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Are you a Judy Blume fan? If so, get ready to learn the secrets of her success in a new and exciting MasterClass! With the help of this exclusive course, you’ll learn the tools and techniques used by Judy Blume to write her best-selling books.

In this blog post, we’ll take an inside look at the Judy Blume MasterClass review so you can decide if it’s right for you. So find a comfortable seat and get ready to explore the world!


With an estimated 75 million copies of her books in print, Judy Blume is a legendary children’s book author who has been captivating audiences for decades. Recently, the beloved author has released a MasterClass to teach the next generation of writers how to get their stories published. In this review, we will explore the class content and provide an overview of what users can expect if they sign up.

Taught by Judy Blume herself, the MasterClass consists of 21 well-crafted lessons designed to help aspiring writers achieve success in publishing their work. From strategies on organizing story ideas and formatting manuscripts to understanding how agents and publishers make decisions and sell books in the industry, Judy walks students through all they need to know to become successful authors. Each session is devoted to covering one distinct component of producing children’s literature or adult fiction, such as:

  • building conflict into your work;
  • crafting strong endings;
  • understanding copyright law;
  • editing yourself;
  • developing characters and much more!

Additionally, throughout the course Judy introduces students to behind-the-scenes interviews with her own agents, editors and publishers which provide a unique glimpse into how publishing works in reality. It’s clear that she has taken extra efforts to ensure each participant develops a comprehensive understanding of the entire process from start through finish.

Overview of the Judy Blume MasterClass

In the Judy Blume MasterClass, the beloved American author delves into her writing process and shares personal insights about how to become a better storyteller. Using her decades of experience as both a writer and an editor, Judy walks through everything from generating original ideas to bringing characters and plots to life.

Held over eight lively sessions, the MasterClass also covers advanced topics such as:

  • Feedback loops
  • Dialogue basics
  • Critique strategies
  • Publishing options
  • Her signature brand of humor – and even how to deal with rejection.

With Judy’s guidance from start to finish in each session, participants come away understanding exactly what makes a story powerful – and why writing well is worth their time. All sessions are recorded so participants can go back anytime for refreshers or further review.

Benefits of the MasterClass

The Judy Blume MasterClass is a comprehensive curriculum offering insight into the author’s lifelong writing career. In this course, Judy shares her personal stories and invaluable advice for aspiring authors who want to learn from an experienced storyteller. This class is designed to give students an in-depth look at what it takes to write successful fiction, including helpful advice and concrete strategies that can be applied to any story.

Here are some of the key benefits of taking this course:

  1. Get insights into the publishing process: Judy talks openly about her personal experiences navigating the literary world, including her struggles with rejection and fear of failure, as well as tips on finding an agent and editor. She also covers branding and marketing your work once it’s published.
  2. Develop your craft as a writer: Students build their craft by learning techniques such as creating believable characters, using sensory details to heighten scenes, balancing description with action, constructing effective dialogue and more.
  3. Receive personalized feedback from Judy: In addition to video lessons from Judy herself, the MasterClass enables one-on-one access to her for questions related to your own work in progress or general advice on furthering your writing career.

Course Content

The Judy Blume Masterclass gives creative writers insight into her writing process, the craft of writing for children, and how to create stories that have staying power. The course is made up of twenty-one video lessons, as well as workbooks and other written materials to supplement Blume’s teaching.

In the first few lessons, Judy explains her own story-crafting journey and shares valuable lessons she’s learned along the way. Judy also answers questions from aspiring authors on topics like character development, plot structure and inspiration.

The course material then covers more practical topics such as dialogue techniques, sensory description, developing complex characters and using underlying themes in your stories. Judy also explores different genres like fantasy, historical fiction and memoirs. In the final lessons of the class Judy shares some of her tips for getting published in today’s competitive literary market.

Throughout the course, students are presented with challenges to help them apply what they have learned. Participants have access to a student project gallery where they can share their own work with Judy and receive feedback from their peers on the same platform. Real examples from established writers are used throughout each lesson so that participants can gain an understanding of what successful storytelling looks like in practice. This is an inspiring program that will help any aspiring writer hone their craft further!

