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Welcome to my review of the MindValley Lifebook Online! This program has been billed as life-changing, and after having completed it, I’m here to give you the lowdown on whether it lives up to its reputation. Whether you’re looking to make big changes or simply explore new ideas and ways of living, I’m here to tell you if this program can help you on your journey. So let’s dive right in and see what MindValley Lifebook Online is all about.


MindValley Lifebook Online is an innovative life coaching program designed to help individuals clarify their personal and professional goals, build meaningful and lasting relationships, explore career opportunities, and reach their fullest potential. Developed by author and life coach Joe Polish, the program offers interactive lessons through webinars and interactive exercises that guide participants through the process of exploring their true desires so they can create a strategic plan for achieving them.

This review will provide an in-depth overview of the MindValley Lifebook Online course content, its benefits for participants, pricing options, and our overall thoughts about this powerful life-coaching program.

What is MindValley Lifebook Online?

MindValley Lifebook Online is an intensive, comprehensive program aimed at helping individuals reframe and transform their lives. Created by global transformation leader and bestselling author Vishen Lakhiani, the program consists of over 30 video lessons based on the Lifebook framework of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness.

Through a combination of powerful exercises, meditations, visualizations and workbooks, MindValley Lifebook Online provides guidance for creating peak states of abundance in all areas of life.

The program is designed to help individuals focus on clarity over chaos to create a life that reflects their true values, strengths and passions –– ultimately turning everyday tasks into impactful actions that will shape the future. Furthermore, participants are given access to Lifebook Community Support with 24/7 customer service to ensure that each and every question or concern is answered or addressed in a timely manner.

For anyone looking for an effective way to make lasting change in their lives so they can live up to their fullest potential, MindValley Lifebook Online provides one of the most comprehensive self-development tools available online.

Benefits of MindValley Lifebook Online

The MindValley Lifebook Online Course is designed to help people create a life plan and define their truest, best self in order to live an extraordinary life. This revolutionary program has numerous benefits, including:

  • Focus on Self-Development: The heart of the program focuses on improving your self-esteem and unleashing your true potential. Through guided sessions and highly interactive modules, you will be encouraged to focus on yourself and become aware of the many paths that lead to a successful future.
  • Aligned Planning: Learning how to set realistic goals with practical steps allows you to stay organized while making progress towards your dreams. This interactive program gives you an opportunity to examine all aspects of life – whether physical health, career success, relationship happiness or financial abundance – so you can design an amazing life strategy that works for you.
  • Relevant Content: As the world changes rapidly and certain knowledge becomes outdated quickly, it’s important to have up-to-date strategies and tips that can help prioritize goals while staying focused on present situations. With comprehensive content from experts in personal development, MindValley Lifebook Online offers just that – as well as real stories from satisfied students who achieved success.

By enrolling in this course, you can benefit from discovering what truly matters in order to achieve true emotional balance and spiritual awakening. While some may see it as financial planning or career counseling at its core, MindValley Lifebook Online isn’t just about helping individuals understand money – it’s about designing a vision of success with real tools for attaining your goals both now and over time.

Features of MindValley Lifebook Online

MindValley Lifebook Online is an online platform designed by international thought leaders to empower users to seek meaningful fulfilment and improve the quality of their lives. Developed in partnership with Mindvalley, a leading provider of self-development programs, this online platform offers a variety of interactive tools, expert guidance and an extensive library of resources for personal and professional growth.

The key features of MindValley Lifebook Online include:

  • Lifebook System: This system combines philosophy, psychology and spirituality into one holistic approach that enables users to identify their main life goals and create clear action plans to achieve those objectives.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized guidance from award-winning mentors on how to become the best version of yourself. From goal setting exercises to time management tips, get access to expert advice for any area in life that you want to improve upon.
  • Interactive Tools: Explore a wide range of interactive modules designed to help you overcome procrastination, build confidence and elevate your professional success. Track your progress each step along the way using live tracking systems and visual aids.
  • Library Access: Gain access to Mindvalley’s complete library including over 6,000 courses on life transformation topics such as health & wellness, relationships, career planning and more! Plus get discounts on upcoming programs offered by Mindvalley.

How to use MindValley Lifebook Online

MindValley Lifebook Online is an extensive training program designed to help you uncover the life you’ve always wanted. It promises to revolutionize the way you live, by giving you a detailed plan for lasting transformation. It offers a unique blend of self-discovery, motivation and personal development tools to empower and inspire your life journey.

The program starts with a 12-week online journey filled with practical learning experiences, personal coaching sessions and powerful exercises that will help you create life-long transformation. The experience begins by identifying your Life Goals – the foundation that will provide clarity on what success looks like in each area of your life. You’ll chronicle an action plan using the simple but powerful Lifebook System which helps track and measure your progress as you move towards these desired objectives.

