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Let’s face it, it’s not every day that we get to learn from a multiple-award winning author. Today I’m excited to bring you an honest review of N K Jemisin’s MasterClass, where I’ll provide insight into the class content and my overall experience. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in and join me on this captivating journey!


NK Jemisin is a critically acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author known for her work on the award-winning Broken Earth trilogy and other acclaimed works such as The Fifth Season, The Killing Moon, and The City We Became. While she has made a name for herself in the literary world, her course on fantasy worldbuilding is now available online as a masterclass.

In this NK Jemisin Masterclass review, we’ll discuss what this course provides to aspiring authors and cover topics like character development, universe design, and other aspects of writing fantasy fiction. Whether you’re new to writing or experienced in the genre, you’ll be able to benefit from NK Jemisin’s experience and insights in the craft. So let’s dive in!

Overview of the N. K. Jemisin MasterClass

N. K. Jemisin is an award-winning speculative fiction writer and 2019 MacArthur Genius grant recipient who recently released her own MasterClass on writing fantasy and science fiction. This online course is designed to help aspiring writers learn key storytelling techniques and craft stories that keep readers engaged.

The MasterClass begins with a brief overview of N. K.’s own personal journey as a writer before she moves into the fundamentals of storytelling like developing plots, world building, creating memorable characters, crafting dialogue, and editing your work. Throughout the class she shares detailed examples from her own works of art as well as resources that can help bring your writing to life on the page or screen. Additionally, NK Jemisin covers topics like self-editing, submitting to agents and publishers, exploring different fictions genres, avoiding common issues such as plot holes or Mary Sue Syndrome – all great tools for writers at all levels of proficiency to have in their toolbelt.

For those who are eager to take their writing to the next level but need some guidance along the way; The N K Jemisin MasterClass is here for you! It will teach you what it takes to write compelling works of speculative fiction that leave readers spellbound.

Course Content & Structure

NK Jemisin’s MasterClass provides members with an intimate and comprehensive overview of the writing process. This course covers topics ranging from idea generation, outlining, worldbuilding and creating compelling characters to mechanics of craft, narrative pacing, and editing techniques.

The course is structured with 22 video lessons taught by NK Jemisin. Each video lesson runs between 15-20 minutes in length and the chapters within each lesson are easy to navigate. The class also includes supplemental reading material and practice activities that reinforce the concepts discussed in the lectures. Members can take notes throughout the course which is a great way to stay organized as you move through the material.

In addition to these core lessons, NK Jemisin’s MasterClass provides exclusive readings from her personal collection as well as a ‘final project’ which requires students to submit work for peer review by their classmates or post it online for potential publication opportunities. This personalized experience is invaluable for aspiring writers looking to advance their creative careers!

Pros & Cons of the MasterClass

NK Jemisin’s MasterClass offers aspiring writers an invaluable insight into how to craft innovative and exciting fiction. This expansive coursework breaks down the fundamentals of writing into digestible lessons that address topics from exploring narrative arcs and creating relatable characters, to utilizing effective tools including world-building, point of view, and layering themes. With each lesson, Jemisin provides real-life insights into the struggles of being a full-time author while imparting her own personal reading list for reference. Each module also includes a host of additional resources such as Q&A videos.

As with any online course or tutorial, there are pros and cons to consider before signing up. Here we break down some of the key points:

  • Pros:
    • NK Jemisin is an experienced and well-respected author who has in-depth knowledge that she conveys to her students with clarity
    • Comprehensive breakdown of themes that ensure any novice writer can gain the most from the course
    • Addition of supplementary material such as Q&A videos provide further insight for learners
    • Real life reactions from award winning author create an organic learning environment
  • Cons:
    • Course can be intimidating due to its scale – it’s important to ensure you understand which elements are relevant for your own work before diving in!
    • Not all elements will be relevant to all genres – though Jemisin conveys a broad set of concepts it is impossible for them all to be applied across every style
    • Steep pricing structure means cost can be prohibitive if you wish join multiple courses

Student Experiences & Reviews

The N. K. Jemisin MasterClass is an online class taught by award-winning novelist and Hugo Award-winner N.K. Jemisin. Through the program, students learn about the craft of writing from one of the most acclaimed authors in science fiction and fantasy. Students of all experience levels can take this course to gain insight into topics like worldbuilding, characterization, plotting and structure, editing, and more.

