Timbaland MasterClass Review: How Good Is It?


The Timbaland MasterClass is one of the most popular online music production courses available today. In this review, we’ll look at what this course has to offer, who it’s designed for, and how helpful it can be for aspiring music producers. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of the Timbaland MasterClass so that you can make an informed decision before enrolling in the course.

Overview of Timbaland MasterClass

Timbaland MasterClass is an online class offering awesome insights and instruction on creating music, producing, mixing and mastering. It’s taught by Grammy Award-winning music producer, artist and songwriter Timbaland. Timbaland provides students with access to his personal studio equipment and creative process.

The masterclass offers more than 20 lessons as well as several downloadable audio projects from the instructor. It also includes a practice timer app that measures how much time you are spending working on production and mixing tasks specific to each lesson. The course also has interactive forums where students can ask questions and engage in discussion with the instructor.

Students have access to additional resources such as recommended hardware/software, studio safety tips, recommended readings, inspiring music videos to watch, industry contacts and templates for creating contracts with artists or labels.

At completion of the course, successful students will receive a certificate signed by Timbaland himself. This is not only proof you completed the course – it can also serve as evidence of your newfound knowledge in your professional portfolio!


Timbaland’s MasterClass on music production and beat making is packed with content from start to finish. It covers all the basics of music production and beat making, including advanced techniques. He shares his creative production processes and provides in-depth analysis of his own music. He also walks through his sampling and remixing processes.

This review will discuss the content of Timbaland’s MasterClass and how it can help aspiring producers:

What topics are covered in the course?

The Timbaland MasterClass consists of twenty-three different lessons that cover the full spectrum of music composition, production and recording. Topics range from beats and basslines to vocal production and making radio-ready songs. Each lesson comes with an accompanying assignment so students can practice what they’ve learned. All of the material was created by Timbaland and is supplemented with contributions from industry heavyweights like DJ Mustard, Mr Hudson, LaShawn Daniels, S1 and more.

Timbaland starts off the course by discussing his creative process, vocals, piano/keyboard techniques, drum programming techniques and beat making. He covers music theory basics such as rhythm fundamentals and looping – from creating classic Timbo textures to experimenting with modern sounds like trap drums and sub basses – as well as sound design using EQs & synths for maximum eccentricity!

He also covers topics such as:

  • Warm-up exercises for djing & producing (including cue point basics),
  • Using outboard gear for producing leaner mixes & better-sounding projects;
  • Acoustic treatment for improving your studio space;
  • Basic vocal production concepts (including tips on recording dry vocals/ VST vocal doubled runs/ tuning vocals & ad libs);
  • Advanced sessions control workflows adapted to different musical styles like Hip Hop/ R&B & Dance;
  • Signal flow optimization/ creative panning /guitar sounds manipulation automation programming;
  • Understanding the record industry such as studio contracts knowledge and artist rights management.

What type of content is included?

The Timbaland MasterClass offers over two hours of exclusive video lessons from the music producer extraordinaire. From developing new beats to utilizing vocal effects, the artist will provide his expertise on several topics. He’ll not only discuss the technical talents needed to create high-level music but also the inspiration and motivation necessary to produce high-end art. You’ll be able to learn from Timbaland’s experience in the music industry, gain confidence in your own abilities, and understand where and how to take steps forward while working behind the boards.

Throughout 15 in-depth lessons, you’ll sample a variety of topics that range from:

  • Predicting trends to creating samples;
  • Reinventing yourself as an artist to discovering sounds;
  • Creating melodic progressions and using vocal effects;
  • Mixing your sound for maximum clarity;
  • Understanding publishing rights;
  • Working with other producers, singers and songwriters;
  • Building a team in today’s digital landscape;
  • Making full records on minimal home studio setups and more.

For each lesson, participants are provided a downloadable workbook filled resources such as musical examples, cheat sheets, checklists, producer contracts and more. Additionally, Mark Bryant hosts monthly Q&A sessions where participants can receive advice from Timbaland himself or share their own success stories with peers within this community so you can stay motivated and continuously grow as an artist.

What is the level of detail?

Timbaland’s MasterClass provides a deep level of detail for viewers to learn from. Every topic covered within the course is covered in a thorough way. The instructor takes his time to explain a variety of topics, using visual aid and clear examples so that anyone regardless of background or experience can understand.

