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Are you looking to learn from one of the greatest directors in Hollywood? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this Ron Howard MasterClass review, I will walk you through this one-of-a-kind online course and why it will help hone your directing skills. So put on your creative hat and let’s get started!


Ron Howard has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for over five decades, winning awards for his acting, directing and producing. In 2019, he teamed up with MasterClass to create a course that covers the fundamentals of directing. The Ron Howard MasterClass is must-see material for aspiring filmmakers looking to get a better grasp on the fundamentals of storytelling, filmmaking and cinematography.

This course offers detailed lessons on pre-production, including script analysis and budgeting that help to simplify the complex process of filmmaking. It also provides actionable insights into filmmaking techniques such as setting up equipment and creating shots as well as visual effects and post-production. The class also offers advice on how to navigate the industry while making films with integrity. Through state-of-the-art lectures, demonstrations and inspiring erudite tips from Ron Howard himself—this course is sure to inspire every kind of filmmaker out there.

What is Ron Howard Masterclass?

Ron Howard MasterClass is an online streaming course featuring the renowned Hollywood writer, actor, and film director. Through the two-hour class, Ron imparts valuable lessons on how to approach storytelling in filmmaking and takes you step-by-step through his own creative process.

Not only that, but he shares his impressive career history including previously unseen footage from some of his most iconic movies. The lessons also provide insight on modern filmmaking techniques and guidance on developing a strong visual style. Although no prior knowledge of film production is necessary, students of all levels can take something away from this interactive course.

It’s an ideal learning opportunity for aspiring filmmakers looking to gain insight from one of the greats in the industry.

Ron Howard’s Teaching Style

Ron Howard’s teaching style is engaging and inspiring. He believes in connecting with the students and encourages them to ask questions throughout the process. Howard excels at breaking down complex topics into easy to understand concepts, using clear and patient language. He focuses on practical techniques that help students develop their skills rather than theory, which often proves unsuccessful without practice.

In his classes, Howard is dedicated to motivating and pushing his students to deepen their understanding of a topic while still keeping it fun and interesting. This creates an encouraging learning environment that can be difficult to find in traditional classrooms. By offering a combination of both lectures and exercises, Ron Howard’s teaching style allows students to gain both knowledge and experience simultaneously.

Course Content Overview

Ron Howard’s MasterClass covers the entire filmmaking process from concept to completion. The course begins by discussing the basics of story structure, character development, and visual storytelling. Then it dives into specific topics including scriptwriting, preproduction, shooting, directing actors, editing, music composition and post-production.

Howard emphasizes how each part of the filmmaking process is interconnected – how decisions you make in preproduction can affect the editing process later on. He also takes time to discuss his own experiences during particular projects he’s worked on over his long career in show business.

The lessons themselves are a mix of video lectures and creative tasks where students can apply their new skills. For example, in one lesson he talks about economy when it comes to storytelling – showing his students how to craft effective scenes with minimal dialogue. After this lecture there’s an assignment where students have to create their own scene working within these parameters, so they can get a better sense of what “economy” looks like as they practice script writing and direction.

Finally Ron Howard goes into detail about producing and marketing your final project – from budgeting for distribution through pitch meetings and film festivals. This part of the course will give aspiring filmmakers an understanding of how complex the production ends up being even after you finish shooting or editing your movie or episode.

Benefits of Taking the Masterclass

Taking the Ron Howard MasterClass is an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking. Through 16 video lessons, Ron shares his knowledge and experience as a film director, producer and actor.

Each lesson explores different aspects of filmmaking including:

  • Casting
  • Shooting on location
  • Breaking down a script
  • How to develop compelling stories
  • Working with actors
  • and much more.

Ron offers an extensive look into his creative process along with practical advice and incredible behind-the-scenes footage. He dives deep into topics such as production design choices, working within budget constraints and getting the best performances from actors while on set. Plus you get lifetime access to watch the lectures again whenever you want to refresh your memory or increase your focus on certain topics.

The Ron Howard MasterClass is also a great way for aspiring filmmakers to gain insight about what it takes to make it in this competitive industry. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of filmmaking from a veteran in the field.

Cost Analysis

Ron Howard’s MasterClass is an online video-based course that provides students with unique behind-the-scenes insights into the craft of filmmaking. The program is broken down into 60 different lessons, which cover everything from pre-production and storytelling to editing and distribution.

One of the main questions potential students have before enrolling in MasterClass is how much it costs. The course comes with a one-time fee of $90 USD for unlimited access to all the lecture videos for a minimum of one year. This cost may seem steep at first glance, but when you consider the fact that Howard has over 40 years of experience directing major motion pictures, the amount he’s asking seems more than fair in comparison to typical college tuition fees or private film school programs.

In addition to the cost of enrollment, MasterClass also offers discounted options for military veterans and those who are enrolled in its partner programs such as Prime Video Direct. Other renewal cycles are available for multiple years at lower rates per month. Those interested in trying out Ron Howard’s MasterClass also have the option to purchase All Access Passes which includes not only his masterclass but dozens more offered by industry pros like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Judi Dench and Deadmau5.

Overall, Ron Howard’s MasterClass costs $90 USD upfront or an average rate of $20/month after a one year period making it an affordable way to gain industry knowledge from one of Hollywood’s greats!

Pros and Cons

Ron Howard’s MasterClass is a comprehensive online class which offers valuable insight into filmmaking and television production. It provides aspiring filmmakers, directors and producers with the tools necessary to create compelling stories and meaningful characters. The lessons are taught mainly through extensive video components, as well as supplemental material for further learning.


  • Provides valuable advice from an award-winning director and producer
  • Comprehensive lectures on different aspects of filmmaking and television production
  • Assignments that are designed to assist learners in developing their skills
  • In depth knowledge of film making procedures such as editing, lighting, sound design etc.
  • Learn from Ron’s personal experiences as he has been involved in the making and producing multiple feature films & TV shows


  • Lengthy videos (one major critique of this program is that it can be overwhelming at times due to its length)
  • Limited instruction on techniques such as digital effects or animation which some may find beneficial in their craft
  • No real life project assignments or simulations that can provide learners with experience in the field

Final Thoughts

Overall, taking Ron Howard’s MasterClass was an absolute pleasure. His passion and enthusiasm for filmmaking shines throughout the course and it is clear that he genuinely wants his students to succeed by following his sage advice. He leaves no stone unturned and provides detailed advice in areas such as script writing, working with actors, editing and budgeting.

Howard’s lessons are comprehensive yet accessible, making them perfect for beginner filmmakers who are eager to learn from one of the most successful living directors in Hollywood. As a bonus, Howard has generously included some of his own footage from his iconic projects like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind to illustrate points about storytelling and directing.

If you are interested in filmmaking or just curious about how some of your favorite films were made, then taking Ron Howard’s MasterClass will give you a unique chance to learn from one of Hollywood’s greats without ever leaving your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What topics does Ron Howard’s MasterClass cover?

A1: Ron Howard’s MasterClass covers topics such as film directing, producing, storytelling, and more. It also includes practical exercises that help you apply the lessons to your own projects.

Q2: How long is Ron Howard’s MasterClass?

A2: Ron Howard’s MasterClass is approximately 8 hours long, split into 24 lessons.

Q3: What is the cost of Ron Howard’s MasterClass?

A3: Ron Howard’s MasterClass costs $90, although there are discounts available when you purchase a year-long subscription.

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