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It’s no secret that Apollonia Poilne has revolutionized the culinary arts with her innovative, delicious dishes. Now, she’s taken it one step further by offering us a chance to learn from the best with her MasterClass: an interactive and immersive cooking experience that will take your cooking skills to the next level!

Here’s my review of this unique and exciting culinary adventure!


Apollonia Poilne, known for her mastery of classic French pastries and recipes, can now be accessed from the comfort of one’s own kitchen. In this Apollonia Poilne Masterclass review, we will discuss her unique techniques and provide an overview of what to expect when taking Apollonia’s course.

The teachings in the Apollonia Poilne Masterclass focus on mastering the classic French art of pastries, cakes and breads, which have been passed down through generations. In this exclusive class, Apollonia shares her secret recipes for creating some of the most beloved desserts in France. The instructor provides step-by-step visual demonstrations that are accompanied by voiceover dialogue from Apollonia herself. The class location is shot on-site at a newly remodeled home in Paris with beautiful views of the city skyline – a unique setting that helps bring a sense of personal connection between viewer and subject matter.

Essential knowledge is imparted throughout each chapter within the course:

  • Different types of ingredients used in baking, their purpose, how to store them properly and even how to best blend them together to create one cohesive flavor profile.
  • Many tips & best practices are shared that would be useful not only while making desserts but they can also be used while cooking other dishes as well.

All in all, it’s understandable why foodies flock to take this MasterClass – it’s practically like having your own private lesson from one of the most beloved French chefs!

Overview of Apollonia Poilne MasterClass

Apollonia Poilane’s MasterClass is a comprehensive baking course, which teaches students to bake from the basic ingredients of flours, butter and eggs through to an array of delicious recipes. The course is delivered via video tutorials, with step-by-step instructions to make breads, croissants, pastries, tarts, and desserts. The workshop takes students through the tempering process in making puff pastry or laminated doughs – the basis for sweet and savory dishes.

The MasterClass also covers detailed instructions on how to adjust recipes for heat and humidity levels, how not to overwork doughs such as breads and brioche as too much can destroy their texture; interweaving tips from an experienced baker on dealing with eggs clumpy batter, liquid mixtures and more. Apollonia also talks about her favorite ingredients and shares words of encouragement throughout the series.

Apollonia’s enthusiasm and passion for baking are palpable throughout her MasterClass–and her wealth of knowledge comes across in each segment so that you not only learn how to bake but also gain an understanding of the chemistry behind what makes each recipe work. The course also includes downloadable PDF guides filled with smart notes as well as helpful resources such as ingredients list tools that link to Amazon Pantry allowing you buy pantry supplies without having to leave your kitchen!

Benefits of Taking the MasterClass

The Apollonia Poilane MasterClass is an online cooking and pastry program designed to help home cooks learn the principles and techniques of classic French pastry. Through the course, you will be able to practice traditional French methods, make sophisticated and delicious pastries, and gain valuable skills that can help enhance any home kitchen.

The course features cooking challenges and recipe demonstrations that emphasize the artistry, traditional techniques, and flavor development behind baking masterpieces. In addition to demonstrating how-to’s with step-by-step video tutorials, the Apollonia Poilane MasterClass will also delve into what happens when ingredients come together in a recipe.

The course emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients, knowledge of flours and fats used in French pastry recipes – from understanding what makes leavening agents work to identifying key ingredients that are essential for creating a signature treat – as well as decoration techniques for presenting these tempting treats with your own je ne sais quoi style. From increasing your knowledge base to increasing your confidence in baking new creations each day – taking this online cooking class is sure to fuel your passion for Parisian tradition while providing you with a valuable skill set that can be used at home anytime.

With Apollonia Poilane’s MasterClass learn not just exclusive recipes but also curated tips on various aspects of baking such as temperature control or equipments needed or even troubleshooting baking disasters!

Course Content and Structure

The Apollonia Poilne MasterClass covers a range of topics in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the sewing craft. It’s split into three sections:

  1. Section One: This section is designed to provide an introduction to basic skills and a foundation in the craft of sewing. It covers an overview of Fabric Types and its Use, Basic Stitches and Their Uses, Tools & Techniques.
  2. Section Two: In this section, learners are introduced to more complex skills with tutorials about Creating Patterns & Apparel Construction, Finishing Techniques, Accessories & Embellishments.
  3. Section Three: This section covers the theoretical aspects necessary for designing your own clothes, how to create trends and developing with market research. Moreover, business aspects are explained through topics like Costs & Presentations and Licensing Agreements.

