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Have you ever dreamed of taking a space flight? Whether you are an astronaut in training or simply an aspiring space explorer, Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass is the perfect place to start. With his years of experience and inspirational wisdom, Hadfield shares his stories from the International Space Station and beyond – giving us all a new perspective on the universe.

In this blog post, I will share my thoughts on Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass and explain why I think it is worth your time.


Are you the kind of person who is looking to improve their skills and add more value to the world in an impactful way? Are you considering taking a masterclass hosted by renowned astronaut, Chris Hadfield, to gain an understanding of his leadership experience and wisdom? In this review, we will explore how Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass can be transformative for anyone interested in becoming a better leader.

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a more effective leader. As one of the world’s most successful astronauts, Chris knows what it takes to lead in tough situations. In this course, he reveals his strategies for success from both a personal and organizational standpoint. You can expect to gain insight into topics such as:

  • Vision setting
  • Preparation tips for optimal performance
  • Maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times
  • Creating an atmosphere for creativity and achievement

Throughout this robust course led by one of the world’s foremost leaders, you will be motivated and inspired by his stories from life on Earth and in space.

Overview of Chris Hadfield MasterClass

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass is a unique and interactive course, tailored to provide an in-depth learning experience from one of the world’s most accomplished astronauts. Over the span of 18 videos, Chris covers everything from his incredible space missions and experience to the science behind space exploration.

From basic concepts such as rocket propulsion and weightlessness to more advanced topics regarding planetary systems, stellar formation, and orbital mechanics; he frames each subject in a manner that is enjoyable and accessible to pupils of all ages. He also discusses career advice as it applies to space exploration – curating an impressive arsenal of anecdotes from his own career, Chris shares invaluable insight into living your life with passion and determination.

The wealth of knowledge possessed by Chris makes him a perfect mentor for fostering discovery in any aspiring astronaut or aerospace engineer. His enthusiasm for the profession, coupled with the incredible access we get to his experience make this class an amazing opportunity for anyone curious about this niche field of study.

Features and Benefits

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass offers an unparalleled learning opportunity for those interested in becoming a professional pilot. The Masterclass provides lucrative insights into the art and science of aviation, and offers an invaluable insight into the pilot’s role in complex crew coordination, cabin management and aircraft maintenance. Chris Hadfield’s expertise, experience and enthusiasm have enabled him to bring out detailed information on everything related to professional flying; from flight control systems, cockpit automation features and autopilot usage, to typical approaches to airports around the world.

The MasterClass covers topics which are important for aspiring pilots. These include:

  • Risk Management: Managing aviation risks effectively requires an understanding of hazards, mitigation strategies and contingency planning. Chris’ knowledge is essential for any pilot keen on safety management.
  • Leadership & Crew Coordination: Inorder to be a successful pilot, you must develop strong team coordination skills with a dedicated approach towards incorporating technology. Chris’s lessons provide valuable advice so that navigational challenges can be properly addressed while maintaining efficiency within the crew hierarchy.
  • Aircraft Autopilot Features & Systems: Through this course you will gain knowledge of more sophisticated flight control systems such as altitude hold systems as well as other electronic equipment and communication instruments used within the cockpit such as radios, navigation computers etc.
  • Instrument Proficiency Training: A masterclass on instrument proficiency provides highly valuable information relating to foundational skills needed when flying with aircrafts equipped with modern digital displays or ‘glass cockpits’ instead of traditional analog instrumentation.
  • Flight Planning & Evaluating Assumptions: Effective use of airspace resources requires efficient planning and researching weather trends among other crucial factors related to flight preparation before takeoff. Through Chris Hadfield’s video classes you will understand how advanced techniques enable site selection based on expected enroute conditions, airport approaches/landings for various aircraft types/configurations etc., are used.

Pros and Cons

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass provides insight into many aspects of the astronaut lifestyle. In this review, we’ll be discussing both the pros and cons of signing up for this online course.


