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Is your curiosity piqued to find out if Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is worth taking? Let’s dive into what the course offers – from insight into the Beatles to tips on creativity and drumming. You’ll get the inside scoop to decide if his class is right for you:


Ringo Starr is best known for being the drummer for the legendary rock band The Beatles, but he has spent the last several decades not only making music with various acts and producing films, but also teaching others how to be great musicians.

His MasterClass course, entitled “Making Music with Ringo Starr”, offers a comprehensive look at what it takes to become a successful musician in today’s world. Through on-demand video lessons and interactive activities, fans get an inside glimpse into Ringo’s creative process, his thoughts on music theory and studio production techniques.

In this review of Ringo Starr’s MasterClass course we will discuss what exactly students can expect to learn from his lessons.

Overview of the MasterClass

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an engaging, informative and entertaining course designed to give you an in-depth exploration of the legendary musician’s approach to creativity and the craft of drumming.

The course features 27 video lessons, each of which is approximately twenty minutes in length. Across the lessons, Ringo takes you through his decades-long career journey as a drummer, sharing unique insights and techniques as he shares personal stories from his life on stage. You’ll get an up close look at his creative process for recording tracks, honing technique and learning new skills.

To round out your experience, Ringo provides behind-the-scenes access to world-class drummers from various eras and genres who have attended his Masterclasses over the years. This peer interplay gives additional context for furthering your drumming growth with tried and true advice from some of the most respected names in music history.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an excellent offering for aspiring drummers and music fans. It provides a comprehensive overview of Ringo’s approach to drumming, along with engaging and insightful discussions about his career and process. With over 80 lessons, performances, interviews, stories and appearances from other great musicians, the course covers the full spectrum of topics related to the art of drumming in one convenient package.

The intensive 8+ hour journey into Ringo’s world starts with his early life and rise to fame as part of The Beatles. He then dives into some of the techniques he uses to play drums including basics like keeping up a beat as well as more advanced advice on incorporating fills and switching up time signatures. Along with theory-based instruction, he also features plenty of practical demonstrations both in studio settings and live shows that help bring the material to life.

In addition to honing your skills in recording techniques for drums and composition for drums within a band setting, you’ll benefit from his collaborative discussion on creative mindsets during songwriting sessions from work with other Beatles members such as Paul McCartney or John Lennon. Overall this course provides a supportive learning environment that is suitable for musicians at any level from beginner just starting out or professional looking for any kind of insight on modern drumming techniques. It includes over 25 hours of video content plus an interactive Q&A so that you’re able to get feedback directly from Ringo himself throughout the course or at special webinars hosted exclusively for enrolled students.

Ultimately Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an effective way to deepen your knowledge on modern day drumming while gaining greater insight into the history behind some of rock music’s most iconic figures.

How the Course is Structured

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass on songwriting and music production provides a comprehensive overview of the creative process, from writing a song to recording it. In the course, Ringo breaks down the eight steps of songwriting: exploring ideas, finding melodic material and rhythm, crafting your structure and telling a story lyrically. He also shares his tips for creating an arrangement you love, putting together drums and guitars in sections and constructing keyboards in tracks.

Focusing on practical techniques rather than theoretical concepts, Ringo teaches users how to find their own sound – demonstrating with examples from some of his most memorable hits. Through individual video lessons in many chapters (such as learning how to write a chorus or play music from inside your head) he shows students how to work with their instruments and recording equipment to create great music without getting overwhelmed by technology.

At the end of the course you’ll have access to several unique songs that you produced yourself using Ringo’s methods. There are also interactive assignments throughout the course so you can track your progress and review what you’ve learned before moving on to the next lesson.

What You Will Learn

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an online course with fifteen lessons. In this course, Ringo shares his unique perspective on songwriting, lyrics, and the creative process. By the end of the class, you will have the tools to write for your own projects and inspiration to carry on – just like Ringo does.

In lesson one titled “All You Need is Love”, Ringo discusses three of his preferred Beatles songs – Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine and Come Together – demonstrating how to develop a song from idea to performance using a combination of grooves and licks. He emphasizes practice being creative by trying different combinations of basic scales changes and chord patterns in order to find what works best for you – a concept which applies to all music genres.

Lesson two is titled “Making Music at Home”, where Ringo walks through setting up and organizing your home studio so that all the necessary recording equipment is available when it’s time to put ideas into action. This includes advice on vocal mics, preamps, delay effects processors and other pieces of recording equipment that are used in modern music production. He also teaches us how he uses these various components in combination with other techniques such as looping and sampling for creating unique sounds that are unique to your individual style as an artist or producer.

