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Are you ready to take your vocal chops to the next level? Look no further than Mariah Carey’s MasterClass! This program provides you with valuable insight from one of the biggest stars in music, and I’m here to give you my honest review. Read on for a glimpse of what Mariah has in store for budding singers!


Welcome to Mariah Carey’s MasterClass, an educational video series in which the five-time Grammy Award winner shares her knowledge and experiences in creating lasting music. In this class, Mariah takes you step-by-step through the process of crafting a song and finding success as an artist. Mariah offers priceless insights into building a music career and directs you through valuable challenges that have the power to transform your own ideas into songs that capture listeners’ hearts.

Mariah opens the class by discussing her own personal journey in music and sharing her secrets for creating an inspiring creative environment that helps foster creativity. She dives into specific techniques for songwriting, including:

  • Melody writing
  • Rhythm changes
  • Vocal exercises
  • Lyrics development
  • and more.

She also teaches how to collaborate with other artists to create even better music than ever before. With hands-on activities supported by audio presets from Logic Pro X, Mariah helps bring your creative vision alive with stunning audio tracks.

In addition to learning about writing hit songs, she delves into topics such as:

  • Marketing yourself as an independent artist
  • Developing relationships with industry professionals

— all necessary elements for succeeding in the competitive music industry.

Overview of Mariah Carey MasterClass

The Mariah Carey MasterClass is an online educational platform created in partnership with online education provider MasterClass. Through the interactive program, students overhear discussions between Mariah Carey and her team about vocal technique, songwriting, professional development, performance tips, and how to navigate the music industry.

As one of the best selling musician of all time with iconic ballads that span generations and an unforgettable five-octave range, Mariah Carey has quite a bit of experience to share. In her Masterclass she discusses her musical beginnings as a child in America and her eventual rise to international stardom. She encourages students to find their own unique sound and walks through how to write lyrics that properly deliver their stories while staying within the melody they’ve written.

Carey also explains some of her own pop-industry experiences such as how she worked with a creative team throughout changing trends over the years. She provides insight into lessons that pertain both to first-time amateur songwriters as well as seasoned professionals in order for them to take their craftsmanship to the next level. Additionally, Mariah provides her perspective on what it’s like being on stage for live performances and singing for major venues full of screaming fans.

At the end of each session Carey provides individual feedback for select students she chooses at random during each class – providing a personalized learning experience towards perfecting their tradecraft.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

Taking the Mariah Carey MasterClass offers a variety of benefits for learners. Whether you are a beginner just starting out, an experienced singer and performer, or just looking to expand on your passion for music and performance, this class has something for everyone.

The classes cover a wide range of topics within the music industry, from singing techniques to creating a stage presence and more. These classes give learners access to exclusive advice from Mariah Carey herself, as well as insights into her career and the industry’s A-list professionals.

Mariah also provides her fans with access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and never-before-seen clips, allowing students to feel as if they were actually in the room with her during one of her recording sessions. Students also get direct access to Mariah via self-filmed Q&A sessions giving viewers direct feedback on performance questions or career advice providing an in depth look into her creative process overall.

The MasterClass is broken up by ten individual lessons designed around the different aspects of creating music categorized by:

  • Singing Technique & Performance
  • Producing Vocals & Writing Music
  • Professionalism & Networking
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Journey Behind The Music
  • Defining Your Brand & Image
  • Performance Artistry
  • Wellness
  • Additional Resources

Plus completing their final showcase project at their own pace along the way while documenting their individual growth followed by possibly connecting one’s work with people within Mariah’s industry based network.

Course Content and Structure

The Mariah Carey MasterClass consists of 23 video lessons and accompanying interactive workbooks covering every aspect of Mariah’s creative process—from developing vocal technique and songwriting, production and arranging to personal branding, marketing and fan engagement.

Her interactive workbooks include supplemental materials such as musical examples, exercises, inspiring quotes featured in the course and even a bonus lesson from her own creative team that dives deeper into songwriting than Mariah’s original MasterClass course.

