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If you’ve ever wanted to learn from the culinary genius himself, Wolfgang Puck, then here’s your chance! Join me as I review the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass and find out if it’s worth adding this world-renowned chef’s expertise to your kitchen repertoire.


Welcome to Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass review! Wolfgang Puck is globally recognized as one of the leading chefs and restaurateurs in America, with a legacy that has earned him a valid spot among the culinary icons. He’s credited with reshaping how Americans perceive fine dining by effectively blending comfort food with signature classic French cuisine.

In his MasterClass, Puck breaks down his world-famous recipes and techniques, allowing anyone from amateur cooks to professional chefs to take control of their kitchen and make delicious meals using fresh ingredients.

We’ll be exploring what this class has to offer, who it’s suited for, talk about the instructor himself, and provide our overall thoughts on the class. So without further ado, let’s get into our review of Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass!

Overview of Wolfgang Puck’s Career

Wolfgang Puck is an accomplished celebrity chef who has been described as “the true symbol of modern gourmet cuisine” by the Los Angeles Times. The Austrian-born chef has risen to fame for his flagship restaurants, CUT and Spago, which have earned him numerous accolades including 5 James Beard Awards and an Emmy nomination.

Wolfgang Puck’s illustrious career started at La Tour in Indianapolis before branching out to Europe to hone his craft at L’Oustau de Baumanière in the South of France. Afterward, he moved to Los Angeles where he opened Ma Maison and became head chef at Chinois on Main – which cemented his avant-garde concept of California Fusion Cuisine. He has gone on to open restaurants in Montreal, Tokyo, Las Vegas and beyond.

Even though most renowned as a restaurateur, Chef Wolfgang Puck can also be traced back to television appearances, cookbook collaborations and beloved kitchen tools such as the all-in-one WolfGangPuck Pressure Oven. With a passion for imparting knowledge to home chefs everywhere, Wolfgang Puck takes center stage with MasterClass in this culinary experience.

What is the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass?

The Wolfgang Puck MasterClass is an online cooking school created in partnership with the world-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck. Through video lessons and exercises, students can learn how to master recipes from some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. The MasterClass offers lessons on a variety of topics, including essential cooking techniques, advanced flavors profiles, and innovative ideas for entertaining. Wolfgang Puck himself has curated his two favorite courses –- Fresh Italian Classics and Global Street Food -– that are focused on international flavors and modern technique.

In addition to video lectures from Wolfgang Puck himself, there are a number of other experts featured in the course who provide tips on:

  • baking science
  • making doughs
  • plating like a professional chef
  • understanding flavor profiles
  • mastering pantry ingredients

The 24-lesson course consists of topics like pizza fundamentals (including making your own dough); creative sauces; speciality dishes; tasting techniques; and even basic knife skills. There are also over 50 downloadable recipe cards so you can follow along with each lesson as you cook it yourself in your kitchen at home. As an added bonus, all students who enroll in the MasterClass will receive access to the exclusive “Wolfgang’s Table” online community where they can interact with fellow chefs from around the globe.

Course Content

Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass course is broken down into five key areas: Fundamentals, Knife Skills, Sauces and Soups, Grilling and Poaching, and Finale. Each area covers different techniques to demonstrate how Wolfgang creates his signature dishes.

For example, in the Fundamentals section of the class you will learn how Wolfgang combines flavors to create a balanced dish and how he works with different ingredients that bring out unique flavors. You will also be taught about flavor profiles and why contrasting textures are so important.

In the Knife Skills section of the course you will learn hands-on practice with proper knife handling techniques as well as different ways to cut vegetables and other items that you will encounter in everyday life or while dining out. This section also covers kitchen safety and proper knife care.

The Sauces and Soups portion of the class dives into making sauces from scratch like béchamel sauce, hollandaise sauce, tomato sauce, pesto as well as poaching eggs for hollandaise eggs benedict or savory ravioli filling recipes.

The Grilling part of the class shows Wolfgang’s knowledge on creating fantastic grilled meals including easy restaurant-style seafood kebabs made right at home with your own BBQ grill or stove-top griddle. He’ll also cover sous vide meats that provide a great starting point for developing skills to produce juicy steakhouse grade steaks right in your own kitchen!

The Finale area of the MasterClass focuses on creating complex tasting dishes with multiple components – including desserts! You don’t have to be a pastry chef to make an impressive looking dessert; Wolfgang gives you great tips on creating show-stopping tiramisu creations or layered mousse cakes without all the headaches normally associated with complicated recipes like these. With all these lessons complete you’re now ready for your own In-Home Restaurant experience!

