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Welcome to the Garry Kasparov Masterclass review! For those who don’t know, Garry Kasparov is one of the greatest chess players in history and now, he is bringing his expertise to you through this online course. I’m here to share my experience with you and help you decide if it’s worth taking. So let’s dive in and see what Garry Kasparov has to teach us!

Introduction to Garry Kasparov and His Chess Career

Garry Kasparov is a chess Grandmaster, an author and former world chess champion who gained fame for being the highest ranked player in the world for 225 months. He was born Garik Kimovich Weinstein in Baku, Azerbaijan on April 13, 1963 to an Armenian mother and a Jewish father. He took his grandmother’s Georgian surname when she adopted him after his parents divorced.

At age 12, Kasparov became a junior champion of the USSR and then went on to win international competitions from 1985 to 1990 as well as becoming one of the youngest people ever to become a Grandmaster at age 17. Kasparov achieved worldwide notoriety when he challenged the reigning Soviet Champion Anatoly Karpov for the title of World Chess Champion in 1985 at 22 years old. He won their marathon match (lasting 48 games!) by 12.5-11.5 and was recognized as World Chess Champion in FIDE’s rankings, setting records for both game length and prize money won which still stand today making him one of the most highly decorated chess players in history with 19 major tournament wins over his career spanning 30 years.

Overview of the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

The Garry Kasparov Masterclass is an online learning platform where aspiring chess players and serious enthusiasts alike can gain insight and instruction from one of the world’s most respected Grandmasters. Featuring carefully curated video lessons, interactive assessments, exclusive content and much more, this highly acclaimed course provides a complete overview of the game’s fundamentals.

From the basics of openings, openings theory to complex positional strategies and tactics – each lesson is broken down into easy-to-understand concepts, making them ideally suited for beginners and experienced players alike.

Garry himself has hand-picked every subject and featured carefully crafted instructional material designed to help every student improve at their own pace – regardless of current skill level. From beginner chess videos to exclusive strategies employed by top players in high-level tournaments, this course is perfect for hobbyists who want to develop their mastery as well as those wishing to bring their skills up to the next level.

Kasparov himself makes regular live training sessions available throughout the term of membership in which he provides real time feedback on any problems that may have come up during practice or competition rounds. Supplementary courses on topics such as “Game Analysis” are also made available in order to give students a broader understanding of how professional Grandmasters conceptualize position play.

Overall, this powerful learning resource provides an ideal environment for sharpening your skills through guided instruction from one of history’s greatest minds.

Benefits of the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

The Garry Kasparov Masterclass is an online course designed to provide a thorough education in the strategic aspects of chess. By imparting the knowledge and insight of one of the world’s greatest chess players, this class provides an opportunity to become a chess grandmaster. Whether you are completely new to the game or already have a strong understanding, this course has lessons and exercises suitable for all skill levels.

The course content consists of 15+ hours of lessons, 3 hours of bonus content, and over 50 quizzes designed by Garry Kasparov himself. The lessons provide a comprehensive overview of strategies and tactics used by both novice and professional players. You will gain insights on:

  • Opening theory
  • Endgame strategy
  • Attacking strategies
  • Gambits
  • Dynamic play
  • Positional play
  • Visualizing board positions
  • Advanced tactics

The course also provides abundant resources for those looking to take their studies further with material from renowned authors such as Yasser Seirawan and Eric Schiller alongside videos featuring GM coaches Julio Granda Zuniga and Boris Alterman weighing in on various positions. With so many tools at your disposal, there’s something in this course for everyone wanting to brush up on or completely reinvent their game.

Course Structure and Content of the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

The Garry Kasparov Masterclass is an online course consisting of 33 video lessons, plus 6 guided examinations of various chess topics. The main focus of the course material is on opening preparation. This includes detailed lectures on various openings, offering tactical advice and positional understanding.

The first part of the course offers a general overview that provides the student with a better understanding of the fundamentals of chess such as basic rules and strategies. Then, Garry Kasparov discusses specific positions and offers practical advice for playing particular sequences.

The second part covers some contemporary topics in chess including modern opening lines, important techniques such as pawn structures, situations arising from two bishops endgames, etc. Additionally, students gain insights into how Garry thinks as they grow their overall level and skill set in Chess.

Course structure is divided into 3 tiers; Beginner Level (Level 1), Intermediate Level (Level 2) and Expert Level (Level 3).

Level 1 begins with an introduction to chess theory before covering opening principles such as developing pieces, controlling the center and attacking pieces correctly while also discussing tactical motifs like forks and pins. After building this foundation there are 13 video lessons exploring specific openings like French Defense or Sicilian Defense, as well as various instructive games with annotations from Garry himself that provide an insight into his approach to every aspect ranging from tactics to strategy.

Level 2 significantly step ups the complexity where Garry Kasparov works through 10 additional topics ranging from middle game play using pawn structure theory to more advanced aspects such as endgame play against strong opponents who have been known for formidable pressure in those games like Bobby Fischer or Anatoly Karpov. Extra Exams will test one’s knowledge on some very fascinating topics discussed throughout this level plus each lecture has accompanying practice exercises to help strengthen one’s existing skills or get exposure if they are newbies to individual moves/tactics covered in this level like Botvinnik or Nimzo-Indian Defence strategies among other intriguing discussions related to Blindfold Chess or how World Champions deal with certain Endgame positions against strong players – among other great features of this Level 2 class by Garry Kasparov!