The course is structured so that learners develop their understanding in an incremental way before building on the knowledge established by previous tutorials. The entire course takes approximately 16 weeks with 2-3 classes per week at no more than 4 hours per lesson.

Student Experiences

Student experiences are a key factor when considering signing up for Apollonia Poilne’s MasterClass. The MasterClass provides an array of courses focused on teaching techniques and tips to help further a student’s painting technique. Through written reviews, here are the various observations that students have made about their experiences with the program.

Most students found the course structure of Apollonia Poilne’s program to be very conducive to their learning. The course focuses on teaching many facets of painting, from basics such as color theory to more advanced topics such as strategy. Most of these classes were divided into two parts: theory and practice. Each week, participants were given an assignment and guided through it by Apollonia Poilne or one of her co-teachers. At the end of the day, there was usually time allocated to discuss each weekly assignment.

Feedback from students also suggested that they experienced significant improvement in their skills throughout their participation in the MasterClass program. More importantly, many students emerged feeling inspired by the impressive work displayed by other participants as well as feeling confident enough in honing their own skill set due to a newfound understanding after benefiting from Apollonia Poilne’s input and guidance.

Overall, student experiences reviewing Apollonia Poilne’s MasterClass have been generally positive and encouraging; they leave feeling inspired and armed with new skills that will help them become great painters!

Pros and Cons

Apollonia Poilne’s MasterClass is a great way to deepen your understanding and mastery of classical cooking techniques. The online-based lessons taught by her are well organized, informative, and tailored to help you become a better cook. In this review, we’ll be diving into the pros and cons of this course so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you.


  • Apollonia Poilne provides clear and easy to understand explanations on every topic she covers. She also demonstrates each technique thoroughly so that viewers can better understand and apply it to their own cooking pursuits.
  • There are videos covering a wide variety of topics in classical cooking, from basics such as knife skills, sautéing and baking, all the way up to advanced methods such as sauces, soufflés and custards.
  • Each video has accompanying recipes so that viewers can practice their skills immediately after learning them and gain valuable hands-on experience.
  • There is an active community of students who interact with one another in the forums where they share tips on how best to master certain techniques as well as post pictures of their finished dishes for feedback from Apollonia or other students in the class.


  • The cost might be prohibitive for some people looking for entry level knowledge in cooking classical food because it involves a one time payment which could be too expensive for some budgets or incomes.
  • The course structure doesn’t provide formal assessments of student progress which could make it difficult for those who need more guidance or an evaluation at the end of each module to measure their success in mastering the skills taught in this course.


Apollonia Poilne’s MasterClass is a comprehensive course about the art of making French pastries at home. The 26 video lessons cover a wide range of techniques, from using tools of the trade, to perfecting doughs and fillings and creating classic French desserts. Whether you’re an experienced baker or are just starting out, this class will teach you everything you need to know about preparing delicious pastries.

The class covers all the basics of pastry making, from learning about ingredients and proper measurements, to mixing doughs by hand or with a mixer. There’s an entire section dedicated to custards and creams -allowing students to learn how to make delicious fillings for their creations. Simpler recipes like crème caramel are also covered in depth, which makes this class a great option for beginners too.

In addition, Apollonia walks you through how to assemble different tarts and entremets step-by-step so that even novice bakers can feel confident in creating intricate desserts. There are also lessons covering shaping and decorating techniques such as lamination, piping with meringue and creating 3D decorations with chocolate ganache or sugar paste. While these topics may seem daunting – Apollonia’s MasterClass takes all the guesswork out with her precise instructions.


Upon completing the Apollonia Poilne MasterClass, it can be concluded that it is a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. From the ground-up approach to skincare knowledge to the detailed breakdown of products and their usage, there is something for everyone. Those new to the world of skincare can feel confident in its range of topics, while veteran product users can expand their knowledge of specific ingredients and formulations.

With detailed discussion on individual ingredients, product comparisons, and advice on usage for different skin types, this MasterClass is well worth your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass worth it?

A. Yes, the Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass is worth it. It provides an in-depth look at the craft of baking and offers step-by-step guidance to help you master baking techniques. The course includes a total of 17 classes, each focusing on a different aspect of baking. You will learn about flavors, textures, and the art of bread-making, as well as the business of running a bakery.

Q. How long does the Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass last?

A. The Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass is a 17-class course that takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Each class is around 35 minutes long and provides a comprehensive look at the art of baking.

Q. Is the Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass suitable for beginners?

A. Yes, the Apollonia Poilâne MasterClass is suitable for beginners. It provides an introduction to baking techniques and concepts, and step-by-step guidance for mastering them. It is a comprehensive course that will help you understand the fundamentals of baking.

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