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If you have ever dreamed of becoming a master of electronic music, then look no further than the Armin van Buuren MasterClass. Led by the world-renowned producer and DJ himself, this course offers students a comprehensive look at how to make their tracks come alive. With decades of experience and unique insight into modern production techniques, Armin’s immersive program is guaranteed to provide an impressive learning experience. So if you are ready to learn from one of the best in the game, this is the perfect opportunity.


Armin van Buuren is an international DJ, record producer and founder of Armada Music. He’s a pioneer in the world of dance music, having recently been voted #1 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list for a fifth time.

His latest venture is teaming with MasterClass to offer an immersive experience into the art he knows best: The Armin van Buuren MasterClass. In this review, we will outline what you can expect before signing up and break down how successful this move has proven to be.

The Armin van Buuren MasterClass explores electronic music production techniques and provides insights into his creative process and philosophy. Over five lessons, you will learn different aspects of production, such as:

  • Creating melodies and grooves
  • Arranging samples
  • Mixing tracks
  • Mastering for radio quality sound
  • Networking with today’s most influential DJs and clubs

Van Buuren demonstrates each step himself in a step-by-step guidance format, making it easier to understand the advanced concepts in each lesson. There are also helpful graphics including waveforms and frequencies which coincide with the lessons helping to ensure better retention of information. Further supporting material comes in the form of 35 sample projects where you can remix Armin’s hit tracks or create your own from scratch. Challenge assignments also allow further practice after each lesson concludes.

Overview of Armin van Buuren’s Career

Armin van Buuren is one of the most successful and prolific DJs of all time. He has released multiple award-winning albums and accumulated more than 30 million fans over his 20-year career. He is also widely acclaimed as a musician, producer, and live performer.

Van Buuren’s success has led him to become one of the most iconic figures in EDM and trance music, influencing generations of DJs with his unique and eclectic sound. His Dutch roots led him to be considered a pioneering figure in the hardstyle and gabber movements, while his frequent collaboration with renowned artists from around the world pushed him to explore multiple genres and styles.

Armin van Buuren made international headlines when he became the first DJ to play a two-hour set at the prestigious A State of Trance events and later completed a world tour that sold out concerts across four continents. His massive global following was solidified when he was awarded DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs for five consecutive years, becoming one of only two DJs ever to earn such an accolade.

Thanks to such widespread success, Armin van Buuren decided to share his secrets in MasterClass where students can learn from his knowledge on production, performance, collaboration, storytelling through music, building audience engagement and even running their own virtual events in Hardstyle or EDM music genres.

What is the Armin van Buuren MasterClass?

The Armin van Buuren MasterClass is an online education program that teaches users how to create, produce, and perform electronic dance music (EDM). Participants will learn from world-renowned producer, DJ and composer Armin van Buuren as he teaches them his award winning techniques. This course covers a lot of topics related to EDM such as synths/sound design, mixing/mastering, arrangement and performance.

The program was created to give anyone the tools they need to get started in the industry. Additionally, it also provides advanced tips and tricks for experienced producers looking to take their craft further.

In the class, Armin breaks down complex music topics into simple lessons so that it’s easier to understand and take away lessons from the content. He introduces many of the concepts with examples pulled from his own work or other producers in this genre of music. You’ll also get access to step by step tutorials where he’ll demonstrate how certain techniques work in real time so you can immediately apply your knowledge for your next production.

Not only that but you also have weekly assignments where effective feedback is given thus giving users even more motivation to do better each time they make new music which ultimately proves more rewarding in the end.

Course Content

The Armin van Buuren MasterClass is an online course organized into 22 chapters that teach you everything there is to know about being a professional DJ and producer. The course starts off with some basics such as the history of electronic music and fundamentals of setting up a DJ rig, followed by advanced topics such as arranging tracks, building sets, producing remixes, and more.

In each chapter, Armin van Buuren dives into essential concepts related to the topic at hand, including tips and techniques he has developed throughout his career. Topics covered include:

  • Music Theory & Songwriting
  • Mixing & Arrangements
  • Track Layering & Sequencing Techniques
  • Live Performance Tips & Strategies
  • Advanced Mastering Concepts

Furthermore, every chapter includes instruction from guest artists such as Porter Robinson and John Diago to provide additional insight into the subject matter. These instructors come from diverse backgrounds and together provide a wide range of knowledge for making music for pop hits to underground club bangers.

In addition to the video tutorial content, students also get access to exclusive resources designed by Armin himself such as stems of his tracks “Blah Blah Blah” and “A State of Trance 2018” (used in each chapter lesson), plus hundreds of samples used in his shows. Furthermore there is a hidden “bonus track” included in which he freestyles over an unreleased beat from Juan Atkins – one of techno’s founding fathers!

