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Ready to get schooled in the art of writing? Legendary author Judy Blume has been teaching her acclaimed MasterClass on creative writing for years, and now you can learn from the master herself!

Join me as I dive in and explore Judy Blume’s unique insights into the craft of writing.


Judy Blume’s MasterClass can help aspiring authors expand their knowledge of the craft and take their writing to new levels. In this course, the best-selling author provides insights into her decades of writing experience, offering tips on how to write compelling fiction and nonfiction. With video lessons that span over two hours, Blume covers topics ranging from creating believable characters to finding inspiration to rewriting your work until it’s just right.

The main course is broken down into sections based on Judy Blume’s writing process. She begins by introducing her approach to storytelling and shares her advice for developing the strong foundations needed for fiction or nonfiction writing. Then she demonstrates how readers interact with stories, examines the different elements of narrative structure, and provides advice on creating detailed settings and believable characters. Judy also offers direction on finding a unique voice worthy of publications in literary journals or newspapers as well as tips on surviving editorial criticism and rewrite requests without sacrificing quality or content.

In addition to these lessons, Judy also provides advice on:

  • Responding to reader feedback
  • Setting up a workspace suited for focused work periods between other commitments
  • Doing an exercise with real student manuscripts showing different ways that instructors help writers refine their work for a finished product readers will love.

This class is perfect for people who are interested in learning more about Judy’s approach to writing compelling fiction and nonfiction from an experienced author’s perspective.

Overview of Judy Blume MasterClass

Judy Blume has decades of experience in developing and writing stories for both adults and children, her New York Times Best Seller Makeup Loving Ernie Catches a Cold is considered one of the classics of the genre. To help aspiring writers learn how to create stories with depth, emotion and characters that readers love, Judy Blume created her MasterClass ‘Writing With Empathy’.

This course explores the different elements of storytelling while also examining how to look at events from a different perspective.

The MasterClass workshop takes learners through 18 video lessons and comes with bonus material including exclusive interviews, writing exercises and downloadable worksheet tools. Students will cover various aspects of creativity when writing such as:

  • Identifying story structure.
  • Inventing protagonists.
  • Looking at narrative arcs and themes.
  • Pulling elements from the real world into their work.
  • Creating diverse characters.

They will also explore topics surrounding publishing in the modern age such as query letters and researching agents.

By the end of this class, students should feel confident about their ability to create stories that engage readers no matter what format or medium they choose (internet/TV/film). Judy Blume’s expertise in honing her craft over many years makes her an ideal instructor for aspiring authors who want to tap into their talent for creating captivating tales.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The Judy Blume MasterClass offers aspiring authors the opportunity to learn from one of the masters of contemporary literature. Through instructional videos, students will gain insights into Judy Blume’s writing process, her unique approach to storytelling and characterization, and strategies for crafting distinctive plots. In addition to gaining valuable information on the basics of writing, students taking the class can benefit from participant-exclusive Q&A sessions with Blume as well as critiques of their own fiction by seasoned literary professionals.

This course is suitable for aspiring authors at any level in their journey; whether you are a beginner looking for guidance on getting started or an experienced writer in need of professional direction. The videos are open ended, allowing you to tailor them to your individual writing goals. You’ll be able to ask Judy Blume personal questions related to your own work and benefit from her expert knowledge.

In addition to gaining invaluable advice offered by one of world’s most beloved novelists and memoirists on topics such as genre choice, plotting techniques and methods for creating believable characters, the class will provide access to resources such as:

  • published extracts from Judy Blume’s famous works
  • study guides
  • helpful prompts designed specifically for aspiring authors.

Course Content

The Judy Blume MasterClass is an online course designed to provide aspiring authors with the tools they need to write and publish successful books. From developing characters to completing First Drafts, Judy Blume shares her insights into the creative process and offers practical advice on self-editing and preparing manuscripts for submission.

The course includes 12 video lessons in which Ms. Blume guides viewers through her writing process from start to finish. In each lesson, she reveals her own experiences as an author, covering topics such as developing characters, narrative structure, setting the tone for a story and creating believable dialogue. She also discusses how to use personal experiences as a source of inspiration for writing and discusses methods for staying motivated during the editing process.

In addition to the video lessons, this course includes downloadable assets such as character sketches, concept maps and plot outlines that can help log progress in your own writing projects. Bonus Q&A videos offer further insight into Ms. Blume’s personal journey while a Private Facebook Group provides an additional forum for sharing ideas with other participants in the MasterClass experience.

