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Are you tired of watching Gordon Ramsay yell and curse on TV? Well, I was too, until I tried out his recently released MasterClass! Instead of seeing him shout orders in the kitchen, I got to see him teach and guide talented home cooks. Read on to learn how my experience with Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass changed my perception of him forever!


Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is an online cooking course created by multiple award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay. The two-hour long series of lessons in his signature style provide a comprehensive exploration of modern cooking techniques, flavors, and plating science. In it, students gain knowledge as they are taken through a structure that explores the culinary foundations and techniques used by Chef Ramsay.

The course consists of a total of 12 classes that open up with an introduction to Chef Ramsay’s teaching style and then proceed to break down key fundamentals while delving into the finer details of professional kitchen work. Students get to build up their skill sets based on topics such as:

  • Preparation
  • Sauce making
  • Seasoning proteins and vegetables
  • Building flavor combinations
  • Creating stunning presentations

Throughout the course, Chef Ramsay shares personal stories from his professional career which emphasize why cuisine methodologies are important for both kitchen productivity and creating superb dishes for guests. Self-assessment sections give you the opportunity to explore key concepts in greater depth through practical applications developed by Chef Ramsay himself. Additionally, there is an emphasis on recipe breakdowns; from deboning whole chickens to mastering tomato sauces.

Overview of Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass is an online course that teaches home chefs how to master the art and science of cooking. There are over 20 online video lessons that include recipes, tips, tricks, and anecdotes from the world-renowned chef. Each lesson provides a unique insight into Ramsey’s cooking methods and philosophies.

With more than 70 recipes, you’ll learn how to spatchcock a chicken, prepare the perfect pasta sauce, make classic steakhouse dishes like Porterhouse steak with Stilton butter and roasted wild mushrooms, as well as classic French dishes like ratatouille. Plus you can learn about pairing wines for your meals as well as preparing seasonal desserts.

In addition to learning from Ramsey’s words of wisdom, every MasterClass comes with exclusive access to Gordon Ramsay Unleashed—a suite of resources that includes:

  • Downloadable cookbooks with 50+ original recipes;
  • Instructor outings where he shares top tips;
  • Study guides that provide helpful summaries;
  • Behind-the-scenes culinary features such as interviews and more.

With this all included in your purchase of the Gordon Ramsey MasterClass, you can elevate your kitchen skills quickly and easily!

Course Content

Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass offers an in-depth look at the renowned chef and restaurateur’s approach to cooking, with 25 lessons that divide into three distinct levels.

The course begins by providing an overview of Ramsay’s career, as well as tips and tricks he has acquired that have made him successful. It then moves on to each individual level of cooking with Ramsay showing off his creative process and how to use different culinary techniques. Included are lessons on making sauces, timing out meals, knifework and butchery classes, setting garnishes, meal presentation and more.

As MasterClass is a video-based course, Ramsay provides plenty of step-by-step demonstrations so aspiring cooks can quickly get up to speed on how to make his dishes. He also takes time during each lesson to answer questions from students among a variety of topics from food trends to pairing flavors together. At the conclusion of each lesson there is also an activity for students to complete apply what was learned during the class.

These comprehensive classes provide viewers with an inside look at the intricate details of fine cuisine as showcased by one of the world’s greatest chefs – all accessible from any device with internet access. Talk about convenience!

Pros and Cons

Though Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass has been praised, it is not without faults. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before enrolling in this course.


  • 30+ video classes with detailed recipes, prep tips and advice from Gordon Ramsay himself.
  • Step-by-step instructions and guidance with close-ups of Gordon’s handiwork throughout.
  • Methods to save time and money while creating high quality meals.
  • A certificate of completion after watching all videos and passing an assessment/quiz.


  • Learning guidelines can seem overwhelming for beginner cooks, making it difficult for them to know where to start.
  • The length of each video can be long for some viewers’ attention span.
  • Requires a subscription in order to access the entire course.