Finally the MasterClass includes additional articles about topics related to music production such as generating ideas for tracks & remixes along with feedback from fellow classmates in the member-only message boards giving students across the globe more ways than ever before to learn about becoming a successful DJ/producer directly from one of its biggest stars – Mr Armin van Buuren!

Pros and Cons

Being one of the world’s most popular DJs and producers, Armin van Buuren has released several successful albums, won dozens of awards and performed at some of the most popular electronic music festivals around the world. Armin van Buuren recently teamed up with online learning platform MasterClass to bring fans an inside look at his creative process with a course called “Armin van Buuren’s Dance Music Production MasterClass.” Though there is certainly no substitute for experience in this field, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of this Masterclass as a great way to get started in producing EDM music.


  • The course teaches viewers how to start out producing EDM sounds using synthesisers, mixers, sequencers and sound libraries.
  • The course dives into important details like EQing and compression which is often overlooked by other beginner courses.
  • Uses step by step guidance on creating full tracks from scratch using synthesizers, drums and effects.
  • Includes live video demonstrations that allow you to see how Armin works with his own equipment.


  • The price tag might be too high for some people who are just getting started in music production.
  • No courses on advanced production techniques like mastering or remixing, which can be useful for experienced producers.
  • Though there are valuable audio files included in the class package that can help you understand different concepts better, it does not include any samples or drum kits for creativity exercises throughout the online course itself.

Cost and Payment Options

The cost for the Armin van Buuren MasterClass is $90 USD. Payment can be made using a debit or credit card, or using PayPal. Once payment is received, you will be provided with access to the entirety of the MasterClass and its accompanying course content.

Access enables users to stream video lessons at any time, as well as receive support from their skills mentor who can help review your completed projects and give feedback on your progress. Additionally, you can use the interactive project builder to submit assignments and connect with other students in the program.

Final Thoughts

Armin van Buuren’s MasterClass is a comprehensive and informative course that offers valuable insight into the energetic, melodic, and emotive aspects of making electronic music. Through engaging lessons with this legendary DJ/Producer, you’ll gain the perspective of an experienced musician as well as the tools to become a better producer.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, this course is perfect for pushing your production skills to the next level and understanding how to create deep rhythmic landscapes from scratch. Armin takes pride in exposing his creative process through detailed and informative tutorials that demonstrate all facets of artistic expression – from sound design to arrangement. You will also deepen your understanding of musicality and how to craft effective structures for your songs.

The MasterClass Signature Series instrument pack from iZotope is a fantastic addition – allowing participants access to industry-standard tools so they can bring these newly learnt techniques into their own productions quickly and easily. All elements are expertly created to bring out emotions in unique ways while keeping up with modern music trends.

The live Q&A sessions are also incredibly valuable – not only have participants direct access to Armin but he will patiently listen, answer any technical queries, provide feedback on tracks in progress and overall educate attendees on creating engaging electronic music with finesse and passion. With a course such as this at an accessible price point, it’s hard not to feel inspired by Armin’s wisdom.


Overall, Armin van Buuren’s MasterClass is a fun and interactive way to learn the fundamentals of EDM production. The course focuses on both the creative and technical aspects of music production, so it’s a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It also provides tips and tricks on making professional-sounding tracks that are sure to impress. With Armin’s expert guidance, you can take your music career to the next level.

The course is best suited for intermediate-level producers who want an in-depth understanding of working with sound design and mixing in EDM genres. Even beginners can benefit significantly from this class as it provides an easy-to-understand guide for anyone starting out in their music journey. From listening exercises to practical tips on building powerful tracks, you get everything you need for successful EDM production.

As Armin teaches at his own pace, it helps listeners understand the subjects better without having any difficulties with following the course structure. His clear voice also makes things simpler while giving useful pointers along the way to finish projects up quickly. Therefore, if you are looking for an expert instructor overseeing your EDM journey, Armin van Buuren’s MasterClass is worth taking into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are users saying about the Armin van Buuren MasterClass?

A1: Users are saying that the Armin van Buuren MasterClass is a comprehensive and informative course that teaches students how to create and produce music. They also appreciate the teaching style of Armin van Buuren and his attention to detail.

Q2: What topics are covered in the Armin van Buuren MasterClass?

A2: The Armin van Buuren MasterClass covers topics such as composition, songwriting, production, and engineering. He also teaches students how to create vocal and instrumental tracks and how to use software and hardware to create music.

Q3: Is the Armin van Buuren MasterClass worth taking?

A3: Yes, the Armin van Buuren MasterClass is worth taking if you are interested in learning more about music production and engineering. The course is comprehensive and informative, and Armin van Buuren is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher.

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