Finally at Expert Level 3; which consists primarily guessing moves before learning about actual checkmates/stalemates against world champions & practice sessions complete with assessments on various middle & endgame positions that require targeted effort from players looking for further improvement at their skill level followed by 5 special crafted exams focusing on exploiting individual pin & clearance sacrifices while also learning how professional tactics should be used effectively across low & mid-level matches recent past world championship openings recently used by Grandmasters & some provocative questions tailored towards improving shortsightedness errors encountered during high-pressure tournaments that can irk many knowledgeable players multiple times before eventually winning/losing major competitions alike!

Pros and Cons of the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

The Garry Kasparov Masterclass is an incredibly comprehensive and instructive online course designed to help players of all skill levels become better chess players. Created by the legendary chess grandmaster, it includes over 20 hours of lessons, drills and analysis that can help you progress in your chess playing goals. But like any other program, the Garry Kasparov Masterclass has its pros and cons that should be taken into account before you invest your time and money into it.


  • Created by one of the greatest chess players in history: taught by renowned grandmaster Garry Kasparov it provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from someone with unparalleled expertise.
  • Comprehensive course: covering tactics, strategy, openings and endgame play, there are over 20 hours of content spread across eight courses that every serious chess player should have in their arsenal.
  • Includes drills and challenges: not only does the course provide valuable knowledge, but it also allows you to practice what you learn on real-time game simulations and challenges offered at various difficulty levels.
  • Chat feature available: if you get stuck or would like extra help or advice outside of what’s included in the courses, Garry Kasparov offers exclusive access to an online chat forum where he will personally interact with members.


  • Expensive cost: while other similar programs are more affordable (in some cases free), Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass comes with a steep price tag – nearly $200 for a one year subscription (though lifetime subscription options are also available).
  • Little focus on beginner players: though there is certainly value for beginning players as well as more advanced ones, most of the content may feel overwhelming for novices who have just started out learning chess basics.
  • Not enough focus on practical play situations/gaining playing confidence: since much of the teaching revolves around being able to analyze moves only from a purely analytical standpoint rather than from experience gained from actual games (which supposes higher levels of proficiency), it may not be ideal for those looking to gain practical playing experience in a structured manner.

Pricing and Payment Options for the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

The Garry Kasparov Masterclass is offered at two pricing tiers, billed upfront. The All-Access Pass has unlimited access to all courses and includes a 7-day free trial. Students can save 10% on the Course Bundle that includes A Grandmaster’s Guide to Chess, Modern Chess Theory and Advanced Chess Strategies by using the discounted link provided when enrolling in the masterclass.

Credit/debit cards and PayPal are accepted as payment methods for both tiers. Prices are displayed in USD but can be converted to other currencies prior to checkout, with some limitations depending on the country of residence. Payment plans or refunds are not available for any tier or course purchased from the Garry Kasparov MasterClass site.

Student Reviews and Feedback on the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

Garry Kasparov, the world’s highest-rated chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion, offers a comprehensive and in-depth chess course in his Masterclass. Students have been highly satisfied with the course structure, with many claiming it as one of the best investments they have made. Here are some of the highlights from student experiences:

  • Wide range of topics covered: Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass covers an extensive range of topics for players at all levels, from theoretical studies to competition preparation. According to students, this makes it an ideal choice for both advanced players who want to take their game to the next level as well as novice players who want to understand the basics.
  • Interactive engagement with world champion: Not only does Garry offer theory lessons but he also actively engages with his students through quizzes and problem sets that supplement his lectures. Additionally, they also receive individual feedback on assignments by Garry himself!
  • Valuable insights into competitive strategy: Apart from the technical aspects of chess, Garry also provides valuable insight into competitive strategy; allowing you to gain a deeper understanding on how to approach difficult matches. He also provides unique resources including puzzles and tools which can help strengthen your game further.

Overall, most user reviews suggest that Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass has greatly improved their chess knowledge and skill level since taking part in the program – making it an excellent investment if you planning on taking your chess skills seriously looking for expert guidance and structured training from a master player!

Final Thoughts on the Garry Kasparov Masterclass

After completing the Garry Kasparov Masterclass, we are confident that even the most advanced chess players can benefit from the course. Kasparov’s skill in breaking down complex positions and analyzing moves is absolutely top notch, and his expertise on decision making and strategy will be invaluable for anyone looking to improve their game. His use of both conventional and machine-learning techniques make for a dynamic teaching style with something for everyone – from experts to novices.

We were also impressed by how he managed to keep a great balance between theory and practice, giving students plenty of resources to work through specific scenarios.

Overall, if you’re looking for comprehensive chess instruction from one of the greatest minds in the game, look no further than Garry Kasparov’s Master Class. The range of topics covers all aspects of becoming a successful player without skimping on important details or skipping over important fundamentals – it’s easy to see why this class is so popular!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the Garry Kasparov Masterclass?

A: The Garry Kasparov Masterclass consists of 8 comprehensive lessons, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Q: What topics are discussed in the Garry Kasparov Masterclass?
A: The topics discussed in the Garry Kasparov Masterclass include chess strategy and tactics, planning, and the psychology of chess.

Q: Is the Garry Kasparov Masterclass suitable for all levels of chess players?
A: Yes, the Garry Kasparov Masterclass is suitable for all levels of chess players, from beginners to experienced players.

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