The instructor often takes extra time to address more difficult concepts, providing additional examples and outlining different techniques that can be used to obtain the same results. Some topics discussed in the class include:

  • Musical theory
  • Instrument production
  • Songwriting
  • Different genres of music
  • The business side of the music industry

Visual demonstrations are also provided which help give viewers a better idea as to how certain tools are used within the different genres covered in the course.

Overall, Timbaland’s MasterClass delivers an impressive level of detail that allows an array of learners – from beginners who have never touched an instrument before to seasoned professionals – to benefit from what he has to offer. This allows students to take away things that they can use immediately as well as long-term benefits as they progress with their music career.


Timbaland’s MasterClass course is organized into nine parts, each of which includes several lessons and puts an emphasis on the best practices used in different styles of music production and recording. Students will get an inside look at the studio process, get tips on recording, mixing, and mastering, as well as learn from Timbaland’s own experience. The structure of the course is designed to help students progress from start to finish in a logical and cumulative way.

Let’s take a look at the structure of the course in more detail:

How is the course structured?

The Timbaland MasterClass is divided into eight core parts. These eight parts are designed to be completed in a certain order and to gradually develop your musical production skills over the course of the program. Each part is further broken down into multiple lessons with instructions on what you need to learn and activities for you to complete.

Part One introduces you to the program and its structure, ensuring that you have a smooth start throughout the course. In this part, Timbaland walks you through basic music principles, song structures, production basics, and sample-clearing dos and don’ts.

Part Two covers modern audio workflows, studio setup tips and tricks, MIDI production techniques, introduction to advanced synthesizers (such as Massive X), sound design concepts, mix tools and dynamics basics. You will also create your first beat by combining different samples with original recorded sounds under Timbaland’s guidance.

Part Three focuses on creating remixes from scratch as well as techniques for altering pre-recorded music in new ways while still maintaining its original format. This includes working with analog gear such as drum machines and mastering them into a cohesive track with effects processing techniques along with tips on creating catchy hooks or memorable bridges that make for an impactful song overall.

Part Four explores the importance of good rhythm in today’s popular genres such as hip hop and dance music through advanced rhythm theory exercises geared towards both experienced producers as well as novice beatmakers looking to take their skills up a notch by fine-tuning their compositions further.

Part Five dives deeper into arrangements involving live instruments like drums, keyboards & strings that can easily be incorporated over any record for increased difficulty level when mixing tracks together seamlessly with proper mixing/equalizing techniques that come along with it including noise reduction processing methods explained clearly & clearly expand your sonic palettes exponentially when crafting complete songs from top to bottom outside limits constrained standard digital audio workstations (DAWS).

The remaining three parts cover vocal performances & Auto-Tune technology; expansion packs & virtual instrument usage; industry standard “formats” of releasing music (vinyls/cassettes/CDs) along with strategies for effective promotion; finally capping things off at the end progressing all aspects discussed thoroughly within workshop setting allowing students open possible benefit becoming fullfledged artists themselves regards they deem fit directionally fitting individual roads they aspire venture sooner or later assuredly inevitable available certain courses completely taught class wistfully often reverentially accordingly attained by utmost dedication.

How long does the course take to complete?

The Timbaland MasterClass consists of 42 video lessons from the renowned music producer, artist and record executive. In just shy of 18 hours, this step-by-step course will walk you through everything from producing to songwriting to advice about the industry.

Each video lesson is designed for maximum understanding and is composed of both short lectures and long demonstrations. You’ll talk with authors and producers as well as learn a variety of skill sets like working with MIDI, layering sounds, automation and more. From start to finish, the course takes on average around four weeks to complete depending on your learning speed.

Furthermore, after completing each lesson you can take multiple quizzes which helps review what you have learned in an interactive way. Along with this, a progress tracker will ensure that you are able to keep track of where you are in the course at all times so that no time is wasted or forgotten after leaving it for a few days or more.

The bottom line is that Timbaland’s MasterClass offers students a comprehensive yet relatively quick overview of how to become a great music producer or songwriter – no matter their starting point or end goal.


The Timbaland MasterClass is an online course by the legendary hip hop producer and artist, Timbaland. It’s designed to teach music production, mixing and mastering, and creativity tips to aspiring music makers. The MasterClass can be an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their production skills, as it provides access to Timbaland’s extensive experience and know-how.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits that come with taking the Timbaland MasterClass:

What are the main benefits of taking the course?

When you sign up for Timbaland’s MasterClass, you will gain access to 11 comprehensive video lessons and projects. These lessons are broken down into different sections that are tailored to your growth as an electronic music producer.

