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Are you ready to learn the secrets of writing best-selling novels from one of the world’s top authors, James Patterson? If so, then buckle up – you’re in for an amazing ride! In this blog post, I’ll be unravelling what makes James Patterson’s MasterClass so great and sharing my honest review. So let’s get started!


James Patterson’s MasterClass is an online course that is designed to teach aspiring authors the fundamentals of writing. Through both lectures and hand-on exercises, James Patterson provides a comprehensive guide to planning, drafting, and editing a novel. The course is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and emphasizes collaboration and creativity in every step of the writing process.

Whether you are a new writer or an experienced one looking for guidance, James Patterson’s MasterClass is perfect for any author who wants to improve their writing skills. It provides a wealth of information that can help you create compelling stories and characters that readers will love.

Overview of James Patterson

James Patterson is the world’s best-selling living author, with more than 300 million books sold in the past three decades. He’s known for his thrillers and crime fiction writing, with titles like Along Came a Spider, The Women’s Murder Club series, and Kiss the Girls dominating readers’ attention. He also writes romance novels, young adult novels, children’s books, and non-fiction titles.

Patterson is passionate about passing on his craft to future generations of writers through teaching. This experience is captured in the James Patterson Teaches Writing MasterClass for aspiring novelists who want to learn from someone who has mastered the art of writing popular fiction.

This MasterClass covers:

  • Plotting & Outlining Basics & Advanced outlining techniques
  • Creating Interesting Characters and Dialogue 101 & Dialogue 201
  • Crafting Compelling Settings & Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Revising a work from its first draft to completion
  • Working with a collaborator
  • Making contacts in publishing houses
  • Marketing yourself on Social Media

It concludes with an assignment that requires the student to write a novel over 10 weeks that consists of fifty thousand words or more.

Overview of James Patterson MasterClass

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James Patterson is an internationally acclaimed author and the world’s best-selling author. He has sold over 350 million books in over 140 countries, and his stories are well-loved by fans of all ages. As a result, his career as a writer has flourished for decades, turning him into one of the most iconic authors of all time.

For those aspiring authors looking to take their writing to the next level, what better mentor than James Patterson himself? With this in mind, James Patterson launched MasterClass–an extensive online course dedicated exclusively to helping you master the craft of writing. In this MasterClass review, we’ll go through everything on offer and provide an overview of what it takes to become a successful writer under Patterson’s influence.

The MasterClass consists of 28 video lessons broken down into 8 chapters that give you insight into Patterson’s personal journey as a storyteller—from developing characters with depth to creating tension and suspense that keeps readers hooked until the end. The course also teaches you how to:

  • Turn ideas into compelling plots
  • Quickly break down a narrative structure
  • Self-edit your work with confidence

In other words: both beginners and experienced writers alike can benefit from this MasterClass program!

Course Content

James Patterson’s MasterClass on fiction writing consists of 25 video lessons with a total runtime of about 7 hours. The course is divided into four parts: developing characters, outlining and plotting, crafting memorable scenes, and polishing prose. At the beginning of each lesson, Patterson shares personal anecdotes from his own career that provide insight into the writing process and tips for overcoming obstacles along the way.

Patterson covers the basics of fiction writing in great detail throughout the course and shares techniques he has used to become one of the most prolific authors in history. He explains how to:

  • create believable protagonists who readers can relate to;
  • develop well-crafted storylines using details that draw readers in;
  • write scene descriptions that keep your audience engaged with each page turn; and
  • use precise language to maximize impact.

The unique value proposition offered by this MasterClass is his expertise in getting books published. He provides practical advice on completion targets for various types of books such as thrillers, romance novels, and mysteries before calling attention to what literary agents are looking for when it comes to submitting publications proposals.

After completion of each lesson viewers can apply their newfound skills by taking part in Patterson’s creative writing challenges although these are not mandatory modules.

Benefits of Taking the Course

The James Patterson MasterClass is a series of online courses featuring one-on-one instruction from James Patterson, the best-selling author of over 100 novels. Taking this course can offer several unique benefits for aspiring writers who are looking to develop their skills and become more successful authors.

The first major benefit of this class is that it provides students with the opportunity to learn from an industry expert and gain invaluable insight on what it takes to write like a successful author. The concepts presented in the course range from outlining and character development to writing styles and marketing tips, all of which ensure that anyone who takes this course will have a thorough understanding of how to craft high-quality manuscripts.

