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Welcome to my take on the RuPaul MasterClass. It’s time to sissy that walk and learn from the queen of drag herself! I’m excited for you all to find out about the lessons that RuPaul has in store, and I’m sure you’ll be feeling fierce by the end of this review. So, let’s get started and pour some tea as we explore everything RuPaul MasterClass has to offer!


The RuPaul MasterClass is a series of lessons taught by the iconic drag superstar, RuPaul. It’s the ultimate how-to guide for everyone looking to channel their inner diva and inject a bit of glamour into everyday life. Through 12 video tutorials spanning over 4 hours, RuPaul shares his tips and techniques on everything from makeup to confidence and more.

This MasterClass also includes an array of lecture-style content in which RuPaul delves into topics such as:

  • Body language
  • Creating your own signature look
  • Expressing yourself through fashion

In addition, there are several engaging supplementary resources like quizzes and downloadable workbooks, which can help to further enhance your learning experience. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence or just have some fun – this class provides you with the tools you need to transform yourself and bring out your inner queen!

Overview of the MasterClass

You can learn from RuPaul Charles, the world’s biggest drag performer, with his new MasterClass. This nine-lesson course dives into makeup, style, and attitude, making sure your inner diva shines through. The £90 price tag is well worth the tips from one of drag culture’s most influential icons.

When you enroll in the RuPaul MasterClass, you get access to nine lessons on makeup, style and attitude. RuPaul introduces essential lessons for creating a persona that looks and feels authentically yours. He covers everything from choosing wigs to finding your distinct look. Then there are tutorials on makeup techniques like “baking” and contouring, shaping brows to complement your unique face shape, freehand designs with markers or airbrush paints, mastering symmetrical eye looks as well as demonstrating therapeutic techniques to boost your confidence when performing in drag or public speaking—basics for budding drag queens and anyone looking for a bit of extra sass or stage presence!

He also offers advice for nailing an audition (especially live) in order to capture the attention of casting directors—a key skill for any entertainer looking to make it big! Along with helping you build a day-to-day look fit for any occasion—from running errands around town to Sunday brunch—RuPaul encourages you to step up your game and explore unique styles that excite you no matter which direction they take you in. From finding fashion inspiration online to shopping second-hand stores or custom couture pieces that cater specifically to body type, he ensures you learn how simple it is be creative while crafting a statement look all its own.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The RuPaul MasterClass is an online course created by Emmy-award winning host and supervising producer RuPaul Charles. This course provides a comprehensive look at the basics of drag performance, from makeup, hair and wardrobe to dancing, lip syncing and stage presence. In addition to learning how to be a great performer, students of the MasterClass benefit from:

  1. One-on-one mentorship with RuPaul: Students have the opportunity to chat directly with RuPaul. During these personal sessions, he may share advice on topics such as “how to build confidence,” “drag etiquette” and “being original.”
  2. Insightful lectures: The lectures provide in-depth case studies on popular drag queens like Raven and Tyra Sanchez as well as guest speakers offering advice on various drag related topics.
  3. Challenging activities: Each lesson culminates in an activity designed to help students practice their newfound knowledge while also challenging their creativity and problem solving skills.
  4. Accessible resources: Students gain access to exclusive online resource materials such as video interviews with past contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race and behind-the-scenes footage of live performances.
  5. Professional connections: Participants make connections that can help them reach their career goals, whether it be finding reputable drag events or connecting with industry insiders who can offer valuable guidance or advice throughout their career journey in drag performance artistry.

Course Content and Structure

The RuPaul MasterClass is an intensive, highly-engaging course designed to give students the insight they need to gain valuable skills and expertise in a wide range of topics related to drag culture. The 24-lesson program covers topics such as makeup techniques, choreography, fashion design, wig selection and styling, and more.

The course is divided into two main sections: theory and practice. In the theory portion of the course, you’ll learn about drag history and learn about the various styles of drag makeup. Students will also gain an understanding of color theory and explore different types of clothing for various body types. Additionally, there are lessons dedicated to performance art skills such as monologue writing, improvisation techniques and songwriting.