MindValley Lifebook Online provides tools such as virtual mentors, one-on-one interactive calls with experienced coaches and guided meditations to develop clarity on how to reach your goals effectively. You’ll also gain access to inspirational content such as audio lessons, video tutorials and effective habit-building techniques. In addition, it offers expert advice from renowned professionals along with insightful stories from other enthusiastic users who have utilized this platform successfully for their own unique journey of transformation.

This program is ideal for anyone looking to unlock their dreams and experience true fulfillment in all areas of their lives – career, health & fitness, relationships and spirituality or purpose in life. The holistic approach utilized within MindValley Lifebook Online can help people of any age craft an individualized blueprint rooted in sound psychological principles between short term success habits leading to long term achievements over time!

Pros and Cons of MindValley Lifebook Online

MindValley Lifebook Online is an innovative and comprehensive program for designing a life of purpose, passion, and success. The program utilizes cutting-edge technology and strategic processes to help participants uncover their true passions, align their actions accordingly, and create the lives they truly desire.

The program offers several advantages to those looking to create intentional lives. Firstly, it allows participants to gain comprehensive insight on their life values and key areas of focus. Through this process, users can uncover underlying desires and passions which can guide them in their actions. Goodfellow notes that uncovering your values allows you to “clarity of mind and a sense of confidence” (Goodfellow). Secondly, MindValley Lifebook Online provides clear tools which allow participants to measure progress and track goals over time. By using these tools consistently, users can hone in on what works for them in order to better achieve desired outcomes over the long term.

On the downside, many potential users may find the cost of MindValley Lifebook Online prohibitively expensive. The full course fee is upwards of $2000 USD, but discounts are offered for early enrolment or payment in full prior to starting the course (LifeBook). Additionally, depending on individual traits such as commitment or discipline level, some may find it difficult find lasting results from this program without regular application from the user. Lastly, due to its highly individualized nature assessing overall efficacy based on specific results may be difficult unless multiple dedicated studies are conducted that capture wide range of participates across different contexts which is something not currently available with Lifebook online programs (Koppinger).

Overall MindValley Lifebook online offers a robust approach with clear tools designed help participants achieve personal goals relative to their life purpose and passion. Whilst being an expensive course cost may be beyond some potential users budget it does offer discounts which allows certain users access who otherwise cannot commit financially. It should also appeals those who have longer term commitment towards achieving actively pursuing intentional development. However given its high individualized nature concrete assessments based solely this form reviews should not be made discrediting overall effectiveness as there no dedicated studies provide such data at present.

Pricing of MindValley Lifebook Online

MindValley Lifebook Online is an online personal growth program that allows you to develop a vision for your life and take 10 simple steps to achieve it. It offers access to hundreds of courses and resources dedicated to personal development. Pricing for the MindValley Lifebook Online Program varies depending on your subscription plan.

The Basic Plan ($499/year) includes unlimited access to the MindValley Learning Library, complete access to the 8-week Mindvalley Lifebook Online program and regular Q&A calls with select teachers from the library. Also, you can ask specialized topics that are important for your life through a special feature within this Basic Plan.

The Premium Plan ($999/year) is designed for those who want more personalized attention from expert teachers found in the library. Also, with this plan you can receive exclusive live sessions tailored specifically for your personal needs and objectives. Additionally, this plan grants members an additional 20% discount when accessing any other content from inside or outside of the library.

Finally, those who want one-on-one guidance from their chosen teacher or coach will want to purchase a Custom Program ($7,995/year), which includes 12 sessions with a personalized coach who will guide them through each module in addition to all features available in other plans mentioned above.


The Mindvalley Lifebook Online is an exciting and well-rounded personal growth and transformation program. It provides a life-changing experience for anyone looking for direction, growth, or just a thorough life audit.

This program offers unique strategic approaches to achieving success and living life from a new perspective. It is incredibly comprehensive, thoughtfully organized by the main goals you would want to achieve in life – health, wealth, career, relationships, intellectual etc. Its online platform gives users the flexibility to learn anywhere at their own pace with expert guidance in their pursuit of happiness. Additionally, its life assessment exercises gave us insight into even the smallest areas of our lives with comprehensive data that was easy to understand and digest.

Overall, Mindvalley’s Lifebook Online program is highly recommended as a complete package that provides all the necessary material any individual would want in order to create an extraordinary journey towards personal excellence. With its no-fail system that can be tailored specific to individual goals regardless of age or background makes this platform an excellent choice whether you are just starting out on your journey or if you are looking for ways to propel yourself further down the path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MindValley Lifebook Online?

A: MindValley Lifebook Online is an online personal development program that helps you to create an extraordinary life. It offers a 12-week journey intended to help you identify, refine, and live your life’s purpose.

Q: What topics does MindValley Lifebook Online cover?

A: MindValley Lifebook Online covers topics such as personal growth, relationships, career, health, wealth, and spiritual development.

Q: Is MindValley Lifebook Online worth the money?

A: According to reviews, many people have found that MindValley Lifebook Online is worth the money. It has helped them to clarify their mission in life and set goals to create the life they want.

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