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Are you looking for a unique and innovative approach to enhance your negotiation skills? If so, then you’re in the right place! In this blog post, I’ll be giving an honest review of the Chris Voss MasterClass – a program that teaches powerful techniques used by professional negotiators. Join me as I explore how this program can help you become a skilled negotiator and get the results you want!

Introduction to Chris Voss MasterClass

Chris Voss is an internationally acclaimed negotiator and the author of Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. During his more than twenty years in the FBI, Voss served in multiple capacities, including as lead international kidnapping negotiator, which led to successful resolutions of many tense situations around the world. His experience has since been sought by Fortune 500 companies and top business schools.

In his MasterClass on negotiations, Voss leverages his vast knowledge and experience to teach techniques for succeeding in high-stakes business negotiations. Throughout this 30+ lesson course, he draws from his versatility as a negotiator to share strategies for both assertively-structured deals and emotionally-charged personal disputes. He provides real-world examples that demonstrate how to manage difficult conversations with grace and create win-win solutions by understanding what motivates people. Additionally, he offers tools for entrepreneurs and other professionals who need to be creative when dealing with unexplored situations or side conversations outside of initial agreements.

By the completion of Chris Voss’ MasterClass on Negotiations, individuals will have garner concrete negotiation tactics they can employ when reaching agreements with others or resolving difficult disputes. Students will gain key insights into how human behavior shapes expectations and learn more about their own communication styles – all while positioning themselves as confident negotiators and skilled communicators ready to go out into toughest Talks ever!

Overview of MasterClass Content

Chris Voss MasterClass provides a comprehensive overview of negotiation techniques, strategies and tactics that anyone can use to get more of what they want in life. The class is organized into 17 lessons that cover topics ranging from foundational information on negotiating to advanced topics like team dynamics, self-confidence and win-win negotiations. There is something for everyone in this course, no matter their experience level or the type of situation they find themselves in.

The course covers the basics such as how to set realistic expectations, understanding the power of language and how to recognize potential traps throughout the process. It then delves into highly effective strategies like mirroring, labeling and calibrated questions designed to build trust and reveal hidden motivations. Chris shares candid stories about his professional career which helps bring the theories to life as he reveals his battle tested methodologies through practical examples.

In addition to the video lessons, master classes provide supplementary material such as transcripts of each session, downloadable worksheets and exercises designed to help students practice what they’ve learned so far. Finally, users are invited an exclusive Facebook group with other alumni where they can discuss their experiences with the course material while connecting with peers around the world who have also taken this journey with Chris Voss MasterClass.

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The Chris Voss MasterClass is worth taking for people in a variety of professions. In this course, you will learn about negotiation techniques and principles developed and honed by a former FBI hostage negotiator, giving you the skills needed to successfully resolve disputes in the workplace or out in the world.

The class starts off by discussing the basics that you need to know before attempting negotiations, including:

  • Understanding the different types of communication;
  • Building healthy relationships;
  • Recognizing common misconceptions about negotiation that can lead to poor outcomes.

You’ll also learn how to prepare for negotiations, use powerful verbal tactics to your advantage, understand body language and non-verbal cues, and become adept at active listening so you can pick up subtle hints that others may be hiding.

In addition to these core negotiating skills, Chris Voss will offer tips on how to use key phrases, establish trust through small talk, conduct successful mediations as well as other strategies designed to help you create mutually beneficial outcomes in any negotiation scenario. He also provides practical examples from his own experiences so that learners can immediately apply the knowledge they learn during this MasterClass. All of this will enable negotiators of all kinds to develop a persuasive edge when trying to come out on top of any negotiation situation.

Price and Availability

Chris Voss’s MasterClass is currently available for purchase on the official MasterClass website, with a subscription giving you access to all of the classes available. The price for each individual class is $90, and the All-Access Pass for all of the classes available is $180. With that pass, you get unlimited access to selected classes from over 65 world-renowned instructors, as well as discounts on individual classes throughout the year. You can also buy membership gift cards if you want to gift someone else with a subscription.

The MasterClass app is also available on iOS (Apple App store) and Android (Google Play store) mobile phones and tablets, so you can watch Chris Voss’s lessons anywhere, anytime. There are some additional features such as follow-along transcripts and discussion boards available exclusively through the app. Additionally, each new lesson has a downloadable workbook companion so that viewers can practice and master their skill away from the screen.

Pros and Cons of the MasterClass

The Chris Voss MasterClass offers an expansive tutorial that provides lessons from a former hostage negotiator. It covers a wide range of negotiation strategies and techniques while instructing the learner in the psychology behind these approaches.