In the practical portion of the course, you’ll put your new knowledge into practice with hands-on projects that involve designing a custom wig or putting together a runway-ready look complete with stunning accessories. Additionally, you’ll participate in interactive video conferencing exercises with RuPaul himself where he will answer questions specific to each session’s topic in real time. You’ll have plenty of time to put your knowledge into practice as well through regular assignments like creating a lipsync routine or crafting a dramatic recitation of a famous poem.

The overall structure of this masterclass makes it ideal for both beginners in drag culture who want to learn about its development over time as well for those interested in gaining advanced insights onto mastering their craft through practical projects on hair placement, makeup selection and choreography tips from RuPaul himself!

Instructor Experience and Engagement

Rupaul Charles is a certified phenomenon in show-business, but it’s undeniable that his abilities translate in the online learning space. His enthusiasm and energy are clearly evident throughout all of the MasterClass modules, with Rupaul taking time to explain every concept in depth. In addition to his knowledge, he also provides insight into his success story and relationships with clients throughout the sessions.

Rupaul’s enthusiasm and commitment to providing value keeps students engaged and asking questions long after each lecture session. His kind demeanor puts more introverted learners at ease due to his natural ability for rapport building. This makes him an ideal teacher for those looking for constructive feedback from an experienced professional, albeit a Celebrity Superstar one!

The instructor experience is one of the strongest points of this MasterClass course and we at Course Radar highly recommend enrolling in it if you’re looking for an engaging online course that can provide valuable advice from a highly experienced instructor.

Course Quality and Value

The overall quality of the RuPaul MasterClass is top-notch. Everything from the video production to what is covered in the course work is first-rate. This isn’t surprising, as RuPaul and his team have had decades of experience in the entertainment industry, and they know how to put on a show.

The value of this MasterClass is where it truly stands out. While $90 may seem like a lot for just nine hours of content, it’s actually quite reasonable given that you can go back and view or rewatch any part at anytime. With that said, there are some topics that could be further explored (especially when it comes to promoting your drag persona) which could perhaps be added in future iterations or updates of this class.

In terms of content delivered versus content consumed, the RuPaul MasterClass offers outstanding value for money – something uncommon on most educational platforms – so long as you don’t mind paying a premium for high-quality video presentation and strong production values along with expert knowledge from RuPaul and his team.


The RuPaul MasterClass is a great learning experience for anyone wanting to tap into the secrets which have made RuPaul a success. The lessons are presented in an engaging and informative manner without requiring too much technical knowledge or prior experience.

My biggest complaints about the course were that it felt rushed and lacked some of the detail I was hoping for, especially when it came to makeup techniques and branding advice.

However, even so, I still view it as one of the better investments I’ve ever made in myself. Not only did I learn practical tips on how to improve my drag performance, but also gained valuable insight into such concepts as:

  • Envisioning success
  • Developing an authentic creative vision
  • Connecting with people from all walks of life
  • Creating a powerful brand

All in all, taking the RuPaul MasterClass taught me important lessons on how to be successful both within and outside of the drag community.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In conclusion, the RuPaul MasterClass is one of the most comprehensive courses available on drag performance. From makeup to music and styling to social media, this course covers all aspects of drag performance in great detail. Instructor RuPaul provides unique insight and valuable advice based on his decades-long experience in the world of drag. With several hours of content, there is something for everyone.

Overall, we would recommend this course for aspiring or veteran queens who want to take their drag performances to the next level. If your goal is to become a professional queen or just get better at your craft, no other course will give you as much time and attention from such an experienced instructor as the RuPaul MasterClass. In addition, online forums provide a great way for students to interact with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What topics are covered in the RuPaul Masterclass?

A: The RuPaul Masterclass covers topics such as brand building, the art of drag, storytelling, self-expression, and more.

Q: Is the RuPaul Masterclass worth the cost?

A: Many people have found the RuPaul Masterclass to be worth the cost. The class offers exclusive videos from RuPaul, as well as interactive activities and exercises to help you gain a better understanding of the art of drag and brand building.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the RuPaul Masterclass?

A: No, there are no prerequisites for the RuPaul Masterclass. The class is open to everyone and can be taken at your own pace.

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