant. Additionally, he provides useful advice on how content creators should conduct themselves in interviews; this includes practicing beforehand and asking meaningful questions that show genuine interest into a story or topic. Finally, he emphasizes the need of displaying respect to those you are working with, both on camera and behind-the-scenes – something which is essential at all times within media production.


Overall, the Marques Brownlee session was an incredible experience that provided insights into a variety of topics related to video production and commentary. Additionally, Brownlee’s expertise in the field allowed this session to exceed my expectations. The emphasis on the creative process behind making tech videos was eye-opening, and his use of industry examples helped create clear images. Finally, his tips and tricks will surely prove helpful in my own process as I move forward with pursuing a career in video production and content creation.

Therefore, I highly recommend this MasterClass session to anyone looking to improve their video production skillset!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Marques Brownlee MasterClass?

A1: Marques Brownlee MasterClass is a comprehensive online course that provides students with an in-depth look at the world of technology and digital media. The course is taught by Marques Brownlee, one of the most influential technology and digital media personalities, and covers topics like video production, product reviews, digital media marketing, and more.

Q2: What topics are covered in the Marques Brownlee MasterClass?

A2: The Marques Brownlee MasterClass covers topics like video production, product reviews, digital media marketing, and more.

Q3: What are the benefits of taking the Marques Brownlee MasterClass?

A3: The Marques Brownlee MasterClass provides students with an in-depth look at the world of technology and digital media, and provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. Additionally, the course provides students with access to Marques Brownlee’s personal network of industry contacts, giving them access to industry professionals, resources, and more.

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