The lessons are broken down into digestible sections that cover everything from recording to song composition, vocal technique, marketing tips for up-and-coming artists, performance advice and more. Through her candid delivery of personal stories, interviews with other successful music industry professionals as well as exclusive demos—all presented with Mariah’s signature charm—the singer reveals the valuable career advice she’s garnered over the years.

Pros and Cons

Mariah Carey’s MasterClass offers up an in-depth look at the singer and songwriter’s process and approaches to her music, presenting a masterclass in vocal technique, song construction, personal branding and more. It is the perfect opportunity for aspiring performers to learn from one of the world’s biggest stars.


  • Comprehensive – The 20-video lesson series covers a range of topics going in depth on vocal performance, songwriting, production and personal branding.
  • Interactive – Students have access to interactive exercises and live Q&As with Mariah Carey as well as customized feedback from top producers in the industry.
  • Budget-friendly – At only $90 for an annual subscription, it is a budget-friendly way for students to gain professional advice from an experienced artist at a fraction of the cost compared to private lessons or mentorship programs.


  • Limited scope – While Mariah Carey offers comprehensive insight into her musical process, she can only cover so much content over the course of 20 videos. For those looking for more individualized guidance beyond what’s covered may not get as much value out of this experience as they would with private lessons or mentorship programs tailored specifically to their needs.
  • Time commitment – The course takes some time commitment due to its length – there are numerous video sessions that need to be watched, assignments completed, feedback provided by industry professionals analyzed and commented on before integration into works.

Student Reviews

The Mariah Carey MasterClass review shows that students of the class have benefited a great deal from the insights and tips provided by the multi-platinum selling artist. Most students report that they have come away with a wealth of knowledge on how to work in the music industry and everything they need to know to be successful.

The interactive lectures cover topics like

  • song writing
  • vocal technique
  • studio recording

Plus, you’ll get an in-depth look at Mariah’s own career which offers inspiring insight into what it takes to make it in one of the most competitive industries around.

Amidst all this content, reviews say that Mariah does an excellent job engaging her pupils as she helps them develop their own sound. There’s no shortage of feedback from peers and professionals alike as Mariah goes through each topic with her trademark wit and wisdom.

For aspiring musicians looking for guidance from someone who’s been down this road before, the Mariah Carey MasterClass review confirms this is a valuable opportunity to make your best music come alive.

Final Thoughts

For anyone interested in Mariah Carey’s music, affinity for pop culture, or vocal prowess, the Mariah Carey MasterClass is an excellent class to take. Even if you don’t want to use what you learn to craft songs and write lyrics, you’ll likely come away with a deeper appreciation of her music and career. It’s an impressive achievement by one of the most iconic vocalists of all-time.

The course is incredibly comprehensive and not only covers writing and producing music but also styling, branding, marketing themselves as a performer, and understanding their body as an instrument. As we’ve seen before in other MasterClass courses, we feel it is better suited for those with some prior knowledge or experience in the area; however Mariah does manage to explain things well enough that even newcomers can enjoy following along.

Overall we believe this is an incredible learning opportunity that any Mariah fan would appreciate. The price reflects the amount of material covered and it should be no surprise by now that core theme of each lesson is relatability: putting yourself into the artist’s shoes and gain a deeper insight into their successes on stage as a performer as well as in her personal life as a mother and businesswoman.


Overall, Mariah Carey’s MasterClass is a great investment for any aspiring singer or songwriter. Her lessons are informative, engaging, and inspiring. Whether you’re a beginning or an advanced performer, she has tips and advice to help you achieve your musical goals.

Not only will you learn how to refine your craft through her masterclass, but you’ll also get an inside look of her journey to stardom from one of the greatest vocalists of all time. By following her advice and utilizing the practical exercises she provides in her course, Mariah’s MasterClass can help take your musical career to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What topics does Mariah Carey cover in her MasterClass?

A: In her MasterClass, Mariah Carey covers topics such as songwriting, vocal production, performance, and music business.

Q: How long is Mariah Carey’s MasterClass?

A: Mariah Carey’s MasterClass is 18 video lessons with a total runtime of over 4 hours.

Q: Who is Mariah Carey’s MasterClass suitable for?

A: Mariah Carey’s MasterClass is suitable for singers, songwriters, producers, and music enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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