The rest of Ringo’s lessons focus on honing specific skills such as:

  • Rhythm playing techniques (Lesson 3)
  • Improvising ideas (Lesson 4)
  • Understanding tonality (Lesson 7)
  • Working with loops and samples (Lesson 8)
  • Vocal harmonies (Lesson 10)
  • Writing catchy hooks (Lesson 11)
  • Using overdubs appropriately (Lesson 12)
  • Mixing strategies (Lessons 13-15).

With each topic, Ringo drills down into applicable details before explaining setups that show how they can be used in real-world situations when creating music.

Pros and Cons of the Course

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is a guitar course designed for both beginner and experienced musicians. It provides an in-depth look at the tools, techniques, and methods Ringo uses to make some of his greatest hits. Viewers are provided with an inside look at the creative process and how to apply the techniques taught in the course.


  • Learn from one of the world’s greatest rock icons: Ringo Starr is one of the legendary rock musicians who’ve influenced generations of musicians. His experience and skill set make him a great choice to teach music theory and guitar playing basics.
  • Covers all playing styles: The course offers plenty of tips and tricks as well as instruction for the various playing styles that Starr has adopted throughout his career such as blues, jazz, classic rock, funk, soul and more.
  • Plenty of video lessons: Not only does this course include informative video lectures from Ringo but also provides viewers with quick on-the-go lessons that viewers can do wherever they have their instrument!
  • Lifetime access: By purchasing this course you get unlimited access which means you can go over each lesson whenever you need extra practice or help understanding material.


  • Lack of multimedia content: Even though this masterclass includes a good amount of video content other forms such as audio or text tutorials might be absent which could cause lack of detail when it comes to certain topics or explanations provided by Riley himself.
  • Unorganized structure: This could be seen by some viewers but depending on experience level it might not be a big downside since its mostly aimed at intermediate players who would be able to easily understand without much help or guidance from outside sources after completing some parts in this program.

Final Thoughts

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is a worthwhile investment for any aspiring musician. Not only does it provide invaluable insight into the career and experiences of one of the most iconic drummers of all time, but it also offers a wealth of knowledge that can help musicians accelerate their own careers.

The courses are surprisingly thorough and engaging, not simply a narrative presentation from Ringo, but rather an effective blend of interviews with other musicians, presentations from Ringo himself, performances by top talent and clips from classic films. For the serious fan or musician who wants an insider’s perspective on one of the Beatles’ most celebrated members, Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is well worth checking out.

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass will also be invaluable to music teachers interested in providing their students with an in-depth look at how to approach playing music as well as gaining additional inspiration and motivation from such a successful mentor like Ringo Starr. Additionally, anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to play drums can benefit from the instruction provided in this course.

Overall, Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an interesting and worthwhile course for serious drummers or fans alike. It provides great advice on technique and inspiration that comes straight from the source – Ringo himself! Highly recommended for those looking to take their career to the next level or simply enjoy learning more about the history and accomplishments of one of rock music’s legendary figures.


Overall, Ringo Starr’s MasterClass on songwriting was a great experience for music fans of all levels. While some of the lessons were slightly more advanced than others, the comprehensive nature of his course was extremely helpful in teaching and inspiring students of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to learning techniques and tips from the legendary musician himself, Ringo provided invaluable advice on improving players’ skills and expressing their creativity as they continue to fine-tune their musical talents.

Whether you’re just getting started with songwriting or have been composing tunes for years already, Ringo Starr’s MasterClass will surely give you a new appreciation for music and guitar playing that will last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Ringo Starr’s MasterClass?

A1: Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is an online course that provides an in-depth look at the legendary musician’s process of songwriting and drumming. The course includes video lessons, interviews, and exercises that give aspiring and experienced musicians the chance to learn from the Beatle himself.

Q2: What can I learn from Ringo Starr’s MasterClass?

A2: Ringo Starr’s MasterClass provides a comprehensive look at his songwriting and drumming techniques, as well as an overview of his approach to the creative process. Students will learn how to develop their own unique style, gain insight into the recording process, and explore various ways to create and collaborate on music.

Q3: Is Ringo Starr’s MasterClass worth it?

A3: Ringo Starr’s MasterClass is a great way to learn from one of the greatest musicians of all time. The course provides an in-depth look at his creative process and offers students the opportunity to hone their skills and expand their knowledge. The course is definitely worth it for aspiring and experienced musicians alike.

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