Cost Analysis

Before signing up for any new service, it’s important to understand the cost. In this case, Gordon Ramsay MaterClass is available for a one-time fee of $90. This includes lifetime access and support that makes learning with an expert in the kitchen a value-packed and cost effective option.

The $90 fee applies to all consumers and can be paid through MasterClass’s secure payment system; most major credit cards as well as PayPal are accepted. There is also an annual subscription option available if you’d like to continue taking courses beyond Gordon Ramsay’s Class; the annual subscription costs $180/year or $15/month and gives you exclusive access to all MasterClass courses from any instructor.

For foodies like us who want personalized interaction from world class chefs, Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass is definitely worth looking into! Not only does it offer exclusive video lessons from Chef Ramsay himself, but also provides step-by-step “fundamentals of cooking” modules designed to equip cooks with a toolkit of fundamental kitchen essentials that will become even more valuable in time years. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials offered by Chef Ramsay so you can learn at your own pace and be sure that your money has been well spent.

User Experience

The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass offers an engaging, immersive learning experience. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate; it provides plenty of instructional material and exercise materials to help you make the most of the course. Unless you choose to skip a video or lesson, you can move through the entire course in one day.

The videos feature renowned chef Gordon Ramsay providing in-depth insights into his techniques and methods, as well as timely demonstrations of related recipes. He uses analogies to illustrate lessons, speaks energetically, and remains pleasant throughout. His enthusiasm for cooking is evident, making the course even more enjoyable for students eager to learn his recipes and tips.

In addition to the core curriculum, users have access to several bonus materials such as PDFs with tips from Ramsay himself on how best to spread out the course material over multiple days or weeks for maximum absorption. There are also additional videos on topics such as:

  • Cheese grading criteria
  • Kitchen equipment basics
  • Presentation tips from renowned chefs like Martha Stewart and Eric Ripert
  • Stock options skills from David Chang
  • Mock interview with food writers like Ben Leventhal & Jeff Gordinier
  • Chef Q&A sessions with Erin French & Chintan Pandya.

Users receive continuous support via a community forum where they can ask questions or discuss their progress with fellow MasterClass members who have also accessed the same content.

Final Verdict

When it comes to learning the essentials of cooking, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass offers a comprehensive overview of kitchen fundamentals. In his 20 lessons, Ramsay provides students with tips on how to master essential skills (like knife skills and making sauces) and how to cook popular dishes from around the world. His instruction is insightful and engaging, complemented by must-know information from the culinary world.

Those new to cooking will find Ramsay’s lesson on ingredients and flavors particularly helpful as he walks viewers through feeling comfortable in the kitchen. Next, he reveals clever hacks for crafting kitchen staples like pasta dough and pan sauces that can be used any day of the week. In addition, students gain access to educational materials such as e-books and a printable student workbook.

All in all, Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass serves as an excellent starting point for those who want learn more about cooking techniques. Through his lessons and supportive materials, you’ll discover why his food is always delicious – no matter what you’re making! After completing this course, you’ll have the tools necessary to create flavorful dishes with ease in your own kitchen.

Additional Resources

After watching Gordon Ramsay MasterClass, there are several additional resources available to help you move confidently through the culinary world. If you’re looking for further advice on cooking and hospitality tips, topics like time management, kitchen equipment and staff leadership are covered in depth in other online tutorials.

For example, many of the best and brightest chefs in the industry also put out print or online magazines and cookbooks with plenty of helpful tips. Additionally, professional organizations like ChefConnection sometimes offer seminars where you can stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

Furthermore, to hone your skills even further consider attending a certificate program at a local culinary school or chef’s academy. Even if you don’t get your culinary degree there are many programs teaching specialized techniques such as knife-handling and menu-creation that can be beneficial in your career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long is the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass?

A1: The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass consists of 24 lessons and lasts 11 hours.

Q2: What topics are covered in the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass?

A2: The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass covers topics such as knife skills, sauces, cooking techniques, and menu planning.

Q3: What equipment is needed for the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass?

A3: The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass does not require any special equipment. All you need is access to the internet and a device to watch the lessons on.

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