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Are you a fan of thrash metal music? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Metallica’s iconic songs from renowned musicians? Look no further – Metallica MasterClass has got you covered with the ultimate online course on learning Metal music. Join us as we take a deep dive into this popular course and see if it truly lives up to the hype.

Introduction to Metallica MasterClass

Metallica, one of the most iconic and influential heavy metal bands of all time, has launched an exciting new venture in collaboration with MasterClass – the “Metallica MasterClass”.

This course offers music fans a rare and intimate look into Metallica’s creative process, giving them the opportunity to learn from some of their all-time favorite musicians. Led by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich – two founding members of Metallica – this course offers 8 hours of on-demand video instruction, as well as an unprecedented collection of interviews, concert footage, archival photographs and other exclusive advice from the band. Fans will also be given access to exclusive worksheets, assignments, playalongs and other supplemental materials that will allow them to really hone their craft under the guidance of the masters themselves.

The class is perfect for aspiring guitarists and bass players seeking to develop their technique – including riffs and songwriting – as well as drummers who want to improve their timing while playing live or in the studio. Whether you are already a die-hard fan looking for an insider glimpse into Metallica’s means of creating music or just a music enthusiast starting out your professional career in rock ‘n’ roll or metal; there is something for everyone in this comprehensive program.

Overview of Contents

The Metallica MasterClass consists of 23 lessons, broken up into two parts. Part One focuses on the band’s career, ranging from early rehearsals and jam sessions, to their legendary thrash metal albums and global stadium tours. In Part Two, band members James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich offer insight into songwriting, production techniques and career advice.

Part One: History & Background
In this section of the Metallica MasterClass, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how Metallica created an entirely new style of thrash metal music with their signature sound. You will also gain insight into what drove them to break out of the underground scene and revolutionize mainstream rock music in the 1980s. Topics covered include album production processes, musical evolution over time and cultural impact over generations.

Part Two: Songwriting & Production
In this part of the class, you’ll be joining James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett as they discuss their creative process while songwriting. This section is split into two focus areas–songwriting and production–and students are offered exclusive behind-the-scenes access as they listen in on studio jams and learn about their recording methods for both live albums as well as studio gems. Additionally, topics such as improvisation techniques are discussed so that aspiring rockers can become more well versed in creating music from a professional’s perspective.

Pros and Cons

Metallica’s MasterClass is an in-depth online learning platform that offers lectures and tutorials on everything from songwriting to mastering, taught by rock legends James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo. The course also includes exclusive interviews, video snippets and downloadable resources for fans to explore the band’s album workflows.


  • This MasterClass is incredibly comprehensive. You get access to hours upon hours of lessons from Metallica members on topics ranging from studio production techniques to music theory.
  • The course has specialized interview with top producers who give an insider look of their approach to working with the band.
  • The lessons come with interactive elements like playlists that enable you to experience the same tracks that Metallica did when creating their songs.
  • As part of your subscription, you are also given access to a set of downloadable resources that allow you learn even more about the songs and albums in your own time.


  • The subscription price might be too expensive for some people.
  • Although there are several interactive elements throughout this class, it might still be a bit overwhelming for some people because it is not as organized as a traditional college level class might be.
  • This course is exclusively related to music production so if you are looking for other topics it won’t help much in those areas.

Instructor Profiles

The instructor lineup for the Metallica MasterClass is some of the best teachers in their respective fields. Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, and Lars Ulrich are all iconic members of Metallica and through their course, they bequeath their knowledge to aspiring musicians and guitarists. Through decades of touring, writing music, honing their craft on instruments and collaborating with other prodigious musicians in many genres, they have cultivated an impressive catalog of expertise to share during the 8-week series.

Kirk Hammett serves as the main instructor throughout the series and his signature lead guitar style has captivated fans worldwide for decades. Widely considered one of metal’s most influential rock god’s Kirk has a rich history to draw from when walking through each lesson. He takes great care to carefully explain techniques while providing personal anecdotes from his lifelong journey from novice guitarist to metal royalty.