Judy Blume’s Writing Process

Judy Blume, one of the world’s most beloved authors, shares her methods and techniques to inspire your writing and story crafting. In her MasterClass, Judy guides you through every stage of building a book—from pre-writing to publication.

You’ll learn how Judy creates characters and discovers the emotions that drive them. You’ll also learn Judy’s unique methods for brainstorming storylines, exploring themes, and uncovering life lessons. Through video lectures, Q&A sessions with readers, writing assignments and interactive activities Judy will help you take your story storytelling to the next level.

While she focuses primarily on novel writing in this class, budding screenwriters will also benefit from her process. From a first draft to revision strategies through writing workshops & peer feedback—Judy covers it all in her comprehensive MasterClass series.

She addresses the mental blocks that stop many writers from achieving success with their work, giving advice on how best to conquer writer’s block while still facing difficult truths about our stories and characters. Whether you’re writing children’s fiction or adult non-fiction, Judy provides creative exercises and tangible advice that will help you refine your craft as a writer no matter what your experience level is!

Student Feedback

Many students who participated in Judy Blume’s MasterClass were extremely satisfied with the course content and respective lessons. Here are some of the comments heard from users who have gone through the class:

  • “I was initially unsure about taking this Masterclass regardless of Judy’s success as a children’s author, but after actually sitting through it all I am a complete convert. She has achieved an amazing amount through her books, and I now understand why she was able to craft stories that resonated so deeply with young children.”
  • “The way Judy talks about her writing process is incredibly inspiring – from the initial rough drafts that almost never see the light of day, to professional editing and then finally crafting something which appeals to a larger audience. It was a pleasure hearing how she overcame many of the struggles we can all relate too as authors.”
  • “Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is trying to improve their writing skills and better understand genre conventions – having Judy there to personally explain everything makes it all much more engaging.”
  • “Fantastic class! Highly recommend it, no matter if you’re already published or still finding your feet in this business!”

Pros and Cons

The Judy Blume MasterClass is a unique online course that gives aspiring authors a creative and comprehensive learning experience. The course was created by the legendary children’s author and takes her decades of knowledge and experience to guide writers looking to perfect their storytelling craft.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the Judy Blume MasterClass so you can decide if it’s the best choice for you.


  • Get direct feedback from an expert on your writing: Judy Blume provides personalized feedback to all students enrolled in her MasterClass.
  • Affordable cost with high value: The price point is very affordable considering everything that comes with the course, including exclusive access to Judy’s writing resources as well as personalized emails from her and one-on-one feedback opportunities via Skype.
  • Learn directly from one of the most successful children’s authors of all time: A huge advantage that this course offers is direct access to Judy Blume—a talented children’s book writer who has been at this for almost 50 years! Her expertise will prove invaluable for all aspiring writers no matter what level they are at.


  • Limited engagement opportunities outside of lectures: Although there is in-depth content within each lecture, some students may feel shut out due to limited participation opportunities outside of class videos.
  • Lengthy duration: This class lasts 10 weeks, which may be intimidating or offputting for some who are looking for a more condensed offer. However, you can pause or restart your studies whenever you need, which makes it far more flexible than traditional classes might be.
  • Availability only online: Unfortunately this course isn’t offered any other way than online, so those without internet access will not be able to take advantage of what Judy has to offer over virtual platforms like Zoom or Google Classroom.


In conclusion, Judy Blume’s MasterClass was an incredible experience. Blume’s decades of writing and publishing have given her a wealth of information about the industry that she was so willing to share in her class. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, the insights into the publishing process and book marketing will prove invaluable to any aspiring author.

The discussions on character development, setting and dialogue felt like sitting with a master storyteller who is highly invested in helping you develop your writing skillset. In many ways, Judy Blume’s MasterClass is almost like attending an online writers workshop right in your own home.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive course to take your writing skills to the next level, Judy Blume’s MasterClass is one of the best options around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of content is available in the Judy Blume MasterClass?
A: The Judy Blume MasterClass is a comprehensive online class that covers the craft of writing, including topics such as characterization, dialogue, and structure. It also provides advice on the publishing process, advice on how to write for young readers, and a Q&A session with Judy Blume herself.

Q: How long is the Judy Blume MasterClass?
A: The Judy Blume MasterClass is 14 lessons long and includes over 6 hours of video content.

Q: What is the cost of the Judy Blume MasterClass?
A: The cost of the Judy Blume MasterClass is $90. This includes lifetime access to the course materials.

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