The main benefits of taking the Timbaland MasterClass include:

  • A comprehensive look at the fundamentals of electronic music production: Timbaland covers everything from understanding basic sound, rhythm, and frequencies to capturing everyone’s attention while mixing.
  • Learning a variety of different production techniques: From creating controlled effects and improving existing material, to ambient textures and modern synthesizer sounds – there is something for everybody in this course.
  • Accessible instruction at every level: Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, Timbaland lets you integrate his tips and knowledge into your process with his simple and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • The ability to build on your craft beyond the lessons: Not only can you refine your skills with the exercises provided but there is also the opportunity for post-course growth through review calls hosted by experts. You can share progress and new ideas with them in real time from home.

What type of feedback do students receive?

One of the strongest benefits that students receive when they enroll in Timbaland’s MasterClass is feedback from the instructor himself. Feedback from a master of both producing and songwriting serves to ignite students’ passions for music production and helps them stay motivated on their journey.

Students also gain access to high-level industry professionals through Timbaland’s extensive network. From there, Timbaland is able to provide detailed feedback on projects and work that they submit during their course of study, which can further unlock an individual’s creativity.

Further, students’ progress will be monitored by their own Advanced Learning Specialist, who will evaluate their project portfolio in each phase of the class progression. The Advanced Learning Specialist will provide customized feedback on progress towards meeting or exceeding goals set at the start of each chapter. That way, aspiring producers can remain confident in honing their craft with personalized guidance along the way.


The cost of Timbaland’s MasterClass is something to consider when deciding if this course is right for you. Timbaland’s MasterClass is a 12-week course that is broken up into two-hour modules. The cost for the entire course is $90. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out and see if it’s worth it for you. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the course:

How much does the course cost?

Timbaland’s MasterClass course costs $90. This cost includes access to all thirty lessons as well as over 70 exclusive videos featuring Timbaland talking about his approach to music production and working with artists in the studio. It also includes a lifetime unlimited access to the course in addition to a 0% payment plan option if you would prefer this method of payment.

In addition to this, paying members are eligible for exclusive discounts and privileges at upcoming shows and events involving Timbaland and his team.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, all MasterClass monthly and annual subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your subscription within the first 30 days of signup, simply contact their support team to receive a full refund. The refund will be issued in the same form of payment used to purchase the class.

It’s important to note that this 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to one coupon redemption per user and does not cover any additional purchases beyond that or any renewal fees for existing memberships. Additionally, vouchers or credits received through promotional programs are also excluded from the guarantee’s coverage. However, you can always transfer a gift membership within 14 days of receiving it.


Taking the Timbaland MasterClass has been a great experience. The course is well-structured and covers a wide range of topics in music production. The tips and tricks that Timbaland offers are incredibly helpful to producers who are just starting out. The community discussion board is also a great way for users to keep up with what others are creating.

All in all, the Timbaland MasterClass is a great course for anyone serious about honeing their music production skills.

Final thoughts on the Timbaland MasterClass

The Timbaland MasterClass is an excellent resource for any aspiring music producer looking to hone their skills. Timbaland’s detailed lectures, creative projects, and custom sound library are all valuable components of a well-rounded education in music production. Furthermore, the thoroughness of the course can help one become a confident, successful producer with the knowledge and experience necessary to make it in the industry.

Having said that, with any educational resource there are limits to its applications. As far as this course is concerned, certain advanced concepts may not be covered as thoroughly or be relevant due to the artist’s style and preferences, and many topics will not necessarily apply to everyone’s individual needs or interests. Furthermore, occasionally a student may find themselves confused or overwhelmed due to lack of knowledge transfer or technical issues within the course material itself.

Overall however, Timbaland’s expertise and experience makes him an ideal teacher for anyone: amateurs and professionals alike. The structured format of his lessons allow him to provide insight into his workflow in an organized and understandable way. By completing such a comprehensive learning program students will gain confidence in their ability to craft dynamic projects that stand out from other producers within their field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What topics are covered in the Timbaland MasterClass?

A1: The Timbaland MasterClass covers a variety of topics related to music production, including vocal production, beat making, sampling techniques, songwriting, and music theory.

Q2: How long is the Timbaland MasterClass?

A2: The Timbaland MasterClass is four hours long and includes 25 individual lessons.

Q3: Is the Timbaland MasterClass worth the money?

A3: Absolutely! The Timbaland MasterClass provides an in-depth look into the production techniques of a music industry veteran. With hours of content, you’ll learn how to produce tracks like a pro.

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