Pros and Cons

Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass is a comprehensive online cooking course that provides users with the chance to learn from one of the most renowned chefs in the world. With more than two decades of experience in the restaurant and catering industry, Wolfgang Puck has developed an invaluable set of skills covering a broad range of culinary tastes and techniques, which makes him the perfect teacher for aspiring cooks. Here, we look at some of the pros and cons associated with completing his MasterClass course.


  • Expert instruction – The key benefit to any MasterClass course is that it provides an unprecedented level of insight into an expert’s craft. Wolfgang Puck leads viewers through his culinary education in detail, discussing subtopics such as knife handling and seasoning, among many others.
  • Wide range of recipes – Not only does this program provide you with expert instruction but it also teaches you how to make a wide range of dishes. With more than 200 recipes included in Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass, you will be able to try your hand at just about every type of cuisine imaginable.
  • Opportunity to ask questions – A great feature of this MasterClass course is that it gives users the opportunity to ask Wolfgang questions directly about any aspect of his teaching or culinary questions in general. This feature makes learning from this class even more enjoyable and effective as you get real feedback from a world-renowned chef on issues related to your cooking journey!


  • Accessible only online – One limitation with this programme is that it’s only available online – so if you don’t have access to a stable internet connection then you might struggle with following along as there won’t be anyone nearby who can help demonstrate techniques or answer questions if needed.
  • Time consuming – Completing this programme requires you to devote large amounts of time, particularly if you are aiming for maximum results. On average it takes up 8 weeks just to complete one lesson! You might need even longer if additional practice or research is necessary partaking additional parts such as virtual experiences or projects related classes added bonuses but they take up additional time too and thus may not always be feasible for everyone participating in the course.

Student Reviews

If you’re looking for an in-depth cooking course from one of the world’s most renowned chefs, then Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass may be the perfect option. With over 20 classes, this online curriculum is designed to help anyone learn how to cook. The lessons are structured around topics like knife skills, sauces, and homemade pastas, and focus on using simple tools and techniques to create complex dishes. Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on cooking sessions with Wolfgang himself, students learn valuable culinary techniques that can be used in their own kitchens.

One of the best things about MasterClass is that it’s tailored to individual skill levels. From beginners who want to get a feel for home cooking to professionals looking for some tips from a master chef, everyone will benefit from taking this course. Additionally, each class includes assignments that give students an opportunity to practice what they learned before moving on to the next topic.

Many students have reviewed MasterClass with rave reviews about its comprehensive coverage of topics such as sauces, fish and seafood preparations, pastries and desserts—all presented by one of Hollywood’s top chefs. Every lecture comes with additional resources that provide more opportunities for learning as well as Q&A sessions so learners have a space to get individualized information from Wolfgang himself. It makes mastering culinary skills quick and rewarding!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass is an illuminating experience that promises to inform and entertain ardent foodies and budding chefs. Throughout the class, Wolfgang dispenses essential tips and strategies while effortlessly demonstrating his decades-long mastery of technique.

For anyone who appreciates cooking as an art form, there’s no better way to learn than to get personal instruction from a world-renowned master chef, making this course both a valuable and enjoyable way to refine one’s culinary skills.


Overall, Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to learn the tricks of the trade from a master in the culinary world. Wolfgang Puck’s wealth of experience and expertise in the kitchen has been distilled down into an easily digestible series of lessons, making it accessible to anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

The videos provide quick, helpful tips that are useful for any skill level while also providing detailed instruction on various techniques and recipes. For a small cost, this allows aspiring chefs to have their own personal cooking mentor that they can access at anytime.

All in all, whether you are a beginner or an experienced chef looking to brush up on your technique, Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass is well worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What topics are covered in the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass?

A. Wolfgang Puck’s MasterClass covers all aspects of cooking, from essential skills, to developing your own recipes, to preparing restaurant-quality dishes. He also shares tips on plating and presentation, as well as insights on running a successful restaurant.

Q. How long is the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass?

A. The Wolfgang Puck MasterClass consists of 20 video lessons, ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. The total runtime of all lessons is 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Q. Is the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass worth it?

A. Yes, the Wolfgang Puck MasterClass is definitely worth it. It provides an in-depth look into the world of cooking, from essential skills to restaurant-quality dishes. Plus, you get access to all the lessons for a one-time fee, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit lessons whenever you need a refresher.

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