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Are you an aspiring artist looking to master the art of rap and make a name for yourself in the music industry? Look no further than Nas’ MasterClass. In this review, we’ll explore why Nas’ rap tutorials are an essential part of any hip-hop fan’s toolkit. So get ready to sharpen your skills and become the best rapper you can be!


Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, famously known as Nas, is a world-renowned American rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur. He has released a masterclass series with the goal of helping people to produce high quality music and create powerful connections that will make their music meaningful. In this review, we will discuss the content of Nas’ MasterClass and how it can assist aspiring musician in reaching the next level.

The class is divided into several sections, focusing on different aspects of creating successful music. In each section, Nas provides video lectures that are accompanied by demonstration recordings and exercises to help students practice their own techniques. NAS also provides homework assignments as well as an online community platform where students can collaborate with other students and network with professionals in the music industry.

Furthermore, several special guests join NAS throughout his lessons to provide additional perspectives on how to become a successful artist. This collaborative effort means that potential music producers can obtain insight from multiple industry experts all within one course. All in all, Nas’ MasterClass is an essential resource for any aspiring producer looking to take their musical career to the next level.

Overview of the Course

“Nas MasterClass: A Definitive Guide to Nas’ Production & Song Writing Techniques” is an online course designed to help aspiring producers, beatmakers and songwriters hone their skills and create music just like the legendary hip-hop artist Nas. Hosted by Music Producer and Engineer, Jairus Mozee, this program covers the challenges of making beats for a living as well as essential strategies for becoming an effective songwriter. It also provides clear step-by-step explanations on how to use Pro Tools or Logic Pro X successfully.

This class includes 20+ hours of teaching material across nine general areas:

  • Fundamentals of Music Production
  • Achieving Top-Notch Mixes
  • The Art of Songwriting
  • Beats & Keyboard Lessons
  • Advanced Arrangements & Synthesizers
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • Demos of Conceptual Tracks

The course also provides detailed reviews and feedback from industry pros such as !llmind (producer behind hit records like Drake’s “Energy”), J Cole (music producer behind albums such as “Same Game”) and Swizz Beatz (producer for mega hits like “On To The Next One”). Each lesson is broken down into easily understandable sections to make the learning process enjoyable.

Course Content and Structure

The Nas MasterClass is a comprehensive course that covers a range of topics related to hip-hop production and recording. The approximately 24-hour course includes 11 video modules and 28 lectures that dive into topics like sampling, drum programming, vocal processing, and mixing. Each lecture is hosted by award-winning producer and studio engineer Nas.

The first four modules focus on the basics of sound engineering, music theory, hardware setup, and software setup, with the later lectures delving more deeply into production techniques for making beats, mixing vocals, arranging tracks for maximum impact, and working with samples. The structure of the course aims to equip aspiring producers with essential knowledge needed to start producing their own material.

The course also incorporates several intermissions featuring interviews from industry professionals talking about their experiences in hip-hop production. This adds an invaluable personal touch to the program as it can give viewers an insight into how recording professionals approach music creation from their own unique perspectives.

Benefits of the Course

The MasterClass offered by NAS, or Networked and Informed Art Scene, is an intensive course that can give art enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire knowledge and expertise on the various elements of working with art in order to have it produced and distributed. This course provides students with a thorough understanding of all the components involved in creating an artwork, including studying the history of art, understanding art production and presentation processes, as well as gaining insights into marketing strategies.

Additionally, this course offers students a framework on which they can develop and refine their own style in creating artwork.

Also available with the NAS MasterClass are additional courses providing supplemental material that dives deeper into aspects such as:

  • Print production techniques
  • Using advanced tools for 3D modeling
  • Relevant software content

Furthermore, students also gain access to a structured mentorship program which helps them hone their craft further after taking part in the NAS Masterclass.

The result of taking part in this program is an enhanced set of skills and knowledge that allows participants to better understand both artistic design principles and practical implementation measures as well as develop their own unique artwork style they can use to collaborate and create art effectively.

Pros and Cons

This Nas MasterClass review aims to explain the pros and cons of enrolling in this music production and audio engineering learning program. Founded by legendary rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Nasir “Nas” Jones, the 10-week online course covers topics ranging from songwriting and beat making to engineering and marketing. In addition to online lessons by Jones himself, students will receive feedback on their projects from an A&R manager and other professionals in the music industry.


  • Gain access to lectures taught by one of Hip Hop’s most respected MCs
  • Get a comprehensive overview of audio engineering for digital music
  • Receive support from industry professionals such as top A&Rs
  • High educational value with a relatively low price point


  • Nonrefundable enrollment fee makes trial period somewhat limited
  • May require more in terms of prerequisite knowledge than advertised
  • Lack of an official certification at the end of the program

Learning Outcomes

The Nas MasterClass is designed to help students gain the skills needed to become innovative, successful creators of music and interact with the industry of today. Through eight hours of online video instruction, you’ll learn powerful production tools and key fundamentals in music theory, songwriting and business development.

Students will come away from this course armed with a deep understanding of how all aspects of facilitating creativity can be informed by solid technical, theoretical and business savvy. You’ll get experienced advice from some of hip-hop’s most knowledgeable authorities on everything from roadblocks in producing to paths for career advancement.

The learning outcomes for this class include the ability to:

  • Plan a starting project idea based on a vision
  • Find sounds that match that idea
  • Create your own unique approach to ideas
  • Understand the principles behind mixing a record for different release formats
  • Write custom chords and melodies that convey emotion with impact
  • Organize projects in such a way they can be understood by others
  • Recognize different tasks (arranging, producing, mixing etc) involved in making a project complete
  • Identify elements when mastering your recording correctly
  • Develop sound business strategies around projects

Cost and Availability

The Nas MasterClass is currently offered at an investment of only $29.99; this allows you to access a series of 12 modules on music production and artist development led by Nas recorded in 2018. The recordings cover various topics such as recording techniques, songwriting and publishing, career advice, and more.

The course is available through online streaming or audio download option. You can watch or listen to the modules at your own pace, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. After you purchase the course it will remain available for one year from your original purchase date; once the year expires, you will need to repurchase if you wish to gain access again.


In conclusion, Nas’s MasterClass is an excellent starting point for budding hip-hop producers who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the complexity of music production. Nas provides a thorough and comprehensive breakdown of the basics of sound engineering as well as more advanced techniques, making it easy for any level of producer to understand. The lessons are engaging and fun and feature original material from Nas himself.

While there are some areas where improvement could be made, overall this is an excellent class for expanding knowledge in music production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the Nas MasterClass?

A:The Nas MasterClass is an educational program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to launch and grow their own businesses. It covers topics such as product development, marketing, sales, and more.

Q: Who is the Nas MasterClass for?

A:The Nas MasterClass is designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn the ins-and-outs of starting and running a business. It is also suitable for experienced business owners who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Q: What topics are covered in the Nas MasterClass?

A:The Nas MasterClass covers a wide range of topics, including product development, marketing, sales, accounting, customer service, and more. It also provides in-depth lessons on how to create a successful business plan and launch your business.

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