In addition, the structure and pacing of James Patterson’s MasterClass are designed in such a way that even those with busy schedules can find time within their daily routine to develop as writers. The class is broken down into twenty-two segments that vary in length, ranging from three minutes to an hour. Each video builds upon the previous segment in order to deliver a comprehensive outline on each topic discussed throughout the lesson plan.

Lastly, the accessible pricing structure makes it possible for aspiring authors of any budget to take advantage of these learning opportunities without needing to break the bank. Monthly payment plans provide individuals with access for up to six months at just $90 dollars per month or users can opt for permanent access for one payment at $180 dollars or two payments totaling $240 dollars – making it affordable even for those on strict budgets.

Overall, taking this course offers a great entry point into developing as an author or storyteller no matter your skill level or experience level. With insightful content delivered by an experienced professional along with easy payment options, accessing key resources has never been easier for those looking to perfect their craft and take their writing career into their own hands!


If you’re looking for a comprehensive course from the king of thrillers, then the James Patterson MasterClass may be the perfect workshop for you. With over 20 lessons created personally by him and taught by a master instructor, students learn the art of storytelling and writing bestsellers.

The cost of this course is one-time fee of $90 which gives you lifetime access to the content which is hosted online. In addition to the lessons, students receive feedback on their work directly from James Patterson himself. This personal touch makes it possible for him to focus on each student’s progress and provide individualized instruction that would not be possible through traditional educational outlets.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to online creative writing classes, James Patterson’s MasterClass is one of the best. This class provides aspiring writers with excellent instruction and a wide range of guidance on how to effectively write and successfully self-publish their work. From understanding the basics of storytelling to specific advice on writing bestselling books, this course offers students an in-depth look at what it takes to make it as a successful author.

Below are some of the pros and cons associated with taking James Patterson’s MasterClass:

  • Pros:
  • Expert Instruction: James Patterson himself leads this course, along with three other top editors from his publishing house. This gives students access to professional industry experts who can offer the kind of personalized guidance needed for success in this field.
  • On Demand Classes: The course is available on demand, meaning that students can watch each lecture as many times as needed or progress through at her/his own pace if desired.
  • Individual Feedback: Each student receives individual feedback throughout the course and during their final project showcases which helps ensure that they are on the right track in their creative pursuits.
  • Cons:
  • Cost: While certainly worth the investment, some may find that the cost is high given that other options exist when it comes to online creative writing classes.
  • Geographical Limitations: As much as possible, James Patterson provides wide geographical coverage for teaching his courses but depending on where you live locally held workshops may not be available so online attendance is necessary in those cases.
  • Lengthy Course Commitment: When undertaking this course students should expect a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week for 6 weeks in order to complete all modules and receive full credit for attendance.


Overall, James Patterson’s MasterClass is a great educational experience for aspiring fiction writers. It provides users with 15-minute lessons that cover each step of the writing process, from crafting characters to outlining your plots and polishing your stories. Through video lessons featuring real-world examples and personalized feedback from the pros, you’ll learn valuable insights into the work of storytelling from one of the best authors in the world.

Patterson’s laid-back approach to teaching makes it easy to digest and retain information, while his focus on developing a sound editorial checklist gives users the tools they need to make sure their work stands out from the crowd. When taken alongside other instructional materials out there, James Patterson’s MasterClass can help you become a better writer, no matter your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is included in the James Patterson MasterClass?

Answer: The James Patterson MasterClass includes 24 lessons, exclusive video content, and interactive assignments designed to help you hone your writing skills. You’ll learn from Patterson himself, as well as editors and other professionals from his own publishing house. The class also includes a one-on-one critique with a professional editor.

Q2: Does the James Patterson MasterClass provide any feedback on student work?

Answer: Yes, the James Patterson MasterClass provides feedback on student work. After you complete the assignments, you’ll receive feedback from a professional editor. The feedback will help you improve your writing skills and provide you with valuable insight into the publishing industry.

Q3: Is the James Patterson MasterClass worth the cost?

Answer: Yes, the James Patterson MasterClass is worth the cost. The class is designed to help you hone your writing skills and receive valuable feedback from an experienced professional editor. Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive video content and interactive assignments that can’t be found anywhere else.

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