How to Get a Google It Support Professional Certificate – A Guide for Teachers

Teachers often need training to be able to teach students how to use Google Apps efficiently and effectively in a classroom setting. If you’re a teacher or an administrator who wants to get your students familiar with the functions and tools that Google offers as part of its Google Apps suite, then checking out information on how to get a Google It Support Professional Certificate is essential. This article will help you out with everything you need to know about getting your certificate, including where to go for help, what skills are necessary and which resources you can use while completing the program.

How to Get a Google It Support Professional Certificate

Getting a Google It Support Professional Certificate is a great way for teachers to get their students on the same page. The program offers training, certification and professional development that will make your students better citizens of the digital world. To get started, you can follow these guidelines: Register with the Google Webmaster Academy Get a Google Apps account set up and ready to go. Begin searching for courses in your area of interest. Start taking courses with GSA (Google Scoop).

Which Program Should You Take?

There are a few different certification programs to choose from, but the one that you should opt for is the Google Apps for Education Professional Certificate. This program is designed for educators and administrators who want to teach students how to use Google Apps efficiently and effectively in a classroom. After completing the program, you will have earned your certificate and be authorized to provide instruction on how to use Google Apps in the classroom.

Learn the Basics of Using Google Apps in the Classroom

Whether you’ve never used Google Apps before or you’re already proficient in its use, there are some basic concepts that every teacher should keep in mind when using Google Apps. Below are the key points to remember so that you can be sure your students will be able to get the most out of their training as soon as possible. – You need a Gmail account – Use Google for all classroom communications – Learn how to create and use Google Drive – Know the basics of using apps like Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides

What’s Required to Complete the Program?

To get a Google It Support Professional Certificate, you’ll need to complete a program that takes between 100 and 150 hours. The program is broken down into three parts: · Learning how to use Google Apps in the classroom · Learning basic help desk skills · Becoming familiar with different types of workflows and tools The first two parts require some type of certification for admittance, but the third part does not. To get your certificate, you can either take an online course or attend an in-person class offered through a local school or organization.

Register for Courses and Get Comfortable with Technology

The first step to getting your certificate is to register for courses and get comfortable with technology. You can do this by signing up for the free Google University courses available on the website. There are also other resources you can use as well, including videos, books and websites. These resources will help you understand how Google applications work and how they can be used in the classroom setting effectively.

Networking is Key While Doing Certification Coursework

While you’re completing the certification coursework, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your field. To do so, you’ll need to network with other professionals and create partnerships with businesses. This will help ensure that you are hired for future job opportunities, whether at a school or otherwise. If you have the time and resources to gain expertise in a niche area of teaching and learning, then this competitive advantage can be achieved through research and outreach. You can even get advice from mentors before starting to plan your own coursework!

Wrapping Things Up

Google offers the Google It Support Professional Certificate for teachers who have a lot of experience with Google Apps and want to learn more about how to use them. The program doesn’t require any previous experience, but does require that you have some knowledge of Google products and their features. If you’re interested in getting your certificate, you should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time on the coursework. The course content is broken down into 10 modules full of videos and activities, each one covering a specific topic related to Google Apps. For example, the module on maximizing productivity will provide students with tips and tricks they can use when it comes to using Google Drive to best organize their work. Another module will teach students how to create presentations effectively in Google Slides or how to use G Suite’s video conferencing tools. After finishing the 10 modules, trainees will need to pass an exam that covers all that they’ve learned as part of the program. To get help with preparing for this exam, you can contact the class instructor or reach out to a local training center near you that’s partnered with Google for support.

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