By taking this course you will benefit from N. K.’s candid teaching style as she guides you through her novel-writing process while offering specific tools so that you can apply what you learn to create your own stories. Additionally, plenty of homework assignments give students the opportunity to practice their skills whilst getting personalized feedback from the teacher along with other peers taking the class alongside them in real time through discussion boards and group reviews of posted work samples.

The program’s combination of live Q&A sessions as well as recorded lectures allows you to review important parts at any time throughout the course which is great for reviewing topics covered or recalling information shared by other peers and moderators in lecture videos or discussions boards that take place within the classroom setting during each session of instruction for optimal learning conditions for all participants involved in terms of both content mastery and interactive understandings between those involved remotely on different points throughout the curriculum’s study plan with teacher guidance leading the way every step of the way without fail!

Tips for Making the Most of the MasterClass

MasterClass’s N.K. Jemisin practical creative writing course is an excellent choice for all aspiring authors. While every aspiring author should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the three-time Hugo Award winning author, there are a few key tips you can use to maximize your learning experience.

  1. Before taking on a full lesson, try doing some of the exercises provided within each section first. Each lesson provides an opportunity to hone your crafting skills and build upon your understanding of literature and fiction writing in emphasis.
  2. Create a system that works for you to take notes while going through the class material and exercises. Developing good habits now will serve you well in future projects!
  3. Set aside dedicated time to go over the material and practice it yourself outside of watching instructional videos provided by N K Jemisin – put what you’ve learned into action!
  4. Take time for self-reflection after each session – ruminate about what went well that day or week in terms of writing style and techniques practiced as this will help solidify lessons learned from N K Jemisin’s masterclass program.
  5. Tap into other resources if necessary – look into local literary events, read new books written by authors who have been beyond successful in their craft, and join online forums for advice from other authors or writing professionals who might have gone through similar experiences as yours.

With these tips incorporated into your routine along with studying from NKJ’s masterclass program ,you can become confident in delivering quality prose while developing engaging characters that readers will want to keep coming back for more!

Final Thoughts

The NK Jemisin MasterClass is an excellent course for aspiring and established authors who want to create compelling stories and develop the craft of fantasy writing. With her unique perspective, Ms. Jemisin provides valuable insights into the creative process that can help writers put words to paper with confidence. She explains the importance of world-building, character development, pacing, plotting, and storytelling structure in a way that’s easy to understand. She also covers familiar topics such as viewpoint crafting and dialog construction with a refreshing twist that keeps things interesting as well as educational.

By taking this course, students have access to valuable guidance from one of today’s most celebrated fantasy authors – if only for a short time – so it’s clearly worth considering if you want to write more effectively and hone your storytelling skills.

In addition to gaining knowledge about writing specific genres of fiction, the NK Jemisin MasterClass encourages its students to apply their newfound skills in all types of literature. As Ms. Jemisin often reminds them: “Write what gets you excited!”


For authors looking to gain insight into the craft and technique of writing best selling fantasy novels, the N K Jemisin Masterclass is an excellent choice. The 8-hour class offers an in-depth look into her techniques, background and ideas. Jemisin’s Masterclass will help aspiring authors hone their writing skills, broaden their understanding of the craft, cultivate their creative instincts and learn what it takes to create a successful fantasy novel.

In sum, this online class provides aspiring authors with an accessible resource for learning from one of the most acclaimed contemporary fantasy writers on the market today. It is a rich learning experience that is sure to bring your writing skills to a higher level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What topics are covered in the N.K. Jemisin MasterClass?
A: The N.K. Jemisin MasterClass covers a range of topics related to creative writing, including worldbuilding, character development, plot structure, and more.

Q: Is the N.K. Jemisin MasterClass worth it?
A: Yes, the N.K. Jemisin MasterClass is definitely worth it. It offers comprehensive lessons from an experienced author, helping you to become a better writer.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for the N.K. Jemisin MasterClass?
A: Yes, the N.K. Jemisin MasterClass offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t find the class helpful, you can get your money back within 30 days.

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