  • The course provides an in depth look at most facets of an astronaut’s life, from physical training to emotional preparation for a mission.
  • The lessons are organized logically and in a way that is easy to follow and understand.
  • Hadfield uses entertaining analogies and examples to explain concepts that might otherwise be difficult to grasp.
  • Hadfield himself is an engaging teacher who commands attention with his sincerity and enthusiasm.
  • The MasterClass platform is well designed and user friendly, which makes navigating through the course painless.


  • Although the class covers a wide range of topics, it isn’t necessarily comprehensive – some topics receive only cursory treatment while others are more heavily examined.
  • Individual sections can require a good amount of time to complete depending on how quickly you comprehend new concepts; this might be off putting for those looking for a more streamlined approach to learning about space travel.
  • The cost of entry may prove prohibitively expensive for some interested parties; at $90 per class it may not be accessible enough to reach the widest audience possible.

Course Content

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass is designed to give participants an in-depth look into the life of an astronaut. The course content consists of roughly 30 video lessons, all of which are divided into several different aspects related to space exploration. The course includes interactive quizzes and activities to help reinforce what has been taught in the lectures.

The topics covered include:

  • Astronaut training and preparation
  • Living and working in zero gravity
  • Flying aircraft in space
  • Spacewalks (EVAs)
  • Adapting approaches when problems arise in space
  • Understanding how people work together to accomplish goals in extreme conditions
  • Leadership skills to achieve success on long-term missions

In addition to the video lectures, Mr. Hadfield also provides practical advice from real-life experiences he has had during his time as a professional astronaut that viewers can apply directly both professionally and personally.

Student Feedback

The Chris Hadfield MasterClass offers students the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s preeminent astronauts. In addition to sharing his firsthand knowledge and experiences in space, Chris also provides practical advice about taking risks and learning the necessary skills for success. Through testimonials from current and former students, we can gain insight into what it’s like to take the MasterClass and how it has added value to their lives.

Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many praising Chris’s teaching style and how engaging he is with each new lesson. They especially appreciate his “complete transparency” when discussing his mistakes which serves as a teaching tool which is invaluable. Other comments include:

  • “I highly recommend this course even if you have no intentions of becoming an astronaut…I found so many valuable tips that I was not only able to apply professionally but also personally.”
  • “Chris Hadfield breaks down a complex topics in layman terms that make it easy to understand. His style makes learning fun while delivering key points in an organized manner.”
  • “The best part was that I felt as if I was talking directly with an astronaut – it really felt personalised!


As you can see, Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass covers a wide variety of topics that span the entire astronaut experience. From the mental preparation needed to withstand incredible G-forces, to the mundane tasks of daily life as an astronaut and beyond, Hadfield walks viewers through each step with insight and humor. His easygoing attitude and enthusiasm for space exploration help make this course both entertaining and informative.

In addition, frequent check-ins with his team of experts add valuable context that enriches the overall experience. All in all, taking The Absolute Basics of Space Exploration with Chris Hadfield is an excellent way to learn about space exploration from a lived expert.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Chris Hadfield MasterClass is a great way to learn about space exploration and astronaut training. From the engaging video lectures to the interactive Q&A sessions, Hadfield does a fantastic job of getting you intrigued in the world of space exploration. His passion for science and knowledge shines through in every lecture, along with his inspiring stories from working in space.

The course provides a diverse range of topics from learning how to become an astronaut to exploring what it’s like to live and work in weightless environments. He covers intricate topics such as orbital mechanics and flight systems but also shows examples on how these concepts are used in everyday life. His detailed knowledge helps break down any complex topics he introduces.

Overall, this is an absolute must for anyone interested in aerospace engineering or even just want a better understanding of outer space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What topics does Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass cover?

A1: Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass covers topics such as space exploration, living and working in space, risk management, and communication strategies. The class also includes lessons in how to think like an astronaut, how to lead a team, and how to be an effective communicator.

Q2: What is the format of Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass?

A2: Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass consists of 24 video lessons, each of which is around 10 to 15 minutes in length. The class also includes additional resources, such as interviews, articles, and downloadable worksheets.

Q3: Is Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass worth the money?

A3: Many students have found Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass to be an extremely valuable educational resource. The information and lessons contained in the class are useful for anyone interested in space exploration or leadership, and the class is a great way to learn from one of the most experienced astronauts in history.

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