Pros of this MasterClass include access to valuable knowledge, an organized structure that allows you to learn at your own pace, and some fascinating stories/examples from Chris Voss’ extensive experience in negotiation. The course also applies to any industry that involves negotiating, and Chris provides different examples for different scenarios. Additionally, his course is filled with memorable stories and analogies which help bring the material to life and make it easier to understand the core principles at work in negotiations.

However, there are some potential drawbacks with taking this MasterClass. For example, certain topics may feel slightly repetitive if you are already familiar with negotiation tactics from other sources. Additionally, some find that there is a noticeable difference between how effective negotiations can be in practice versus how they appear in theory – so keep this caveat in mind when considering whether or not taking this course would be of value to you.

Despite these points however, overall the MasterClass provides great insight into the fundamentals of insightful negotiation with an experienced instructor that keeps things interesting along the journey!

Student Reviews

Many students of Chris Voss’ MasterClass have found it to be a valuable and practical learning experience. It is designed to help anyone, from beginners to experienced professionals, learn effective negotiation skills. The MasterClass covers a range of topics such as building trust, paying attention to body language, finding common ground and turning behavior into bargaining chips.

One of the standout features of the MasterClass is that it encourages students to challenge their own assumptions about negotiation and take greater control of the situation for positive outcomes. For example, students learn how to make the other party feel heard by ‘mirroring use back their words’ without sacrificing their own goals; how even seemingly insignificant communication tactics can show confidence in a negotiation; and how being open and honest allows for a more cooperative atmosphere.

The course also contains many interviews with former FBI agents and other respected minds in the field which provide real-life examples of successful negotiation practices in action. Many students are grateful for these personal stories which make understanding these tactics easier as they are underpinned with real-life examples.

All courses come with lifelong access, interactive exercises and individual feedback from Chris himself who responds quickly with creative solutions tailored towards any student’s specific needs or questions. This level of detail offers unbeatable value that no other course can match, making the MasterClass an essential tool for anyone looking to sharpen up their negotiating skillset!

Summary and Recommendations

Chris Voss’s Masterclass on Negotiation Strategy is an engaging and eye-opening course that teaches the fundamentals of negotiation tactics and strategy. Based on his 25+ years as an FBI hostage negotiator, the class covers conversations, decision-making, emotions, verbal judo, understanding relationships, discovering the truth behind language, developing power within interactions and much more. Each topic is broken up into easily digestible classes with helpful slide summaries at the end to review key takeaways.

In addition to powerful lessons on negotiation strategy, you’ll learn how to handle difficult negotiations and manage your own emotions in negotiations. You also get a look into Chris’s field experiences with real-life negotiations with terrorists and mobsters. Overall, this course will help you become a better negotiator—whether it’s in business environments or negotiations outside of those venues.

For those looking to sharpen their negotiating skills, I would highly recommend Chris Voss MasterClass as a valuable investing opportunity for both today’s negotiator and tomorrow’s aspiring professional negotiators. The breadth of material addressed in this masterclass goes beyond basic knowledge—you will benefit from these lessons for life. Initially overwhelming but eventually providing insight that can be put into practice immediately in life situations as well as economic ones; it’s well worth viewing again after completion for added reinforcement of concepts covered within each video lesson modules.


After analyzing Chris Voss’s MasterClass, it’s clear that his strategies are very effective in helping people improve in their negotiations. His straightforward and tactical delivery makes it easy to understand the key points that have been proven to help you get results. The different scenarios he uses and his various tips help equip you with the tools you need to become a more successful negotiator.

His combative tone may take some getting used to, but his approach is an invaluable tool in any negotiation situation. Understanding how other people think can be a powerful asset when trying to build trust and come up with solutions that are mutually beneficial. Ultimately, his methods place an emphasis on empathy and negotiation tactics that focus on creating a partnership-oriented approach that benefits both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Chris Voss MasterClass worth the money?

A: Yes. Chris Voss MasterClass is well worth the money. The course offers an in-depth look into the world of negotiation from a master negotiator and provides valuable advice and tactics that can be implemented in daily life.

Q: What topics are covered in Chris Voss MasterClass?

A: The topics covered in Chris Voss MasterClass include negotiation strategies and tactics, tactics to gain an edge in negotiations, and advice on how to get what you want in life. Additionally, the course covers the importance of body language and nonverbal communication in negotiations.

Q: How long is the Chris Voss MasterClass?

A: The Chris Voss MasterClass is approximately 13 hours long, divided into 30 lessons. Each lesson covers a different topic and contains video lectures, exercises, and additional resources to help you get the most out of the course.

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