James Hetfield brings his powerful rhythm-playing style to the MasterClass Series as well as years of experience writing melodies and powerful hooks that drove success for Metallica albums like “Ride The Lightning” and “Death Magnetic”. He speaks candidly about his love for mixing different styles into his own songwriting which he covers extensively throughout the series. Lastly he covers topics such as vocal performance, bass playing & production tips that all students can benefit from no matter what skill level you are at currently in your journey.

Lastly Lars Ulrich provides theoretical insights into why certain elements work together musically while using iconic Metallica songs as examples such as; “Enter Sandman” or “Blackened” amongst others throughout lesson plans similar to how a professor might use text book examples combined with lecture material.

Student Reviews

Many aspiring metal guitarists, bassists, and drummers have taken the Metallica MasterClass and have had overwhelmingly positive reviews of their experience. Students often comment on how valuable the techniques shared by James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and Lars Ulrich are for the development of both their craft and their musical creativity.

Guitar players come away from the class with practice routines for important exercises such as tremolo picking, chord progressions in minor keys, and alternate picking; along with insights into soloing concepts as discussed within each lesson. Bass players learn how to recognize rhythm parts, work on a difficult bridge section with Lars Ulrich joining them to cover complex rhythms and patters; while drummers get to hone in on different beats like fast snare rolls which they can apply to various genre styles – all taught directly by the instructors who use these tactics professionally in Metallica songs.

Students also appreciate the constructive feedback they get from other class participants; this was especially true when it comes to performing using Metallica’s signature sounds: “The comments really helped me see what components I could improve upon such as tone or technique.” Additionally, musicians also gain insight on technique instruction strategies: “I found I was able to apply new knowledge faster with practice drills they had developed just as motivation techniques too!”

Overall music enthusiasts commented on how much helpful material is available through this unique offering: “This was one of my favorite purchases so far when it comes to learning about music – highly recommended.”

Pricing and Packages

Metallica has one of the most exciting and interesting MasterClass offerings. Unfortunately, it is not the most affordably priced course on the market. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a great choice for fans of their music or aspiring musicians who want to learn from some of the best in the business. Their MasterClass package has two different options available for purchase.

The first option is a single-payment plan that costs $90. This gives you lifetime access to all content and materials included in the Metallica MasterClass course, including videos, lesson plans, interviews and more.

The second option involves a two-payment plan that will cost $180 total. This option allows you to break up your payments over multiple months if needed. You will get access to all material included with Metallica’s MasterClass in this package as well.

Though these plans are pricier than other competing classes on the market, fans of Metallica won’t regret their purchase as they have created an incredible learning experience with plenty of entertainment value included.

Technical Requirements

In order to take the Metallica MasterClass course, there are certain technical requirements you must meet. The course is designed to be compatible with most computers, tablets and smart phones. To ensure that you get the best possible experience when using the course, please take a moment to check that you are using up-to-date hardware and software.

Hardware requirements inlcude:

  • A device capable of streaming video (computer, tablet or smart phone)
  • A stable broadband internet connection (WiFi recommended but not required)
  • Storage space for downloads and bookmarks

Software requirements include:

  • The latest version of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge)
  • Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer (available as a free download from Adobe’s website if necessary)
  • Javascript enabled on your browser

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, based on our review of the Metallica MasterClass, we feel that this course offers a great selection of knowledge and tips that would be extremely beneficial to prospective metal bands or fans. It offers an in-depth look into the music industry, provides insight into the creative process of producing music, and helps you grow your abilities as a metal musician.

The main benefits associated with this course include access to experienced metal veterans who can offer helpful advice and direction. You also get exclusive content from Metallica’s own members and managers. Additionally, it can offer insight into the business side of producing music so you can learn how to create success in the industry.

The only major downside is that it can be a bit overwhelming for some beginners due to its comprehensive scope and length. However, its comprehensive scope means that even advanced musicians will find something to learn here. All in all, this masterclass is worth taking if you want to become a better musician or gain insight into how Metallica became the successful band they are today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What topics does the Metallica MasterClass cover?

A1: The Metallica MasterClass covers topics such as songwriting, production, performance, and the business side of the music industry.

Q2: How long is the Metallica MasterClass?

A2: The Metallica MasterClass consists of 30 video lessons and is estimated to take 12 hours to complete.

Q3: Does the Metallica MasterClass offer a money-back guarantee?

A3: Yes, the Metallica MasterClass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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