Course Outline

This MasterClass from Judy Blume includes 18 different video lessons, each featuring in-depth instruction on various aspects of writing. The course is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Craft of Writing
    • This section covers the basics of writing, from developing writing ideas and habits to exploring how to craft compelling stories. Judy dives deep into her process and offers key advice on the power of revision, the importance of planning ahead and taking risks with your work. This part consists of five lessons.
  • Part 2: Creating Believable Characters
    • This section focuses on creating recognizable characters based on experience and developing believable, three-dimensional heroes, villains or antiheroes. Judy gives detailed advice on constructing characters that evoke emotion and make readers both think and feel. This part consists of 13 lessons.

At the end of each lesson, there is also a video review exercise designed to help you practice what you have learned in that particular lesson. Additionally, there are downloadable resources for each lesson available for members who purchase Judy’s MasterClass course.

Student Reviews

Students have widely praised the Judy Blume MasterClass for its informative and inspiring content. Many students have commented on the engaging lessons, detailed comments, and valuable guidance that Judy offers in her course. By the end of the 16-session course, students will have outlined their own novels and learned how to craft an emotionally powerful story.

Judy offers personalized feedback to each student who signs up for her MasterClass. In each module, she provides an individualized critique on each student’s written work based on her education and 30+ years of experience as a published author. The video portions of her class also include behind-the-scenes details into Judy’s writing process and tips to help aspiring writers craft stories with depth and complexity.

Overall, Judy Blume’s MasterClass is rated highly by its students. The course is perfect for those seeking insight into novel writing from one of the most beloved authors of our timeJudy Blume!

Pros and Cons

Judy Blume’s MasterClass is an excellent resource for creative writers looking to explore the craft of storytelling and novel-writing with the help of an experienced author. In this review, we will look at some of the pros and cons of taking this writing class.


  1. Judy Blume is a well-known and highly acclaimed author, making her an ideal instructor for both aspiring and experienced writers alike.
  2. The course is divided into easy-to-navigate lessons that cover everything from story structure to character development to editing your work.
  3. Judy Blume offers personalized feedback on students’ work throughout the course and provides exceptional advice rooted in her decades of experience writing bestselling novels such as ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ and ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.’
  4. The price point of Judy Blume’s MasterClass – $90 – makes it an affordable option compared to other similar courses, which often run hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on their length and content.


  • Since the class only runs for a few weeks, there may not be enough time for some students to fully absorb all of the material, depending on their individual learning style.
  • Students do not receive any academic credit for completing Judy Blume’s MasterClass, making it difficult for those who are seeking out graduate-level classes or specialized instruction in fiction writing or creative writing in general.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to writing for children, Judy Blume’s MasterClass has something to offer everyone. Whether you are an aspiring young adult novelist or an experienced picture book author, this course will give you insight into the craft of writing. With over five hours of on-demand video instruction, plus downloadable worksheets, assignments and lectures, there’s plenty of content to help you grow as a writer. Taught by Judy Blume herself, her infectious enthusiasm and decades of experience make this a great way to learn how to craft stories that connect with children.

Overall, we were pleased with the quality and amount of content provided in this course. The step-by-step approach gives beginners the support needed for success and should be enjoyable for more advanced writers too. With a value-packed price tag, Judy Blume’s MasterClass qualifies as one of the best investments any child literature writer can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Judy Blume MasterClass worth the money?
A1: Yes, the Judy Blume MasterClass is definitely worth the money. It provides an in-depth look into Judy Blume’s creative process and includes a wealth of valuable writing tips and advice.

Q2: What topics are covered in the Judy Blume MasterClass?
A2: The Judy Blume MasterClass covers a range of topics, including character development, storytelling structure, writing young adult fiction, and the publishing process.

Q3: How long is the Judy Blume MasterClass?
A3: The Judy Blume MasterClass consists of 21 video lessons, each between 10 and 15 minutes in length.

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